Necessary Details About Animator Salary In Canada In 2024

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Animator Salary In Canada

Animation is not something new but it has gained high popularity recently. Canada is a country that has everything. It is a flourishing market and it is vain to think that there will be a lack of opportunities for such a trending career. The country welcomes experienced animators with high skills and knowledge with open arms. The exposure the country gives in the industry is also great and so are the opportunities. You have chosen the right place to be an Animator. Let us also see if the animator salary in Canada is also as rewarding or otherwise. 


Average Animator Salary In Canada

Salary is a very important factor when a person chooses a career. So before leaping to any job or career, it is important to know if the pay is rewarding there or not. Though the average salary is only for reference, you may earn a different amount based on your skills and qualifications in the country as a lot of factors are used when the salary is determined. The average salary that an animator in Canada earns is 86,100 CAD per year which is pretty good and rewarding. The average salary earned in a month is 7,175 CAD. 

  • The average highest income of an animator monthly in Canada is 10,866 CAD
  • The average lowest income of an animator monthly in Canada is 3,983 CAD
  • The average highest income of an animator yearly in Canada is 130,400 CAD
  • The average lowest income of an animator yearly in Canada is 47,800 CAD

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Animator Salary In Canada Based On Experience

Animation is a work of art and experience. The skills that are required to become a good animator come with experience. Experience is a very important factor in deciding the average salary ratio of an animator. The higher the experience, the higher will be your average pay and your right to demand. If you have 2 to 5 years of experience in the industry of animation, this increases your expected salary package by 26%. The following image will get you even better clarification about the topic and the effect of experience on the average pay.

 Animator Salary In Canada

Animator Salary In Canada Based On Education

Education levels always play an important role in the average salary determination of the employees. A higher level of education states that the individual holds a high knowledge of the subject and the knowledge makes them proficient in the work.  This knowledge and skills can help you get the right to demand an extra hike in your salary. If you are an individual who holds a master’s degree in the subject you can definitely expect a 32% hike in the salary compared to if you hold a bachelor’s level qualification.

Education Average pay 
Diploma 76,000 CAD
Bachelor’s degree100,200 CAD
Master’s degree123,000 CAD

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Animator Salary In Canada In Different Sectors 

The country Canada has two different working sectors. The private sector and the public sector. The public sector is generally called the governmental sector and this governmental sector usually pays the employee a higher income compared to the private sector. The difference is 6% right now and the benefits that the public sector employees enjoy are 6% more average income. 

Sector Average Pay
Private sector 123,000 CAD
Public sector 115,600 CAD

Animator Salary In Canada In Different Cities 

Canada is a huge country which has several cities and these several cities have their own economic functioning. The cities are usually seen paying a different salary to the employees of the same industry due to the differences in the rules and demands of employees. The best is to see which city pays the better pay to an Animator and decide the best city for you to work in. The following image gives information about several cities in Canada and the average pay in them. 

 Animator Salary In Canada

Animator Salary In Canada Compared To Several Professions 

To know if the salary is worth it will be very helpful to compare the average pay of an animator to several professions and their average pay. This will help with the analysis of the salary and help you decide the right career choice for you. The following table contains the list of several different professions from the same industry and the average pay in them. 

Profession Average pay
Multimedia artist 75,900 CAD
Photographer 66,900 CAD
Meeting and event planner 93,100 CAD
Imagery analyst 70,000 CAD
Graphics artist 79,700 CAD
Event director 205,700 CAD
Creative director 119,700 CAD
Copywriter 77,000 CAD
UX designer 72,300 CAD
Technical typist 51,900 CAD
Sketch artist 80,500 CAD

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Do male and female animators in Canada earn the same average income?

The male and female animators in Canada earn a different average income as some differences in the workplace still persist based on gender. The difference is 5% Though they are seeking to be removed and are working for it. 

What is the average pay raise in the job of an animator in Canada?

The average pay raise is completely dependent on the performance of the employee and their employer. You can, however, expect an average pay raise of around 9% per year.

Is it worth being an animator in Canada?

Yes, the profession and the choice of country are totally worth it. The opportunities for you are endless and the exposure is high. You will get a good salary as well as a very good experience. 

These were the complete details on the Animator Salary in Canada. To read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. you can provide your views or doubts in the comment section below. 

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