Ph.D. Scholarships In UAE: Complete Guide

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Ph.D. Scholarships In UAE

Ph.D. Scholarships In UAE: For Indian and International students who want to get their Ph.D. degree, the United Arab Emirates is a great place to pursue your higher education. The UAE’s rapidly evolving research in different fields, combined with its diverse scholarship opportunities, creates a dynamic environment for pursuing cutting-edge research across a wide range of disciplines. whether your passion lies in Engineering, Medicine, Renewable Energy, Artificial Intelligence, or any other specialized field. Many universities and research centres in the UAE offer a wide range of academic programs.

This guide shows the diverse scholarship opportunities for both Indian and International students seeking PhD degree programs in the UAE. Browse through a variety of funding options, such as fully funded scholarships that cover all costs, partial scholarships, and research scholarships that give you valuable financial support and practical experience.

Scholarships ForPh.D. degree programs
Location Dubai (UAE)
Target AudienceIndian or International Students
DurationFull-Time or Varies
Funding AmountFull or Varies

List of Top Ph.D. Scholarships In UAE 2024

There are a lot of different kinds of PhD scholarships available in the UAE for Indian and International students. These can be for engineering marvels, medical breakthroughs, sustainable solutions, or the deepest part of the humanities and social sciences. This list shows you scholarships that are related to the study you want to pursue, such as how artificial intelligence will shape the future or how renewable energy will open up new possibilities.

Scholarship NameOffered ByFundingDeadlines
Khalifa University PhD ScholarshipsKhalifa UniversityFull or Partial FundingVaries
Masdar Institute PhD ScholarshipsMasdar InstituteFull FundingVaries
NYU Abu Dhabi PhD FellowshipsNYU Abu DhabiFull FundingDecember 1
American University of Sharjah PhD ScholarshipsAmerican University of SharjahPartial FundingVaries
UAEU Doctoral ScholarshipsUnited Arab Emirates UniversityFull or Partial FundingVaries
The Mohammed bin Rashid Scholarship for Future LeadersDubai GovernmentFull FundingMarch 1
The Emirates ScholarshipMinistry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR)Full FundingMarch 31
The Rhodes Trust Scholarship at Oxford UniversityThe Rhodes TrustFull FundingOctober 31 (previous year)

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Top 5 Ph.D. Scholarships In UAE 2024

The United Arab Emirates also known as UAE has become a major hub for higher education and research, attracting talented students from around the world. There are many scholarship options available for Indian as well as International students who want to become researchers and get their PhD in 2024, these are the top 5 Dubai PhD scholarships that are listed below.

Khalifa University PhD Scholarships

Khalifa University is known for its research-intensive environment and offers a diverse range of PhD scholarships through its several universities. These scholarships pay for all or part of your education, give you money every month, and cover your health insurance. Eligibility primarily focuses on academic merit, research potential, and alignment with the university’s research priorities.

CoverageFull or Partial
EligibilityMaster’s degree, strong academic record, research potential
Application DeadlineVaries

Masdar Institute PhD Scholarships

Masdar Institute, which is at the best of study into sustainability research, offers fully funded PhD scholarships in its core specializations. These scholarships provide comprehensive financial support, including tuition fees, a monthly stipend, health insurance, and even travel allowances. Selection is based on their outstanding academic grades, research experience, and how well they fit with the university’s focus on sustainability.

EligibilityMaster’s degree, outstanding academic record, research experience
Application DeadlineVaries

NYU Abu Dhabi PhD Fellowships

NYU Abu Dhabi offers fully funded PhD fellowships in a wide range of disciplines, combining NYU’s world-renowned academic quality with the lively culture of the Middle East. These fellowships pay for all of your tuition fees and provide a living cost, health insurance, and travel allowances. The selection process gives priority to students who have done very well in their last academic year, have strong research potential, and want to learn more about the complicated issues in the region.

EligibilityMaster’s degree, outstanding academic record, research experience
Application DeadlineDecember 1

The Mohammed bin Rashid Scholarship for Future Leaders

This prestigious PhD in Dubai scholarship, established by the Dubai Government, seeks to develop future leaders across several fields. It provides full financial support, including tuition fees, a living stipend, health insurance, and professional development opportunities, Selection is based on high academic standards, leadership qualities, and a commitment to contributing to the UAE’s development.

EligibilityMaster’s degree, exceptional academic record, leadership qualities
Application DeadlineMarch 1

The Emirates Scholarship

The UAE Government pays for the Emirates Scholarship, which helps bright Indian and International students get their PhD in the UAE. The PhD in Dubai scholarship for Indian students covers all costs, such as education costs, gives a monthly stipend, provides health insurance, and gives travel allowances. The selection process is based on academic success, research potential, and how well the applicant fits with the UAE’s planned research objectives.

EligibilityMaster’s degree, outstanding academic record, research potential
Application DeadlineMarch 31st

Factors Affecting Selection For Ph.D. Scholarships In UAE 2024

Several factors can affect your chances of securing a PhD scholarship in the UAE as an Indian or International student. Here are some key factors to consider.

  • It is very important to do good in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
  • A GPA of at least 3.5 is usually needed to get most scholarships.
  • Scores on tests like the GRE, GMAT, or TOEFL/IELTS may be needed, but it depends on the university and program.
  • Your entry will be stronger if you can show that you have worked on research projects, published papers, or presented at conferences strengthens your application.
  • Your chances are much higher if you can show that you have a clear study plan that fits with the university’s research focus and the faculty expertise significantly improves your chances.
  • You must have strong letters of recommendation from professors familiar with your research potential and suitability for the program are essential.
  • Some PhD scholarships in Dubai may only be available to students of certain countries, while others are open to all international students.
  • Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements before you apply.
  • Submit all the necessary documents quickly and neatly.
  • Some scholarships, like the Mohammed bin Rashid Scholarships, value leadership potential and contributions to your community.
  • Showing that you are well-rounded by relevant extracurricular activities can positively impact your application.
  • You can improve your chances of getting a job by matching your study skills with the University’s paid research areas.

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Do PhD students get paid in UAE?

Most scholarships come with a list of benefits, but most of them come with conditions that you must meet while you are getting your PhD: You will get a monthly stipend, medical insurance, and a housing allowance to cover your costs of living.

How much does a PhD cost in Dubai?

The average cost of PhD in Dubai is AED 1400 for a 2-5 years course. 

How many years is a PhD in UAE?

Most students finish their PhD studies in 4 years. Graduates of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program are ready to work as professors or researchers in the public or private industry. Because it works on practical business study, the program is useful for the growth of the markets in the UAE, the GCC, and the MEA. 

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