Know How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Abroad?

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Before an aircraft is ready to fly it has to undergo a mandatory checking process. An aircraft maintenance engineer here comes into the picture. He is responsible for checking the worn-out and non-working parts of the aircraft and also ensuring that the aircraft is ready to fly. However, to perform this activity a candidate requires certain educational qualifications and experience and skills in the respective field. In this article, we will discuss who is an aircraft maintenance engineer, what he, the skills required, educational qualifications, etc.


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Who is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can be defined as a person responsible for not only checking but also fixing structural, mechanical, and operational issues. He must ensure that the aircraft operates and flies as per the standards set by the aviation department. These individuals have deep knowledge of aircraft engines and instruments. 

Roles & Responsibilities of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Check below what is the day-to-day work of an aircraft maintenance engineer:

  • Firstly the engineers should ensure daily maintenance of the assigned aircraft. These include all activities such as dismantling, testing, inspecting, etc.
  • The aircraft engineers are responsible for ensuring safety across the assigned aircraft as per the norms and directives of DGCA.
  • They are required to take care of company facilities and equipment. This includes ordering different parts and also the supplies.
  • Stay updated with new aircraft models and aviation rules, regulations, protocols and procedures.
  • They should sign the maintenance certificate before taking off.

Average Salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The average salary according to Indian rupees is ₹64,000 per month. This amount depends on the individual’s skills, experience and employer. There are also chances of earning a higher salary with a higher number of flying hours.

Skills Required to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer 

In order to become an aircraft maintenance engineer the individual is required to have the following mentioned skills:

  • They should be able to work under pressure and do multiple tasks at a time by keeping the important details in mind.
  • Individuals should agree to work flexible hours depending on the circumstances. Work shifts may include weekends as well.
  • They must possess good communication skills as they are required to interact with a large number of people. This is important to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers should have problem-solving skills so that they can handle situations where investigation work is needed and identify the problem smoothly.

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Courses for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Check below the courses for aircraft maintenance engineers:

  • Two-Year Program Course – In this program, students are required to go through one year of academic training followed by a year of practical training in MRO organisations, airlines, and other organisations. Students will get a stipend during the training. After completing the course students can apply for a licence which will be approved by the DGCA. 
  • Four-Year Program Course – In this program, students will spend two years in academics and two years in practicals. Students will also get a stipend during the training. Licensed engineers will be able to operate in both the public and private sectors in India as well as outside India. The license will be issued by the DGCA. 

How Long does it take to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

The average time required to become an aircraft maintenance engineer is two to four years. However, the faster route is to attend an aircraft maintenance engineering course approved by the DGCA. If the candidate chooses program A it will take 2 years however, if the candidate chooses program B it will take 4 years to complete.

Courses Country 
Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineers TechnologyCanada
Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineers TechnologyCanada
BSc Honours in Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance SystemsUK

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Top Universities to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Check below the list of top universities to become an aircraft maintenance engineer:

College Rankings
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)97.8

Stanford University
University of Cambridge91.8
Harvard University90.8
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore)89.6
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)89.4

Why is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a Licence, not a Degree?

A license is provided for a professional course. Aircraft maintenance engineering is also a professional programme and therefore, requires a license. After getting a licence individuals can earn higher income.  Therefore, professional courses are more valuable than degree courses. 

Top Entrance Exams to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Check below the top entrance exams to become an aircraft maintenance engineer both in India and abroad:

  • AME Common Entrance Test (AME CET)
  • All India AME Examination (AIMEE)
  • All India AME Entrance Examination (AIAEE)
  • AME Common Aptitude Exam (AMECAT)
  • Joint Entrance Examination (AME) or JEE-AME
  • Indian Aerospace and Engineering Entrance Examination (IAEEE)


What is the role of an aircraft maintenance engineer?

Aircraft maintenance engineers are required to ensure daily maintenance of the assigned aircraft. They must ensure safety across the aircraft before taking off.

What is the duration of an aircraft engineer?

The duration of an aircraft engineer varies from 2 to 4 years. Aircraft maintenance engineering is approved by AICTE.

Does AME provide good career options to youngsters?

Yes, AME is a good career option. The AME license is valid both in India as well as abroad in both government and private sectors.

What is the salary offered to an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)?

Salaries for such engineers depend upon the location, experience, and specialization. However, they often enjoy competitive salaries and advantages with opportunities for advancement as they gain experience.

This was all the information about how to become an aircraft maintenance engineer. If you also want to explore such a profession and want to know more about the course that will help you become a professional, contact Leverage Edu

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