What is a Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai for 2024?

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What is a Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai for 2024?

Working with the top-reputed aviation industry in Dubai is a dream for most students. The aviation industry in Dubai offers a variety of job positions for students. the one and most demanding position that helps you earn a good salary. To initiate a career as a cabin crew in Dubai, you need to fulfill the requirements with relevant skills with education. Also, you can consider a few important things while picking jobs for a cabin crew such as salary and organization. Here we will give you a brief idea about the average salary of a cabin crew in Dubai based on experience, education, and types of organization.


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How Much Does an Airline Cabin Crew Make in Dubai?

The average yearly compensation for airline cabin crew in the United Arab Emirates is approximately AED 251,500; however, this can vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being approximately AED 123,400 and the highest average salary being AED 388,100.

Average Annual SalaryAED 251,500
Average Monthly SalaryAED 20,958
Lowest Annual SalaryAED 123,400
Lowest Monthly Salary AED 10,283
Highest Annual SalaryAED 388,100
Highest Monthly SalaryAED 32,341

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Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai By Experience Level 

The amount of years of experience you have is the most significant factor in deciding your compensation, followed by the particular occupation. It makes sense that a greater salary would follow from more years of experience.

Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai

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Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai By Different Company 

Here is a list of Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai By Different Companies 

Company Salary Level 
The Emirates GroupAED 9,225 per month 
flydubaiAED 8,613 per month 
Air ArabiaAED 5,938 per month 
Etihad AirwaysAED 12,000 per month 
EtisalatAED 5,000 -AED 12,000 per month 
Qatar AirwaysAED 4,000 -AED 16,000 per month 
Saudi AramcoAED 1,000 per month 
Jet AirwaysAED 4,000 -AED 5,000 per month 
Empire Aviation GroupAED 13,000-AED 15,000 per month 
SafaricomAED 10,,000 -AED 20,000 per month 

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Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai By Education Level 

To determine whether higher education would result in higher compensation, you can look at the average salary for airline cabin crew in the United Arab Emirates based on employee education levels.

Education Level Average Salary 
Certificate or DiplomaAED 187,300 per year 
Bachelor’s DegreeAED 249,600 per year
Master’s DegreeAED 384,500 per year

Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai By Cities 

You can examine the data for each individual city we looked into by clicking on the graphic below if you want to compare salaries across the United Arab Emirates.

Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai

Cabin Crew in Dubai By Different Positions 

In the table below, we have salary information for jobs that are similar to an Airline Cabin Crew in the United Arab Emirates.’

Positions Average Salary 
Cabin CrewAED 6,000 per month 
International Flight AttendantAED 8,901 per month 
Corporate Flight AttendantAED 20,000 per month 
Aerospace TechnicianAED 238,900 per year 
Air Crew MemberAED 142,300  per year 
Air Traffic ControllerAED 251,500  per year 
Aircraft CaptainAED 419,400 per year 

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Que1: How much does the FlyDubai cabin crew earn?

Ans: At Flydubai, the base pay for cabin crew members is about AED 8T per month. The average monthly additional compensation is AED 833 and may come in the form of gratuities, commissions, shares, cash bonuses, or profit-sharing.

Q2: What is the basic salary of cabin crew in UAE?

Ans: In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a cabin crew member typically makes AED 30,000 a month. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a cabin crew member’s supplemental monetary compensation ranges from AED 5,000 to AED 60,008, with an average of AED 24,000.

Q3: Does Emirates pay cabin crew well?

Ans: In the United Arab Emirates, working as a flight attendant can be a fulfilling and profitable career choice. AED 5,000 to 10,000 is the average monthly compensation for cabin crew personnel, which is more than what their international colleagues make.

Q.4 What is the dubai air hostess salary?

The average salary of Dubai Air Hostess is around  AED 32,650 per month. Apart from the salary, a fight attendant is paid a cash compensation of  AED 24,000

Q.5 What is the basic salary of air hostess in Emirates?

The basic salt of an Emirates Airlines Airhostess in Indian is around INR 3.6 Lakhs- INR  4.8 Lakhs. This is the salary provided by Ambition Box.

This was all about the Average Airline Cabin Crew Salary in Dubai for 2024, for more informative blogs on Salary stay tuned for jobs abroad and follow our official page Leverage Edu. 

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