PhD in Physical Education Abroad: Salary, Fees, Duration, Topics

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PhD in Physical Education Abroad: Salary, Fees, Duration, Topics

PhD in Physical Education is an advanced academic program. The course helps students learn about physical education, sport psychology, exercise science, biomechanics and more. To take up this research-based doctorate program, a student must have secured a minimum of 55% in Masters in a relevant field. Moreover, a student can be tested on the basis of physical education skills, and interviews. The duration of this course is between 3 to 5 years and is generally taken up by students who want to pursue a career in research or academics. Keep reading to know more about PhD in Physical Education. 

Why Study PhD in Physical Education?

PhD in physical education will help students to apply theoretical knowledge to solve educational problems. They will be able to utilize research to answer certain questions. There are plenty of reasons why you should study for a PhD in Physical Education. Some of them are listed below:

  • The doctorate program will prepare a student to work as an educator and a researcher. Moreover, this program will inculcate skills, knowledge, and dispositions that are crucial for long-term success as a faculty member in a college.
  •  The coursework will prepare a student to perform good research, write an effective thesis, and conduct independent research on a chosen topic.
  • Additionally, students will be able to refine, modify, apply, and teach knowledge in the subject area. Moreover, they will serve as a model for the profession.
  • Moreover, after the completion of the course, students can work in various fields. For example, they can become gym instructors,  sports managers, and more.

Eligibility Criteria for PhD in Physical Education

To apply for a doctorate degree, students must fulfil the eligibility requirements set by the University. Mainly the student must meet the academic requirements and English eligibility requirements to apply to a foreign university. The eligibility criteria for PhD in Physical Education are as follows:

  • The student must possess a Master’s degree from a recognised institution. Moreover, he/she must have secured a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 or better out of 4.00. 
  • If the student is in the final year of college, then the student might have to resubmit the official transcript. The transcript must show that the student has secured a postgraduate degree.
  • Additionally, the student needs to present proof of English language proficiency. For example, the IELTS/TOEFL score. Submitting GRE scores is optional.

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PhD in Physical Education Coursework

PhD in Physical Education contains the study of physical education courses, research method courses, cognate courses, research practicums, and dissertations. The General coursework for PhD Physical Education is as follows:

Hands-on learning experience to conduct research, and work under the supervision of the faculty to conduct research.Description
Physical Education core courses Provide the student with the foundational knowledge to understand physical education and motor behaviour.
Research Methods CoursesUnderstand, design and conduct research. Use qualitative and quantitative techniques.
Cognate CoursesChoose a specialized area of focus. For example, public health, special education, and sports psychology, among others. 
Research PracticumsHand-on learning experience to conduct research, and work under the supervision of the faculty to conduct research.
DissertationEnables a student to demonstrate their ability to conduct research and share the results.

PhD in Physical Education Top Colleges 

Plenty of colleges abroad offer PhD in Physical Education courses to students. Interested students can apply to the course. Some of the top colleges offering this doctoral programme are listed below. Do note that most universities require you to submit an enquiry form to provide the tuition fee details. Hence, we have listed them as N/A. Students can connect with the University to check the average fees.

PhD in health sciences, KinesiologyCourse Name Average Fees 
Ohio State UniversityPhysical Education PhD, KinesiologyN/A
University of Northern ColoradoSport and Exercise Science Ph.D. — Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership N/A
University of Kentucky Physical Education PhDNA
University of South Carolina Physical Education, Ph.D.NA
University of Edinburgh PhD sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences INR 69.15 lakh (total)
Ontario Tech UniversityPhD in Physical Education, sports and Exercise INR 41.63 lakh (total)
University of EssexPhD in Sport TherapyINR 73.39 lakh (total)
University of New MexicoPhD in Physical Education, sports and exercise INR 64.73 lakh (total)

Documents Required to Study PhD Physical Education

Plenty of documents are required to be submitted for the admission process. These documents verify the candidature of the student. Moreover, the university can use the details while granting the doctoral degree to the student. The following are the important documents required to be submitted by the student to study abroad.

  • The academic transcripts of the student,  and current resume/CV
  • Academic writing samples authorized by the applicant 
  • Submit a letter of intent stating the career goals, and research interests 
  • Submit official GRE scores 
  • Most importantly, submit the online application form
  • Proof of English language proficiency tests

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Application process 

Applying for studying abroad can be a complicated process. Students can simplify this process by connecting with the experts at Leverage Edu. To apply for PhD in Physical Education students can follow the steps below: 

  • Experts at Leverage Edu will help the student select the course using the AI course Finder. Next, the application process of the student with the respective university will be started.
  • SOP,LOR, IELTS/TOEFL scores, etc would have to be complied with by the student 
  • The application process for accommodation, student visas, and loans would be started after the submission of essential documents 
  • The student needs to wait for 4-6 weeks to receive the offer letter.

Jobs and Salary

Getting a doctorate in physical education opens up plenty of job opportunities for students. However, the main job opportunities are still academics and research work. The jobs and salaries that a student can get after the completion of the doctorate degree is listed below:

DesignationAverage Annual Salary in UK
University Faculty£90,469/INR 94.48 lakh
Postdoctoral Researcher £48,226/INR 51.98 lakh
Sports Trainer£19,500/INR 21.02 lakh
Gym Instructor £24,663/INR 26.58 lakh
Sports Nutritionist£12,000/INR 12.93 lakh
Sports Psychologist £20,000/INR 21.55  lakh
Sports Manager £32,631/INR 35.16  lakh

Future Scope 

After completing PhD in Physical Education students can take up a career as a postdoctoral researcher or as a University faculty member. These are the most popular career paths. However, students can also work at sports training and fitness training institutes and nutrition clinics as gym instructors, sports trainers, sports psychologists, or sports managers.  Hence, the career options after this course are plenty.

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What can I do after PhD in Physical Education?

After completing PhD in education students can work as a researcher, or as a university faculty member. Moreover, students can also work as sports managers, gym instructors, and more after attaining their doctorate degree.

Can I do B Ed and PhD at a time?

It is possible to complete B.ed and PhD simultaneously in India. However, the student must be aware of the time, and dedication required. Generally, a PhD takes a minimum of 3 years to complete and a B.ed degree requires 2 years.  

Can I do PhD in two subjects?

No. As per the UGC, it is not possible for students to undertake 2 doctoral programmes at the same time. The regulations are similar to studying abroad.

PhD in physical education is a doctoral program in physical education. The duration taken to complete the course can vary between 3 to 5 years. Generally, the duration differs on the basis of the country. The course prepares a student to become a researcher or an academician. Moreover, it opens up plenty of other job opportunities for students such as a sports manager. To discover more articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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