Pharmacy Degrees in the UK: Entry Requirements, Universities, Salary

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One of the great things about studying Pharmacy in the UK is that there are many different pathways you can take. For example, you could specialize in community pharmacy and work in a high-street pharmacy, or you could focus on hospital pharmacy and work in a clinical setting. You could even go into research and development and help develop new medicines and treatments. So, if you’re passionate about science, interested in healthcare, and looking for a rewarding career, then a Pharmacy degree in the UK could be just what you’re looking for. Stick around, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started!

Why Study Pharmacy in the UK?

 The UK’s universities have an excellent international reputation and are ranked among the best in the world, do you know that four of the world’s top ten universities are in the UK? Research conducted in UK universities also has a lasting impact on our everyday lives and is widely recognized for its excellence. You will be immersed in centuries of fine academic learning through your studies in the United Kingdom.  

  • The UK has a well-established reputation for providing high-quality education. Pharmacy courses in the UK are accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), which ensures that the courses meet the required standards.
  • Pharmacy is a growing field, and there is a high demand for pharmacists in the UK. Studying pharmacy in the UK can lead to various career opportunities, including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, research and development, and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Many UK pharmacy courses provide students ample opportunities to gain clinical experience through placements and internships in hospitals and community pharmacies.
  • A pharmacy degree from a UK university is recognized internationally, which can open up opportunities for working abroad.
  • Studying pharmacy in the UK provides an opportunity to experience a multicultural environment and meet people from diverse backgrounds.

Bachelor of Pharmacy: Course, Eligibility, And Prospects

Pharmacy Degree in UK: Overview

A pharmacy degree is a dream of many who wants to pursue and advance in the field of medicine.  A degree in pharmacy is not just about medicine, you’ll also develop a range of practical skills, such as how to communicate effectively with patients and healthcare professionals, how to manage a pharmacy, and how to provide advice on a range of health and well-being issues. 

Top Universities for Pharmacy Degrees in the UK

Choosing your dream college is a critical step. Some top colleges offering degrees in pharmacy are listed below (QS ranking).

Top Colleges In The Uk  Popular pharmacy Degree in the UK
University Of Oxford M.Sc Pharmacology 
UCL M.Pharm
University Of Cambridge Ph.D. Pharmacology 
University Of Nottingham M.Pharm
The University Of Manchester M.Pharm Pharmacy
Imperial College London Pharmacology 
King’s College London M.Pharm
University Of Liverpool M.Pharm Pharmacy
Queen’s University Belfast M.Pharm

Career in Pharmacy & Job Profiles

Eligibility criteria 

The eligibility criteria for each university may vary but a few necessities are the same for every international student. Such as:-

  • Work Experience
  • Additional Requirements
  • Students must have good academic records.
  • English proficiency (good score in IELTS, TOEFL).
  • Must have a student VISA in the UK

Document required 

These are some basic documents required by almost every university in the UK.

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Official Transcripts all translated into English
  • An Updated version of the Resume/CV
  • Academic Documents
  • Valid passport 
  • Proof of Financial Support 

Pharmacist Course – Degree and Diploma Programs

Scholarships for Pharmacy Degrees in the UK

There are numerous scholarship opportunities available to help you achieve your goals and gain valuable experience in this exciting field. Some are listed below.

  • British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM
  • Army Medical Services Scholarship
  • Gangolli Scholarship
  • Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF)
  • Discover Life Sciences at the University of Dundee
  • Swansea International Pharmacy Scholarship (SIPS)

Cost of Studying Pharmacy in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK can vary due to many factors like university, lifestyle, location of residence, etc. The average tuition fee for studying Pharmacy in the UK is INR 28,54,102 (per annum). However, the cost may vary spending on the choice of degree and university.

Cost of Living in the UK

The cost of living in the UK varies depending on factors such as lifestyle and location. There are several cities in the UK where one can reside. On average, excluding education expenses, the monthly cost of living in the UK is approximately GBP 650 (equivalent to INR 62,302.79).

Scope after Pharmacy Degree and salary

The field of pharmacy has a wide variety of jobs to offer graduates with highly competitive salaries. Such as:-

Highest paying jobs with a pharmacy degree Salary per annum in UK
Hospital/Clinical Pharmacist £40,565 (INR 41 Lakh)
Community Pharmacist £45,000 (INR 45 Lakh)
Consultant Pharmacist £35,000 (INR 35 Lakh)
Pharmacy Assistant £26,161 (INR 26 Lakh)


How long is a pharmacy degree in the UK?

It will depend upon the choice of pharmacy course in the UK.

Is a UK pharmacy degree valid in India?

Yes the UK pharmacy degree is valid globally.

What is the salary for a pharmacist in the UK?

The average annual salary for a pharmacist in the UK is £35,000 (INR 35 Lakh).

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