TOEFL Writing Topic: Consumers should be forced to buy electric-powered vehicles.

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Consumers should be forced to buy electric-powered vehicles.

Q- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Consumers should be forced to buy electric-powered vehicles. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Ans: Since the dawn of industrialization or the so-called Industrial Revolution, the world has witnessed the emergence of automobiles. The carbon emissions produced by their reckless usage around the world contribute significantly to global warming. This is why I vehemently agree with the notion that consumers should be forced to purchase electric-powered vehicles.


Electric vehicles, in my opinion, are the next big thing. There are no pollutants or gas exhaust considering these cars do not use gasoline for combustion. Introducing electric-powered vehicles will avert the imminent threat of global warming and mitigate the damage we have inflicted on the environment over the course of time. The greenhouse gas emissions from petrol cars have undoubtedly caused a significant dent in the planet’s ozone layer, causing the planet’s temperature to progressively climb. However, I know that consumers would still favour gasoline-powered automobiles due to their sheer horsepower, availability, and inexpensive maintenance. Therefore, it is the obligation of manufacturers and organisations to stop being avaricious and start producing as many electric-powered vehicles and power stations as possible throughout nations. People will undoubtedly opt for such vehicles if they are available in the market at reasonable prices. 

Although the fundamental benefit of acquiring an electric vehicle is associated with helping to a greener environment, there are other benefits of electric vehicles as well. Vehicles that run on petrol contribute to the depletion of our planet’s fossil fuel reserves in addition to producing greenhouse gases. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, run on renewable energy, which implies that they may run indefinitely without depleting energy resources. Over time, the noise pollution created by petrol engines and cars has caused considerable damage to the fauna, particularly those creatures that are sensitive and susceptible to noise. If there are more electric vehicles on the road, this will come to an end. Contrary to popular opinion, electric automobiles will not break the bank and may even be less expensive than gasoline cars. This is due to the fact that electricity is significantly less expensive than fuels like petrol and diesel. Hence, the transition to electric vehicles will be a pragmatic and effective way to a more sustainable future. 

To conclude, people should be compelled to transition to electric vehicles in order to avoid the impending dread of global warming and other catastrophes caused by humans. 

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