PTE Exam 2023: Study Plan

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PTE Exam

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Exam is a test of your English speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills so that you can thrive in the academic environment abroad. Acing this test with a concrete study plan will enable you to get admitted to several universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. To design an effective PTE study plan, you need to be aware of the structure and question types of the PTE Academic Exam.

Exam NamePTE Exam
Types of ExamPTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI
Organizing BodyPearson PLC Group
Score Accepted by Universities in New Zealand, the UK, and Australia
Skills TestedEnglish Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening
Mode of ExamOnline
FeeINR 15,900

What is PTE Exam?

PTE Exam is an English proficiency test created to assess the speaking and writing skills of students planning to study abroad. This test is divided into three major sections- Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. Each section is allocated different time slots and has a variety of questions. The score of this test is used to procure admission to multiple universities and acquire job opportunities in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. 

As anyone above the age of 16 is eligible for this test, it is very important that you devise a competent PTE study plan at a young age. Before sharing some tips for PTE preparation, we will brief you about the structure of the test.

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PTE Study Plan

After understanding the objective and structure of the PTE Exam, it is of utmost importance to realize your ambition of excelling in this test and prepare accordingly. Create your own custom PTE study plan to ace this test and get accepted into UK, Australian and New Zealand Universities.

Determine your target score

  • Identify your current English proficiency level by practising PTE Question Banks and Scored Practice Tests.
  • Identify your weaknesses in each of the communicative skills and work towards improving your score in sections where you score less.
  • After checking your drawbacks, set a target score for yourself and proceed with the PTE study plan accordingly.

Be thorough with the PTE test format

  • Browse through the official website of Pearson and Question Bank to get an idea of the test format.
  • Identify the question types.
  • Recognize communicative skills.
  • Know the time duration of the test.
  • Understand the scoring pattern.

Identify your resources

  • Read newspapers, magazines, short stories, blogs, journals, books and academic papers.
  • Watch short videos on platforms such as BBC World and TED Talks.
  • Use PTE Academic practice materials available on the official Pearson website.
  • Practice verbal communication with language exchange apps and websites. 

Enrol in a PTE course

  • Opt for in-person or online PTE courses.
  • Preparation with peers will motivate you to improve all communicative skills required for the exam.
  • Appear for as many tests provided by these courses to ace the test. 


  • Solve PTE Scored Practice Tests and Question Banks.
  • Converse in English at home, school, college, and workplace.
  • Always try to write in English.
  • Become a part of English Speaking Groups.
  • Take every opportunity to watch news and videos in English.
  • Become an avid reader of newspapers, books, academic articles and magazines.

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PTE Exam Structure

PTE Academic and UKVI Exam consists of 20 types of questions and is conducted online. This computer-based test comprises three major sections:

Speaking and Writing

Questions in this section evaluate your verbal communication in the academic environment of foreign universities and assess the writing skills that will enable candidates to prosper in their academic voyage. 

Time Duration54-67 minutes
Question TypesPersonal Introduction, Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture, Answer Short Question, Summarize Written Text Essay


Questions in this section are designed to evaluate your writing skills, which will help candidates excel in their academic journey in countries accepting PTE scores.

Time Duration25-30 minutes
Question TypesReading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, Reorder Paragraphs, Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice, Single Answer


Questions in this section are based on video and audio clips. The clips are played only once so you can make notes to answer the questions.  

Time Duration30-43 minutes
Question TypesSummarize Spoken Test, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, Fill in the Blanks, Highlight Correct Summary, Multiple Choice, Single Answer, Select Missing Word, Highlight Incorrect Words, Write from Dictation.

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PTE Scoring

Since you are investing your valuable time in the PTE study plan and progressing as per your predetermined plan, you are targeting a good score. Pearson PLC Group uses different scoring methods for different questions of the PTE Exam. Certain questions are assessed only on the accuracy of the answers, whereas others are evaluated on the correctness, the quality of the response, and the formal aspects of the answers. As there is a difference in the evaluation of questions, keep these aspects in mind while practising sample questions.  


Why choose the PTE Exam?

You can prepare for PTE in a short duration by selecting study plans, free resources, and graded resources. Additionally, the flexibility of choosing from multiple dates also increases its likeability. 

How to prepare for the PTE Exam?

Know about the test format, study from reliable sources set a target, devise a PTE study plan, and stick to the plan to show exemplary results in the test.

How to create a PTE Study Plan?

Identify your English proficiency, evaluate yourself, and make a list of improvement zones before drafting your study plan. After self-evaluation, set a target PTE score for yourself and start practising from graded resources to hone your English speaking, writing, reading, and learning skills.  

Acing a proficiency test is all about precision and accuracy, which can be achieved with discipline and practice. Discipline for the PTE Academic Exam will be attained by drawing a productive plan. Know your weak points and draft a time-efficient and fruitful PTE study plan to realize your dreams of studying, working, or settling abroad. Equip yourself with English communicative skills to excel in your target universities and workplaces. 

Hope these tips prove to be helpful in your journey to study abroad. For more details about the PTE Academic Exam connect us on Leverage Edu and reach out to us at 1800 572 000.

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