Cambridge University Masters in Maths Program: Acceptance Rate, Graduate Salary and Jobs

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If you are passionate about mathematics and want to pursue a master’s degree from one of the world’s top universities, you might consider applying for the Cambridge Maths Masters program. This is a taught course that covers various areas of mathematics, such as pure, applied, statistics, and theoretical physics. In this blog, we will give you an overview of the Cambridge Maths Masters program, including the acceptance rate, cost, graduate salary, jobs, and more. By the end of this blog, you will have a better idea of whether this programme is right for you and how to apply for it.

DisciplineMathematics (pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical statistics, and computational mathematics)
Masters Degrees offeredMSc, MASt, MPhil
Duration1-2 years
Acceptance Rate20-40% (varies with program)
Tuition Fees£24,789 – £35,526 per year
Application Deadline (2024)30 June (for MASt programs)
4 January (for MPhil programs)
3 February (MSc and some MPhil programs)

Why Choose Cambridge Maths Masters Program?

There are several strong reasons why you might choose a Masters in Mathematics program at Cambridge University:

  1. Cambridge boasts one of the top mathematics departments in the world, with faculty members who are global leaders in their respective fields. Learning from such experts can be an invaluable experience.
  2. The programs offer a deep and challenging curriculum that will push you intellectually and equip you with advanced mathematical knowledge and skills.
  3. Many programs offer flexibility in course selection, allowing you to tailor your studies to your specific interests and career goals. Some programs even allow for independent research projects.
  4. You will join a prestigious network of Cambridge alumni who can offer valuable career advice and support.
  5. Studying alongside bright and motivated students from around the world can create a stimulating learning environment and foster lasting friendships.

Top Cambridge Maths Masters Programs

The Cambridge Maths Masters program is also known as Part III, and it is an excellent preparation for mathematical research or a career in industry, academia, or teaching. Masters in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge are offered through 3 taught/research degrees, such as:

  1. Masters of Advanced Study (MASt)
  2. Masters of Philosophy (MPhil)
  3. Master of Science (MSc)

These degrees have a duration of 1-2 years and focus on different specializations of Mathematics discipline. They are as follows:

MASt in Pure Mathematics1 yearBroad foundation in pure math
M.Phil. in Pure Mathematics2 yearsResearch-focused specialization in pure math
MASt in Applied Mathematics1 yearBroad foundation in applied math
M.Phil. in Applied Mathematics2 yearsResearch-focused specialization in applied math
MASt in Mathematical Statistics1 yearBroad foundation in statistical theory and methods
M.Phil. in Mathematical Statistics2 yearsResearch-focused specialization in mathematical statistics
M.Sc. in Computational Mathematics1 yearTheoretical and practical aspects of computational math

Cambridge Maths Masters Program: Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Cambridge Maths Masters varies from program to program, but the estimated range is 20-40%. This means that the programs are quite competitive and selective, and you will need to have a strong academic record, a high-quality portfolio, and a clear statement of purpose to increase your chances of getting admitted. 

Cambridge Maths Masters Program: Cost

The tuition fees of Cambridge Maths Masters for international students is £24,789 – £35,526 per year. Keep in mind that this fees is exclusive of other academic expenses, so you must plan your budget accordingly.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for Cambridge Maths Masters depend on the type of programme you are applying for. The general criteria is as follows:

  1. A first-class honours degree or equivalent in mathematics, physics, statistics, or another subject with significant advanced mathematical content
  2. High level of competence in English, which can be demonstrated by taking an approved test such as IELTS or TOEFL
  3. Personal statement
  4. 2 academic references
  5. Academic transcripts of your previous studies

Application Process

The application process for the Cambridge Maths Masters program is as follows:

  • Apply online via the University Applicant Portal before the course deadline, which is 23:59pm (midnight) UK time on 8 February 2024.
  • Submit the required supporting documents, such as transcripts, CV, personal statement, research proposal, and 2 academic references.
  • Check if you meet the entry requirements for the program.
  • If selected, you will be invited for an interview, either in person or online, as part of the selection process.

Documents Required

The application documents for Cambridge Maths Masters generally include:

Cambridge Maths Masters Program: Graduate Jobs and Salary

A Cambridge Maths Masters degree is highly respected by employers around the world and can open doors to top careers in fields like finance, research, academia, and technology. Salaries are generally high, with the average starting salary for Cambridge Maths graduates exceeding £35,000 in 2022. Here are some popular job profiles for Masters graduates in Mathematics along with their salaries:

FieldJob ProfileAverage Salary Range
Finance & BankingQuantitative Analyst£40,000 – £80,000
Risk Analyst£35,000 – £70,000
Investment Analyst£35,000 – £60,000
Consulting & Data ScienceData Scientist£40,000 – £70,000
Management Consultant£35,000 – £60,000
Machine Learning Engineer£45,000 – £80,000
Academia & ResearchResearch Scientist£30,000 – £50,000
University Lecturer£35,000 – £55,000
Postdoctoral Researcher£32,000 – £45,000
Engineering & TechnologySoftware Engineer£35,000 – £60,000
Algorithm Designer£40,000 – £70,000
Cryptographer£45,000 – £75,000


Q1. How competitive is the Cambridge Maths Masters program? What is the acceptance rate?

Ans: This is a highly competitive program, attracting top mathematics students from around the world. While the university doesn’t publish an exact acceptance rate, it’s safe to say it’s between 20-40%

Q2. What is the total cost of the Cambridge Maths Masters program? 

Ans: The program cost varies depending on your program length and residency status. International students face higher tuition fees, ranging from £36,000 to £38,000 for a one-year program. 

Q3. What kind of jobs can I get with a Cambridge Maths Masters, and what are the starting salaries?

Ans: Graduates enjoy many career paths with high earning potential such as finance, consulting, data science, academia, engineering, and more. Average starting salaries exceed £35,000, varying with your chosen field and specific role.

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We hope that this blog gave you a complete overview of the Cambridge Maths Masters program for international students. Tune into Leverage Edu for more such updates on courses to study abroad. Thank you for reading!

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