PhD in Qatar: Universities, Scholarships, Jobs, Salary, Admissions

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PhD in Qatar

For students who are considering pursuing higher education overseas, studying for a PhD in Qatar can be the best option. The nation is renowned for both its high standard of education and its plenty of job prospects. PhD courses like PhD in urban planning, PhD in Chemical Engineering, PhD in computer science, PhD in Islamic Finance, and economy, etc are available in the country. Although the main language of the country is Arabic, education in English is provided in several universities. Keep reading to know more about PhD in Qatar, eligibility criteria, top universities, the application process, jobs, salary, and more.


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Why Study PhD in Qatar?

In Qatar, students can pursue a degree in a safe environment and immerse themselves in the unique Arabic culture. Recently, the country has also introduced a national strategy to help its education system to grow. There are plenty of reasons students should choose Qatar for education. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • The Qatar education system is run by the Supreme Education Council (SEC), and the Ministry of Education (MOE). The institutions ensure the development of skills and knowledge in students to meet the labor market requirements. Moreover, effort has been made to increase scientific research to meet the standards of international universities.
  • International students can pursue their education in English as it is considered as a second language in Qatar. For example, PhDs in science, and engineering are conducted in English.
  • Students can find national universities and universities affiliated with American universities. For example, the famous ‘Education City’ in Doha has branches of US universities. Moreover, these universities offer plenty of PhD programs that an international student can choose from.

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PhD in Qatar Eligibility Requirements 

International students must meet the eligibility criteria set by the university to receive admission. The eligibility criteria generally include a student meeting the academic requirements,  English language requirements, and document requirements. The eligibility criteria for PhD in Qatar are as follows:

  • Academic Requirements: The student must have completed a Master’s degree in a subject related to the PhD program.
  • English language proficiency: International students must meet the language requirements. That is, those who want to pursue Arabic-taught courses must clear the Arabic Placement Test/certificate of ALPT. For the English language, TOEFL/IELTS scores are acceptable.
  • Document Requirements: Additionally, students must submit the documents such as a Letter of Recommendation, and a Statement of Purpose to be considered for PhD admission.

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Qatar offers plenty of PhD programs for students. International students can apply to these courses on the basis of their interests. Some of the popular Phd courses available in the county are listed below. Do note that students need to meet the eligibility criteria to be admitted to these courses,

Top Universities in Qatar  

The number of universities in Qatar is increasing. However, just one university in Qatar is featured in the QS Arab Region University Rankings. This university is Qatar University. However, there are plenty of other universities as well. These are educational institutions that are branches of foreign institutions. These universities are together known as ‘Education City’.  Below is the list of the top universities in Qatar to study PhD.

Application Process

Students need to follow the application process in Qatar to receive admission. It generally involves fulfilling the requirements set by the university for an international student to study abroad. The application process for PhD in Qatar is as follows: 

  • The Leverage Edu experts will help you select the PhD course through the AI Course Finder.
  • Documents such as LOR, SOP, IELTS, and TOEFL need to be submitted. So you’ll have to gather and compile all the essential documents.
  • Leverage Edu experts will start the application process of the student for visas, accommodation, scholarships/student loans.
  • Lastly, the student can expect to receive an offer letter after a period of 4-6 weeks.

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Documents Required

Several documents are required to study in Qatar. These documents are used to verify the student profile. Students need to provide these documents to get admission. Some of the essential documents required to study in Qatar are as follows:

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Jobs and Salary 

PhD is pursued by students as it increases employment opportunities. Some of the jobs and salary that PhD students can pursue includes the following. Do note that the salary varies on the basis of the designation, experience, and skills of the employee.

DesignationAverage Salary Per Month
Associate ProfessorQAR 26,000
Lab SupervisorQAR 4,800
Research AssociateQAR 138,500
PhysicistQAR 381,800/year
Medical TechnologistQAR 15,800
Research ScientistQAR 90,533
Computer Systems EngineerQAR 27,000


Q.1. What is the Qatar University PhD fees?

Ans: The Ph.D. fees at Qatar University is generally high. The fees are approximately QAR 2200 per hour.

Q.2. What are the Qatar University Ph.D. programs?

Ans: Some of the Ph.D. programs at Qatar University include: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. computer engineering, Ph.D. Pharmacy, and Ph.D. Gulf Studies

Q.3. Can I pursue part-time PhD in Qatar?

Ans: No. Part-time PhD courses are not available in Qatar. However, part-time PhD courses are available in Qatar.

PhD in Qatar is for a duration of 3 years. That is, a total of 6 semesters are taken to complete the courses. Plenty of PhD programs are available in Qatar. It includes Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering, Ph.D. Gulf Studies, and more.

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