Tips for PTE Online Preparation: Section-Wise Tips, Recommended Tools

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Tips for PTE Online Preparation

PTE Online Preparation: The Pearson Test of English or PTE exam is one of the well-known English proficiency tests. Indian students, who want to study in the universities of English-speaking countries, have to pass this exam. PTE results are accepted in over 3,000 institutions and colleges and are also acceptable for visa applications to New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

In a 2 hour session, the PTE Academic assesses the candidate’s English writing, listening, reading, and speaking skills. Newer ways to do PTE preparation, such as PTE study online and the Free Official Practise App developed by PTE for the advantage of students preparing to take the PTE test, are gaining popularity. Continue reading to know how you can prepare for the PTE exam online. 

Examination NamePearson Test of English Academic 
Short Name of the ExaminationPTE-A
Examination Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Level of ExamUniversity Level Exam
Application ModeOnline
Exam ModeOnline
Duration of Exam3 Hours

Tips for PTE Online Preparation

Other than some general tips to prepare for PTE Online, candidates should focus on PTE online preparation section-wise. The four sections in PTE exams are PTE Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading. Each section has different types of questions and it requires different ways to prepare. Refer to the points below for detailed preparation tips:

PTE Writing

  • Try to write the answers in a maximum of 45 words.
  • Make sure you avoid long sentences.
  • Try to correct the spelling, punctuation and grammar. 
  • Always give examples and statistics to support your answer.

PTE Speaking

  • Watch online videos to improve your oral frequency.
  • Make sure you do not pause for more than 3 seconds. 
  • Always use articles such as “a”, “an” and “the”.
  • Do not stop if you speak something incorrectly. Try to speak continuously. 

PTE Listening

  • Try listening to podcasts, audios and watch videos.
  • Learn spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Always start sentences with “the speaker said”.
  • Always watch English movies without the help of subtitles.

PTE Reading

  • Always find keywords in the sentences.
  • Make sure you read the question carefully.
  • Attempt all the queries.
  • Do not use pronouns at the start of the first sentence.

Tips for PTE Online Preparation

Before beginning to prepare for any exam, it is critical to understand the exam structure. Familiarising yourself with the PTE Test Pattern will assist you in understanding the time allotment to each segment, structure, and kind of questions you are going to receive as part of your PTE exam. Here are some tips to prepare for the PTE online. 

Identify Your Weak Areas

In case you haven’t already taken the PTE, we strongly advise you to attempt the PTE Scored Practise Test.  It’s a lot less expensive way of determining your strengths and shortcomings.  This will provide you with a decent indication of how the actual test will go, and you’ll know which areas of the examination you need to spend more time studying for. You may discover that you performed better in speaking and writing and that you need to spend more time practising your reading and listening skills.

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Online Learning Platforms 

Relevant YouTube channels make online PTE preparation simple and accessible.  They discuss precise tactics for solving each topic on the PTE Academic. These videos describe how individual activities are assessed and how you ought to tackle them in order to earn a score of 79 or higher. There are live webinars as well which will help you with great preparation tips and tricks to score well in the exam. 

Lots of Practice

Many candidates make the mistake of just watching videos for preparation while preparing for the PTE online. However, you must recognise that watching videos will not help you pass the PTE.  You will not gain confidence or the capacity to execute unless you put what you have learned into practice. View the videos. Recognise what you must do. Then do it for yourself. You’ll realise it’s not as simple as it appears. Attempt online mock tests and practice papers as much as you can. 

Online Coaching 

MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), is a PTE Virtual Preparation tool that was launched by PTE and is free to all users. Candidates who want to use this PTE Online Preparation tool must be registered in a course in order to access the free PTE course material.

Evaluate yourself

How do you know you’re doing it correctly when you put what you’ve learned into practice? Another common mistake that candidates make is failing to examine where they are going wrong. Even if you practise mocks endlessly, if you don’t assess them, it’s all in vain. Try to evaluate yourself after studying, learning, and practising. 

Online Tool for PTE Preparation

The MOOC is intended to familiarise candidates with the PTE Academic exam pattern and types of questions through video guidance and online practice. The course was created in collaboration with E2Language is an online test preparation and tutoring provider for the PTE Academic and other English language exams. The course offers candidates to solve each question type in PTE Academic for improving their preparation, allowing users to test their own strategies for answering along with some guidance.


How much time do we need to spend in a day for PTE online preparation? 

Every candidate needs to spend around 3 to 4 hours a day doing PTE online preparation. In this time, they can practice vocabulary, writing skills and more.

What is the OOC PTE app?

MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), is a virtual preparation tool for the PTE exam. It was launched by Pearson PLC Group and is free to all users. Candidates who want to use this online preparation tool have to be registered in a course in order to access the free PTE course material. 

What are the tips for PTE online preparation?

We have mentioned a few tips for PTE online preparation, check below:
(1) Figure out the topics of the exam.
(2) Select your preparation sources.
(3) Take the help of the PTE exam learning platform.
(4) Use famous English newspapers, magazines and more.

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