Improve Oral Fluency and Pronunciation Score in PTE-A Test with These Tips

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Improve Oral Fluency and Pronunciation Score in PTE-A Test
Improve Oral Fluency and Pronunciation Score in PTE-A Test

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based academic English assessment test. The test is usually taken by candidates wishing to study or move abroad. The test checks candidates’ English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Using their PTE scores, candidates can apply to study or reside in various countries such as Australia, the UK, New Zealand, etc. 


In this blog, you would get information on how to improve oral fluency and pronunciation scores in the PTE-A Test with our tips.

Exam Type English Proficiency Exam 
Mode of examination Online, Computer Based
SectionsReading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Duration of examTwo hours
Fees of examINR 14,700
Conducting bodyPearson PLC Group
Official websitehttps://www.pearsonpte.com

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Tips to Improve Oral Fluency and Pronunciation for PTE Exam

As stated above, candidates are assessed on their English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in the PTE exam. Speaking is considered to be one of the essential skills for candidates taking the PTE exam. The 3 factors on which a candidate is judged during the speaking section are oral fluency, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Candidates wishing to do well in the speaking section of the exam must have command over these factors to attain a high score. Here are some of our tips to improve oral fluency and pronunciation: 

  1. Speak in your natural tone and pace – Candidates, in an attempt to succeed in the speaking section of the exam, often tend to mimic foreign tones and pace. This is not only off-putting but will also increase the chances of mistakes. Accordingly, candidates should speak in their natural tone and pace. In the event a candidate’s pace is naturally too fast or too slow, they can practice and improve on their pace.
  1. Always be audible and speak clearly – Candidates should try not to speak too softly. Since this is a speaking test based on ascertaining command over the English language, candidates will lose points if they are not audible. Further, candidates should ensure that there is clarity in their spoken word and the other person is able to not only listen but also comprehend what the candidate is saying. It is best to maintain a balance between speed and tone. 
  1. Do not rush to give answers – Candidates should always aim to understand the question first before giving answers. Often candidates hurry up in answering and make mistakes. The trick is to stay calm and properly listen before speaking. 
  1. Use proper sentences with formal English and correct grammar and vocabulary – Candidates should ensure that they are using proper formal English with correct grammar and vocabulary. Often candidates tend to use slang and mixed languages for ease and fluency. However, this may lead to the deduction of points.
  1. Avoid Pauses and stressing words unnecessarily– The usage of pauses must be kept in mind. Candidates should pause after the completion of sentences but only briefly. Further, candidates should avoid stressing words unnecessarily. Be judicious with your usage of pauses and stresses. 
  1. Speak and listen to more English – Candidates can listen to podcasts or watch videos of native speakers talking to understand the correct usage and pronunciation of English. Further, reading newspapers is also a good habit to inculcate. Lastly, conversing in English will further help candidates enhance their flow and command of the language.
  1. Try developing the habit of thinking in English – While this habit may take a little bit of time to develop, it would be best if candidates can develop the habit of thinking in English as it would save time in translating their thoughts.
  1. Avoid using fillers like “umm”, “basically” and “like” – It is a common habit for humans to use fillers, such as the ones noted above, when they are thinking, nervous or confused. However, try to keep the use of such fillers to a minimum. 
  1. Avoid using causal language – During the test, do not get carried away and start speaking casually. Candidates should ensure that they always speak formal English with proper grammar. 
  1. Think before you speak – While this tip may also prove to be useful in real life, candidates must, at least during the exam, think before speaking and not blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind.
  1. Stay cool, calm and relaxed – It is easy to panic and lose objectivity during the stressful times of the exam. However, a cool and calm demeanour will ensure that candidates answer correctly without any rush or hesitancy. 

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PTE Speaking Section Pattern

The speaking section of the PTE exam is combined with its writing section. Further, it is also the longest section of the examination and contains seven different question types. A detailed description of the section is in the table below:

SyllabusTotal number of questionsTotal duration
Personal Introduction
Read Aloud
Repeat Sentence
Describe Image
Re-Tell Lecture
Answer Short Questions
Summarize Written Text
28-3654-67 minutes


How can I perform well in PTE speaking?

Practice speaking in English and restrain yourself from pausing too much. Further, avoid using fillers in your sentences and have control over your pace as well. More tips can be found in this blog.

How many tasks are there in the PTE speaking section?

PTE’s first section is the speaking and writing section. It includes a total of 7 tasks and will take approximately 75-90 minutes to complete.

How to get fluent in English speaking?

To get fluent in the language, speak English as much as possible. Reading novels, watching movies or listening to audiobooks is also helpful in improving command of the English language.

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