Best Psychology Degree in NZ 2024: Requirements, Colleges, Fees

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Psychology degree in New Zealand

Psychologists play a crucial role in the mental well-being and therapy of people across the globe. If you wish to become a psychologist, then pursuing a psychology course in New Zealand is a good idea. In this blog, we will help you choose the perfect psychology degree NZ. The psychology courses teach all the aspects of how the human mind and psyche function. These degrees provide you with an understanding of people and their behaviour within society. We have listed below some of the best psychology degrees in New Zealand. Look at them and find out which is the best course for you. 

Bachelor of Science – Psychology

The Bachelor of Science – Psychology, offered by The University of Otago, will teach you about social and behavioural sciences. The program addresses diverse areas of psychology, such as sleep disorders, phobias, sleep disorders, drug rehabilitation, hyperactivity in children, and more. Moreover. after completing this course, you can assume jobs in health and social services, universities, business and industry, communications and planning, safety, and various government agencies. The excellent curriculum of this program makes it an ideal psychology degree NZ. 

CourseBSc Psychology
UniversityThe University of Otago
QS World University Rankings 2024206
Total Tuition FeesNZ$ 114,003
Duration 3 Years

Bachelor of Arts – Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts – Psychology at The University of Auckland, will teach you the skills like communication and creative thinking. These abilities will allow you to thrive in your career. You will learn about various aspects of psychology, such as cognitive science, learning and behaviour, human neuroscience, social psychology, and more. Hence, the program’s amazing curriculum makes it a perfect psychology degree in NZ. 

CourseBA Psychology
UniversityThe University of Auckland
QS World University Rankings 202468
Total Tuition FeesNZ$ 110,509
Duration 3 years 

Master of Educational Psychology

The Master of Educational Psychology, offered by the Victoria University of Wellington, gives you the skills needed to help individuals with social or learning difficulties in various educational settings. Moreover, you will get to build and practice your skills under the expert guidance of world-class practitioners and researchers. Further, you will get the opportunity to explore a wide array of theoretical viewpoints and their practical applications in educational, workplace, and community settings. Finally, the invaluable knowledge and skills offered in the program make it an excellent psychology degree in NZ and give you a chance to begin your career as an educational psychologist

CourseMaster of Educational Psychology
UniversityVictoria University of Wellington
QS World University Rankings 2024241
Total Tuition FeesNZ$ 80,900
Duration 4 Trimester(s)

Master of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology

The Master of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, provided by the University of Canterbury, offers the abilities and knowledge required to improve an employee’s motivation, well-being, and satisfaction. Moreover, after completing this course, you can work as an industrial psychologist, organisational development consultant, HR professional, research analyst, and more. You will have the skills to work in diverse industries, such as IT, banking and finance, manufacturing, healthcare, government agencies, and NZDF. The high-in-demand skills the course offers make it a perfect psychology degree NZ. 

CourseMaster of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
UniversityUniversity of Canterbury
QS World University Rankings 2024256
Total Tuition FeesNZ$ 82,000
Duration 1 Year

Master of Psychotherapy

The Master of Psychotherapy at the Auckland University of Technology is designed for students who aspire to become psychotherapists. This degree allows you to apply for interim registration with the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Moreover, you will be eligible to apply for provisional membership in the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists. With such great value offered by the program, it is surely an ideal psychology degree NZ. 

CourseMaster of Psychotherapy
UniversityAuckland University of Technology
QS World University Rankings 2024407
Total Tuition FeesNZ$94,548
Duration 2 Years 


Q1. Is psychology in demand in New Zealand?

Ans. Yes, there is reportedly an increasing demand for psychologists in New Zealand and around the globe. 

Q2. What does a psychology degree lead to?

Ans. A psychology degree allows you to work in a plethora of fields, such as career counsellor, advertising agent, human resources specialist, therapist, and more. 

Q3. Are psychologists well-paid in New Zealand?

Ans. Yes, the average salary of a psychologist in New Zealand is NZ$76,567.

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