MBBS in Denmark 

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MBBS in Denmark

MBBS programs in Denmark are currently receiving super traction from students worldwide, thanks to the technologically advanced infrastructure and praiseworthy research programs. When you choose Denmark as your next study abroad destination, you will be able to reap the benefits of enormous opportunities to study MBBS and learn more about medicine.  In terms of highly-educated faculty, world-class structure, and superb industry exposure, the MBBS program in Denmark will help you achieve new heights in your career. If you want to pursue your MBBS program from a reputed Denmark university, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about MBBS in Denmark. 

Duration Bachelor – 3 years
Masters – 3 years 
Number of Universities 8
Specialization Medical Chemistry Clinical Chemistry Clinical Biomechanics Pharmaceutics
Course Structure Study the relevant courses
Complete the thesis properly
Complete your examination 
Average Tuition FeesDKK 60,000/ year (INR 7 Lakh)
Top UniversitiesUniversity of Southern Denmark
Aarhus University 
Aalborg University 
Denmarks Tekniske University 
University of Copenhagen
Popular ProgramsMasters in Medicine 
Bachelors in Medicine 
Medicine with Industrial Specialization 


Make sure you never compare the Indian MBBS programme with the MBBS program in Denmark. This is because the medical courses offered in Denmark can be obtained only through a Master’s in Medicine. You also need to go through an entrance exam so that you can choose an MBBS course in Denmark. Only after completing the master’s degree as well as the entrance test, a student will be able to practice medicine in Denmark.

Why Should You Study MBBS in Denmark?

Many Indian students choose different countries to complete their MBBS programs. However, if you want to stand apart from the crowd, why don’t you choose Denmark as your international destination for your higher study in the medical field? Here are the reasons why you need to pursue an MBBS degree in Denmark:

  • The colleges in Denmark offer numerous specializations in the medical sector
  • You don’t need to go through any specific entrance exam while applying to a Denmark university. 
  • The universities will offer numerous Postgraduate as well as clinical programs
  • The college tuition fees and the cost of living in Denmark are less compared to other countries in the world. 
  • The hospitals in Denmark are packed with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. 

Best Universities in Denmark to Pursue MBBS

When you complete your MBBS degree program from a reputed university in Denmark, you will be able to showcase a more effective academic profile. Apart from a high return on investment, you can also make yourself more attractive to potential employers. Here are the top Denmark universities to pursue MBBS:

Name of the University Popular CoursesDuration Fees
Aarhus UniversityMasters Program in Medicine Bachelors Program in Medicine 3-5 yearsDKK 92,000 (INR 11 Lakh)
University of Copenhagen Masters in Medicine3 yearsDKK 60,000 (INR 7 Lakh)
University of Southern DenmarkMSc Medicinal Chemistry Master in Medicine3 yearsDKK 50,000 (INR 5.9 Lakh)
Aalborg University Medicine with Industrial Specialization 3 yearsDKK 102,60 (INR 12 Lakh)
Technical University of DenmarkMasters in Medicine3 yearsDKK 50,000 (INR 5.9 Lakh)

Admission Process to Pursue MBBS Degree at a Denmark University 

If you’re eager to complete your MBBS program from a reputed and world-class Denmark university, you need more than just higher marks. We aren’t speaking about your academic qualifications, but your proper knowledge of the admission process. Just like the other study abroad programs, the admission process might get a little daunting. 

Eligibility Criteria 

The most important thing a student needs to keep in mind. Even though the eligibility criteria will depend on the Denmark university you’re choosing. Here are the eligibility requirements you need to keep in mind while applying for the MBBS degree in Denmark. 

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree. This is the most basic eligibility requirement you need to fulfil to pursue a master’s degree from a Denmark university. 
  • You need to submit your certifications as well as relevant transcripts
  • You need to pass the English Language Proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. The cut-off marks for these tests will depend on the university you’re choosing. The minimum score required to take admission is 6.5 or above. 
  • As an Indian student, you need to pass the entrance exam as per the medicine courses you’re choosing. Make sure you have a good score on the entrance exam. 

Application Process 

This is another important aspect you need to keep in mind if you’re planning to pursue an MBBS program from Denmark. Depending on the university, the application process might get overwhelming. This is where the professional from Leverage Edu will help you. It’s important to complete the application process without any mistakes. Here are crucial things to consider:

  1. Call us and we will help you shortlist your universities in Denmark. But you need to submit your application to multiple universities to broaden your chances of getting selected. 
  2. Compile all essential documents. Don’t make mistakes while submitting the documents. 
  3. Submit the application before the deadlines and start the application process for accommodation, students visa, and scholarships/student loans.
  4. Accept the offer letter
  5. Don’t forget to get your visa approved. 

Required Documents 

Here is the list of documents you need to submit if you have plans to complete your MBBS program from a reputed Denmark university:

  • You must have a passport with a validity of at least 18 months. 
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Class 10th and 12th certifications 
  • Acceptance letter from the university 
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of payment 
  • Proof of payment for the visa fees 
  • Medical check-up reports 
  • Financial documents 

Scholarships You Can Receive to Study MBBS in Denmark

As an Indian student who aims to complete an MBBS degree program from a reputed university in Denmark, there are various scholarships available, including privately-funded, university-specific, and government funded. Many universities offer fully funded scholarships to international students. Here’s a scholarship table to help you know more:

Scholarship AwardEligibility 
National Scholarships in partnership with NEXT at Aarhus University Full Tuition fees as well as an additional DKK 8,300 per month (INR 98,000)Indian students pursuing medical from a Denmark university 
Nordplus Scholarship ProgramDKK 7,000 per semester (INR 82,000)Full-time at any affiliated Denmark university 
Danish government scholarship for highly qualified EEA/EU students Partial or full feesStudents with a great academic performance

Cost of Living 

Even though the tuition fees for Denmark universities might seem less, the cost of living and the standard of living in Denmark is undoubtedly higher than in many countries. If you have plans to study MBBS in Denmark, make sure you pay close attention while maintaining your monthly budget. As an international student, you might need to spend more than EUR 1,000 (INR 88K) per month depending on your lifestyle. 


You will face problems finding accommodation in between the semester. Therefore, make sure you search for the cheapest accommodations available before you start your semester. If you want to live in Danish cities, you need to spend more than EUR 600  (INR 52K) per month. On the other hand, the accommodation cost will increase by EUR 1,000  (INR 88K) if you choose the capital city of Denmark. 

Food and Travelling Expenses 

The average food cost in Denmark might be around EUR 300 (INR 26K), but it entirely depends on your eating habits as well as the places you choose to eat. Make sure you visit the supermarkets so that you can purchase products at great discounts. 

The average transportation cost in Denmark is around EUR 40 (INR 3.5K). International students can purchase travel cards as it will prove super cost-effective.  

Career and Job Prospects 

Here are the jobs you can get after completing your MBBS program at a prestigious Denmark university. 

Designation Salary/year
General PractitionerDKK 95,000 (INR 11 Lakh)
Doctor DKK 161,000 (INR 19 Lakh)
Researcher DKK 51,000 (INR 6 Lakh)


Is the fees structure affordable in Denmark?

Yes, the fee structure to pursue the MBBS degree from Denmark is more affordable than in many other countries worldwide. 

How Beneficial will it prove for the Indian students?

As an Indian student, when you complete your MBBS degree from Denmark, you will receive worldwide recognition. Many employers will prioritise your CV. 

What is the minimum NEET marks you need to take admission?

You need to have at least 50% marks in your NEET exam to take admission to a Denmark university. 

This is everything you need to know about MBBS courses in Denmark. If you want to get into a high-ranked university, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need flawless application because the competition is fierce. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realise your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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