PTE Vocabulary Tips

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PTE Vocabulary Tips
PTE Vocabulary Tips

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a language proficiency test which is conducted to test the candidate’s English language skills. Candidates who want to study abroad or work in a foreign country are required to give the PTE exam. PTE Academic is accepted globally for university admission. In countries like Australia and New Zealand, the PTE exam is also applicable for work and migration visas.

Name of ExamPearson Test of English (PTE)
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group 
Exam Duration2 hours 
Exam ModeComputer-Based Exam
Application FeeINR 14,700
SectionsSpeaking & Writing, Reading and Listening

Tips to Improve your Vocabulary for PTE Exam

Vocabulary skills are considered to be one of the most important skills since a good vocabulary will assist the candidate across all sections of the PTE exam. Candidates can also often use their vocabulary to get out of a sticky situation. Here are some tips for candidates to improve their vocabulary skills and attain a higher score in the PTE exam:

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Invest Time in Listening

Candidates preparing for the PTE exam can improve their vocabulary by listening to English music and songs, podcasts, radio channels, etc. Listening to English regularly will not only familiarize the candidates with the language but also help them understand various accents.

During such listening sessions, candidates should take notes and look up any unfamiliar words or terms in the dictionary or online.

Devote Time to Reading

Many candidates have this incorrect preconceived notion that books are boring. However, this is incorrect and with this kind of mindset, it will become more difficult to score a high score on the PTE exam. On the other side, if you devote time to reading, then the outcome will be completely different. The more you read, the more your vocabulary skills will improve as while reading, candidates will encounter new words and phrases which can improve their grasp of the language. 

Candidates need not make this task monotonous and can select reading material which intrigues or interests them. Candidates can even read blogs and articles on the Internet on topics of their choosing.

Concentrate on Pronunciation 

Candidates should try and ascertain the pronunciation of each and every word they come across. There are a number of online dictionaries which provides phonetic symbols and audio files with native speakers pronouncing the words. Accordingly, candidates can compare their pronunciation with the above-noted online dictionaries. This would prove to be very beneficial during the PTE speaking test.

Keep a Word Log

Candidates should make a note of all the new words or terms that they have learnt during their preparation and prepare a word log. It would not only help the candidates recall these words but also prove useful during revision. Candidates should try setting daily targets to keep themselves motivated. 

Consult a Thesaurus or Dictionary

Candidates should also invest in a dictionary as well as a thesaurus. Further, a lot of people may not know the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus. While encountering unfamiliar or new words, candidates can refer to their meanings in the dictionary. On the other hand, a thesaurus provides antonyms and synonyms of the words.

Both these sources will help candidates in finding the meaning of words and knowing the difference between similar words. Instead of memorizing, finding the meaning of new words will help candidates remember them better.

Bonus Tip

Playing word games, solo or multiplayer (online), will help candidates improve their vocabulary. Candidates can also take the help of social media to improve their vocabulary. Once again, all of this does not have to be boring and candidates can keep themselves engaged by adding fun elements.


How can I improve my PTE vocabulary?

This blog contains detailed information on tips to improve PTE vocabulary including keeping a word log, focusing on pronunciation and devoting time to reading. 

What is the application fee for the PTE exam?

Candidates applying for the PTE exam have to pay INR 14,700 as an application fee.

What is the age eligibility for the PTE exam?

Students over the age of 16 can take the PTE exam. Candidates between the ages of 16-18 must fill out and submit a parental consent form.

In this blog, we have discussed how candidates can improve their vocabulary to perform better in the PTE exam. Candidates can use the tips from this blog to improve their vocabulary and perform better across sections of the PTE exam. 

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