How to Cancel the GRE Test?

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How to Cancel the GRE Test?

GRE or the Graduate Record examination is taken by students who want to study graduate courses abroad. Every year millions of students appear for the multiple choice and computer-based examination. However, a student may want to cancel the exam due to unforeseen circumstances. It is possible to cancel the GRE test in such instances. A candidate can cancel the GRE exam or reschedule it through email, fax, or phone. Keep reading how to cancel GRE test, the rules for getting a refund, the cancellation fees, and more. 


Can You Cancel GRE Tests?

Yes. It is possible to cancel the GRE examination. Half of the GRE examination fee will be refunded in such instances. However, there are mainly two requirements for the same. These requirements on how to cancel  GRE test are as follows:

  • Cancel the examination 4 days prior. Moreover, those who are taking the examination on a Tuesday can only send the cancellation request by Friday.
  • Those who want to cancel the examination within 4 days of the examination date will have to pay the entire test fee. This is irrespective of whether a person appears for the examination or not.,.
  • It is possible for the candidate to make changes regarding the test rather than cancelling it altogether. That is the GRE test time, centre, and dates. However, a student will have to pay a fee of $50/INR 4144 for the same.

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How much does it cost to cancel a GRE test?

No additional charges are there for the GRE test cancellation. However, it is not possible to get a full refund of the examination fees. This is applicable even to those who are applying for the cancelling really early. The maximum refund an Indian candidate can receive is 50% of the test fees. The reason is, that the rest of the fees go for covering the registration processing expenses and holding space for the candidate at the exam centre. However, the refund can vary on the basis of the applicant’s country. These differences in how to cancel the GRE test are mentioned below:

  • China: Chinese students must cancel the GRE exam at least 10 days prior to the examination. The students who do so will receive a 50% refund.  However, the refund is slightly higher amount. That is $110.35. Moreover, the refund will be granted in US dollars.
  • Korea: A full refund is possible for students from South Korea. However, they have to cancel the examination 7 days prior to the examination date.
  • Sick students: Those who are sick and can’t take the examination are eligible for exam vouchers. This voucher allows students to take the examination on another date. No additional charges is applicable in such instances. However, to receive the voucher a student has to present a doctor’s note and a cover letter containing the basic details. The entire process can take around 7-10 business days. 

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How to Cancel GRE Tests: 2 Options

There are two ways a candidate can cancel the GRE examination. That is, by either cancelling the examination online using the ETS/NEEA account. Another way how to cancel GRE test is by contacting the ETS directly. These steps are mentioned below:

Steps for Online Cancellation

To cancel the GRE examination online follow the steps below. Do note that students from any country can cancel the GRE examination using the ETS account except China.

  • On the homepage, select the upcoming examination that you want to cancel. It is visible on the left side of the page. 
  • It will redirect to another page that contains all information regarding the appointment, status, test title, test centre, and test date. 
  • Select Cancel Appointment to the right of the appointment information box to cancel the examination

Contact ETS Directly for Test Cancellation

Another way how to cancel GRE test is to contact ETS directly.  However, a student must have a GRE test registration number to cancel the examination. Getting in touch with the ETS method can vary depending on the test location of the candidate. That is.

  • USA and Canada: Contact Prometric Services at 1-800-473-2255 or 1-443-751-4820.
  • Mainland China: The only way to cancel is through the NEEA account (online)
  • Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong: Using the general inquiries contact the GRE services. For this purpose, Koreans can refer to the section titled “Contact Information for Test Takers in Korea.”
  • All other countries:  Contacting the  Regional Registration Center (RRC).

How to Cancel a Paper-Delivered GRE or GRE Subject Test?

The procedure for cancelling a GRE subject or a paper-delivered GRE is the same as those who are cancelling the computer-delivered GRE. Mainly, it is important for Indian students to cancel four days prior to the test date to cancel the examination and receive a refund. The refund is 50% of the examination fee or equivalent to $75.

Another way, to cancel a  paper-delivered GRE or GRE subject is to call the GRE services. The toll-free number for students in the US is 1-866-473-4373. It is also possible to email the GRE services using the GRE contact form. While cancelling a test it is best to provide details such as name, address, and registration number.

Should You Cancel Your GRE Test?

Those who cancel the GRE examination 4 days prior to the GRE test can receive 50% of the tuition fees. Those who are wondering how to cancel GRE test can do so either online or by contacting the ETS directly. However, generally, a student should only cancel the GRE test if he/she has changed his/her mind about graduate school or got accepted into a program that they are definitely going to attend. On the other hand. Those who want more time to study and those who have other priorities to attend on the examination day can consider rescheduling the examination rather than cancelling the examination.

How to Reschedule GRE Exam?

There are several reasons a student might want to reschedule the examination. It can be that they are well prepared for the examination or there are some unforeseen circumstances. Either way, to reschedule the examination a student has to follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the official website of the ETS using the password and email address
  • Next, go to the upcoming examination section and click on the ‘reschedule option’
  • Select the new GRE examination date. A student can even choose to change the test centre 
  • Now complete the application form by rechecking all the important information. For example, the name, test date, and centre.
  • Lastly, a student must pay the required fee to reschedule the examination. 
  • A confirmation mail is sent to the student after the examination has been rescheduled

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Can I cancel GRE and get a refund?

Those who are cancelling the GRE examination 4 days prior to the examination date can receive a refund. However, the maximum amount of refund a student can receive is 50% of the examination fee. After the 4-day deadline, no student will receive the refund.

How do I cancel the GRE online?

To cancel the GRE examination online use the ‘cancellation option’ after logging into the ETS account. Otherwise, you can call 1-443-751-4820, or contact the regional registration office to cancel the examination. However, the cost of rescheduling the examination is  $50/INR 4,148.08 

Can I cancel sending my GRE scores?

Yes. After the GRE is concluded a candidate will receive an option to cancel the score before it is graded. However, to restore the score a student has to pay a fee of $50/INR 4,148.08 . However, the request must be submitted to the ETS within 60 days of the examination date.

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