Ryerson University Ranking: In Canada, In The World, QS, In Ontario, By Subject

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Recently renamed Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), Ryerson University’s ranking stands at 801-850 in 2025, rising from its previous band of 851-900 in 2024. THE World Rankings 2024 places TMU at 601-800, while the US News and World Report ranked it #1055 among the world’s top universities. Ryerson has a long and distinguished history as a leading institution for professional education in Canada, ranking #26 nationally. This blog analyses TMU’s performance across various ranking systems, providing a comprehensive overview of its standing on the global, national, provincial, and subject-specific levels. Read on to know more!


Ryerson University: An Overview

Established in 1948, TMU has a lively campus scene in the heart of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. With over 44,000 students enrolled in 63 undergraduate and 47 postgraduate programs, TMU offers numerous programs focused on career preparation and experiential learning. The university is renowned for its strong industry connections, providing students with valuable practical experience through internships and co-op placements.

Ryerson University Ranking in The World

Since 2014, Ryerson University’s ranking has consistently held its ground in the global university landscape, maintaining its position within the band 701-1000. Here’s a breakdown of its performance in major ranking systems:

QS World Ranking 2025

Currently, the Ryerson University ranking in the QS World University Rankings for 2025 lies within the 801-850 band. Here’s a table summarizing TMU’s QS rankings for the past five years:

YearQS World Ranking

THE World Ranking 2024

The World Rankings place Ryerson University ranking in the band 601-800 for 2024. Given below are its rankings for the past 5 years:

YearTHE World Ranking

US News and World Report

According to US News and World Report, Ryerson University’s ranking is #1055 among the Best Global Universities category.

Ryerson University Ranking in Canada

While TMU’s global ranking may not be explicitly stated in all systems, its standing within Canada remains noteworthy. However, based on its past performance, Ryerson University’s ranking in Canada is #26 according to the US News and World Report. 

Ryerson University Ranking in Ontario

As a prominent institution in Ontario, TMU consistently ranks amongst the top universities in the province. While specific rankings for 2024 might not be available yet, it’s safe to assume TMU will remain within the top 10 universities in Ontario.

Ryerson University Ranking: By Subject

TMU excels in various academic disciplines, particularly those with a practical and professional focus. Here’s a glimpse into some popular subjects and their potential rankings based on historical data:

SubjectQS WUR by Subject 2024THE World Ranking by SubjectUS News and World Report
Computer Science501-550301-400558
Arts and Humanities401-450401-500
Social Sciences401-500510


Q1. Is Ryerson a top university in Canada?

Ans: Yes, Ryerson University ranks among the top 30 universities in Canada at #26.

Q2. What is the No 1 university in Ontario?

Ans: Currently, the University of Toronto holds the top position as the #1 university in Ontario.

Q3. Is Ryerson better than the University of Toronto?

Ans: While the University of Toronto ranks higher globally than Ryerson (now TMU), the latter shines in practical programs with strong industry ties. So you should consider your academic goals and learning style when choosing between the two. 

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