5 Tips To Improve PTE Speaking Score For South Asian Students

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5 Tips To Improve PTE Speaking Score For South Asian

Tips To Improve PTE Speaking Score For South Asian Student: Students willing to study abroad must take the Pearson Test of English. It is conducted for the students to test their English Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading skills. Today, we will focus on the tips for the PTE speaking examination. We will discuss and mention some important tips and tricks one can follow, especially for students from South Asia. You can take away whatever suits you the best from the article. Let’s begin!


Using English in your everyday life to enhance your skills is the best way to start. As you are from South Asia the English language can get baffling at some points. Reading, writing, and listening are kind of easier than speaking. We want to make sure you gain a certain level of confidence while speaking English. You need to speak very clearly on the microphone. Do not get disturbed by the background noises in the examination room. Focus on your pronunciation and speak aloud so that your answers are recorded clearly. However, students can find relevant Tips To Improve PTE Speaking Score For South Asian students in the article below.

Top 5 Preparation Tips For PTE Speaking

You can use English for your everyday chores but when it comes to PTE Speaking things get a little complicated. This can make you sweat at a point but do not worry. You are not alone! We will give Tips To Improve PTE Speaking Score For South Asian students below.

Focus on Pronunciation

As teenagers, we do have acronyms/slang for a few words and sentences. We blend the words and pronounce them in our unique ways. Do not do this while you are preparing for PTE Speaking. For example, What’s up is spelt as Wassup or Sup, As soon as possible is spelt as ASAP. Avoid these pronunciations in your exam. You can also take out some time in your everyday schedule and learn to pronounce new words. 

At Least 10-15 words in a row. This will expand your dictionary and you will be able to discover new words every day. 

Trick: You can always record yourself while speaking and then listen to the audio recording afterwards. Find the minute pronunciation mistakes you make and always correct them. This little practice can bring enormous benefits and enhance your skills. 

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Avoid Long Pause in Between 

In your everyday conversations adding a pause or saying ‘umm’, or ‘aahs’ are very common, but the same cannot be followed in your PTE Speaking exam. We advise you not to do it. Think before you start to speak and always do it mindfully. This needs a great deal of practice with a lot of concentration and dedication.

Trick: Practise mindfulness while speaking. Look at yourself in the mirror and then practise speaking. This will work like magic for you. Speak long sentences without any pauses. Prepare an intro speech for yourself and apply the same when you look at yourself in the mirror and speak. No long pauses are the rule! 

Sound Natural and Fluent 

When you will practise speaking new words on an everyday basis you will naturally become fluent and proficient. You do not have to practise speaking in a different accent. You just have to be very natural and always remember to maintain the tone of your voice. By maintaining a good tone you can carry forward conversations effortlessly. Keep your conversation real and to the point. 

Trick: Try speaking in small sentences. Maintain a flow and enunciate well. Avoid long pauses in between.

Do not Speak Quickly 

The answers will be detected by a machine so make sure you do not speak too fast. This can disturb and confuse the algorithm. Eventually, you will lose points in your examination. Be patient while speaking and use your words carefully. Try to not emphasise the number of words used rather than focus on your quality. 

Trick: You can practise having a perfect speaking pace while news reading, public speaking and maintaining a conversation. Practise this at home while conversing with your friends and family. Or else, recording and understanding your flow of speaking can be well versed in the audio clip. 

Speak Confidently, Loudly and Clearly

The recording machine should hear you and for that, you need to speak loudly and distinctly. Otherwise, it would not mark you and you may lose your marks for the same. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that it is going to be noisy in the examination room, do not lower your voice to avoid the disturbance around you. Speak confidently and loudly so that the machine can hear your words. 

Trick: You should speak your words very clearly and audibly. Do not make the tone of your voice loud. Just be clear in your head and speak the same into the microphone and avoid repetition of words or sentences.

The last most important point to keep in mind is to use proper Grammar. Do not make mistakes in grammar as you will be tested for the same in the PTE. Make sure you learn and revise all the rules before giving any answer in the examination. The whole exam is based on testing your English skills, so be mindful while giving examinations and keep practising the rules of grammar. 

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What type of speech candidates can practise for the PTE Speaking?

You can start with a simple introduction. First, prepare an introduction of 80-120 words on paper. Read it thoroughly and learn it. Then use a microphone to record. The last step is to listen to your audio and understand the points upon which you need to improve and work upon.

Where is the PTE Exam conducted? 

The exam is conducted in various centres in India. You can easily apply online and give the exam at your nearest centre available.

How many sections are there to cover in the PTE Examination?

You need to cover four sections in total. PTE Listening, PTE Reading, PTE Speaking and PTE Writing. You need to prepare well for each section to score good marks in the examination. 

How many questions are asked in the PTE Speaking Section?

In total, you will get around 28-36 questions in the Speaking section. You will have 54-67 minutes to complete depending on the questions asked.

We highly recommend students start practising in their homes first and then they can check online for other course materials available for the PTE Speaking Section. The examination is simple, you just need to give in all your efforts and dedication for a few hours a day. Do not stress and carry forward all your attention for exam preparations.

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