Harvard Resume PDF: Tips to Write an Awesome Resume for Harvard University!

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Tips to write Resume for Harvard University!

An ideal Harvard Resume should be concise and informative. It should display all your academic qualifications and professional experiences. It must reflect your technical skills, strongest assets and soft skills in a brief but effective manner. A good resume does not guarantee an internship or a job but differentiates you from your competition. It is extremely imperative that you create a tailored resume for the internship or job you are applying for. Always think from the reader’s perspective while creating your resume. 


Tips to Write a Harvard Resume

A resume should be tailored as per the type of job you are applying to. It should include all your academic and professional accomplishments. It is advisable and necessary to list down all the technical and professional skills you have. Given below are some of the tips for writing an awesome resume for Harvard University:

Resume Language

While writing a Harvard Resume, students should:

  • Be specific in whatever you wish to convey
  • Use active voice
  • Be articulate
  • Avoid using flowery language
  • Include fact-based information
  • Use language that should be easy to read

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Do’s and Dont’s

These do’s and dont’s will help Harvard University students create an exemplary resume:

Follow a uniform format Balance the white space
Use headings
Use proper spacing and fonts
Capitalise and bold the words for emphasis
List down academic qualifications and professional records in reverse chronological order i.e; most recent to first
Include photograph
Mention gender or age
Use abbreviations and slang
Use pronouns like I and Me
List down references
Start every line with date
Mention personal details

Mistakes to Avoid

Students and professionals tend to make certain common mistakes in their resumes. Given below are the top mistakes that one must avoid while writing a resume:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Making it too descriptive
  • Miss contact details: email and phone number
  • Using passive voice
  • Unorganised tables and blocks

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Formatting Guidelines

Here are some of the formatting guidelines for a Harvard Resume:

  • Use a uniform font throughout your resume. It is advised to use Ariel or Times New Roman.
  • Font size must be within the range of 10 to 12. Keep the font size consistent throughout the entire document.
  • Avoid using underlines, text boxes, and shadows on texts.
  • Margins should be all around the document.
  • Margin sizes should be at least three-fourths of an inch.

Harvard Resume Sample 

Here is a sample resume for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Harvard University. 

                                                First Name Last Name     
Home Address (House Number, City and Pin Code, Email Address, Contact Number)                                                                                                        

Harvard University
Degree and GPA
Thesis (If any)
Coursework (Provide relevant information. Can include awards and honours)
Study Abroad (If any)
Include any coursework that you have completed in a foreign academic institution
Mention City, Country
Course Duration
Name of your High School, City, State, Country, and Year of passing out)
Mention GPA, ACT/SAT Scores.
Add other academic achievements
Name of the Organisation (Latest one)
Designation (City, Country, Job Duration)
Mention the latest job title
Describe your work profile, outcomes, and skills in three different paragraphs or in bullet points
(Start each line of the bullet point or paragraph with an action verb to help the reader understand your achievements, accomplishments, abilities, and skills. Each line must be a phrase)
Name of the Organisation (Next-most recent)
Designation (City, Country, Job Duration)
Mention the next-most recent job positionEnlist your skills, describe your experience, and outputs in three distinct paragraphs.
(Start each line of the bullet point or paragraph with an action verb to help the reader understand your achievements, accomplishments, abilities, and skills. Each line must be a phrase)
                                                        Leadership and Activities
List down the leadership roles and activities performed by you in the organisations you have been employed in.
                                                        Skills and Areas of Interest (Optional but Important)
Technical Skills: Enlist programming languages and knowledge about different computer software
Laboratory Skills: List down research laboratory methodologies/techniques (If any)
Language Skills: Mention foreign languages and your fluency level
Interests: Enlist areas of interest which are not purely academic driven

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Q1. How many pages should be a resume for Harvard?

Ans. An ideal resume should be 1 to 2 pages long. 

Q2. What is a good resume for Harvard?

Ans. Keep your document concise and state only facts. The Harvard Resume should not be more than a single page. Mention your academic qualifications, professional accomplishments, and technical and soft skills. Use formal language. 

Q3. What is the best resume font for Harvard?

Ans. Ariel and Times New Roman are the best fonts for a resume for Harvard. You are advised to use a font size between 10 to 12. 

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