Topmost Management Courses With High Salary

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Topmost Management Courses With High Salary

Every course and curriculum has its own perks and specialisations but the coursework that offers specialisation in a wide range of subjects is that of Management. Recruiters from every field require managers for their employees who are well-versed in the subject. This has resulted in demand for Management courses offering high salaries. Let’s dive into the details of some Management courses with high salary packages.

Why Pursue Management Courses?

Many students are trying their best to get enrolled in some management courses to upscale their careers. Here is what a management course can offer you. 

  1. The foremost reason is the high salaries. Once you pursue a management course in any field you have an education equivalent to practical knowledge and experience. 
  2. Growth and promotion are more for employees who have done Management courses. Their coursework is seen as an upskilling that speeds up the promotions. Employees are even sent to foreign offices of multinationals based on their managerial skills. 
  3. You can pursue management courses at any point in your career to boost your growth. Many management courses are now available online. 
  4. There is a lot of personal growth in learning management. One is trained to be an Implementer and has improved communication skills and influencing capabilities. 
  5. Opportunity to design, direct and manage all changes occurring in a department or an organisation. The curriculum of a management course trains an individual in adapting and influencing others to adapt to change. 

Topmost Management Courses With High Salaries

Today there are many management course specialisation options available in India and abroad. Some of the most famous management courses are mentioned hereunder. 

Top Management courses provide the best management jobs in demand such as Insurance Manager, Chief financial officer, Investment Banker, Data Science analyst, Marketing and Brand Manager. There are plenty of career options that are available in high-end industries and multinational companies after many management courses, some of the high-salary management jobs are mentioned below.

Profile Average package in India per year (INR) Average package Abroad per year (USD)
Chief Executive 30,00,000 800,000
Marketing Manager 10,00,000 142,170
Finance Manager 13,00,000 100,000
IT Manager 12,00,000 151,000
Sales Manager 5,00,000 63,000
HR Manager 6,60,000 110,000
Architecture Manager 15,00,000 150,000
Engineering Manager 22,00,000 140,000
Natural Science Manager 18,00,000 140,000

Best Universities for Management in India

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) system is used here to rate the university as it is adopted by the Ministry of Education, Government of India and is accepted nationally and internationally. 

University NIRF Ranking 
Fees / Year
IIM Ahmedabad 1 20,00,000 – 31,00,000
IIM Bangalore 2 24,50,000 – 29,00,000
IIM Kolkata 3 23,00,000 – 27, 00, 000
IIM Kozhikode 5 14,00,000 – 20,00,000
Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi 9 10,00,000 – 11,70,000
Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee 11 4,00,000 – 10,90,000
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad 13 36,29,620 –  14,00,000
IIM, Lucknow 7 23,70,000 – 14,30,000
Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras 15 11,200 –  10,98,850

Best Universities for Management Abroad

The ranking mentioned here is the QS world ranking which is widely followed in many countries. There are other ways of ranking a university as well, one can check multiple aspects of a university before filling out the application forms. 

University QS World Ranking 
Fees in INR /Year
Stanford Graduate School of Business 1 35,00,000 – 64,00,000
Harvard Business School  2 16,00,000 – 60,00,000
Penn (Warton) 2 35,00,000 – 68,90,000
HEC Paris 4 23,00,000 – 50,00,000
MIT Sloan 5 42,00,000 – 85,00,000
London Business School 6 34,00,000 – 65,00,000
IE Business School 7 30,00,000 – 58,00,000
INSEAD 7 56,00,000 – 1,00,00,000
Columbia Business School 9 23,00,000 – 1,00,00,000

Top 5 Countries Offering Management Courses With High Salary

The desire to pursue top management courses abroad may open a lot of options to consider from. The course and universities play a very crucial role in determining a choice but choosing the right country is equally important. 

Certain countries are considered best for education based on placement rate, packages, investment budget, PR and student-friendly policies etc. Here is a list of the top 5 countries offering Management courses with high salaries.

Country Average Salary
USA  33,00,000  – 66,00,000 INR
UK 47,00,000 – 70,00,000
Canada 45,00,000 – 80,00,000
Australia 47,00,000 – 1,70,00,000
New Zealand 34,00,000 – 76,00,000


The USA gets university applications from 190 countries amongst which an MBA is one of the most preferred programs. The universities offer world-class quality education and exposure to internships. Since the USA has many Ivy League universities, education is expensive but the universities offer part-time internships and work opportunities for students to bear the expenses.  The key feature of studying in the USA is the combination of programs as it offers Management degrees in information technology, hospitality, and Science as well. The average salary package is 40,000-80,000 USD (33L-66L INR).



Yes, in certain cases the UK is providing IELTS waivers with not-so-unachievable conditions which attracts many students. Another welcoming feature is the 1 year MBA degree programs in the UK. The student can choose to go for a 2-year program as well. 

However, the UK does not offer diploma or certificate courses and an MBA requires a certain amount of work experience. It offers a MIM degree for students who directly want to pursue their master’s after graduation. 

The average salary package after the course is 55,000-80,000 euros (47L-70L).


A lower cost of living as compared to other first-world countries has always been a welcoming factor for students in Canada but management courses have some exclusive added advantages as well. 

There are top-ranking universities in Canada for Management courses according to the QS World Ranking system, that offers diverse coursework. Canada’s business economy is thriving which leads to students getting higher returns on investment. 

The average salary package offered to students is between 66,000-1,10,00 USD (45L – 80L).


Australia has a strong demand for MBA or Management graduates which results in higher salary packages as well as a chance to stay and build a career in Australia. The key feature is that as an international student in Australia, one can work 40 hours a fortnight which is flexible from what is being offered in other countries as these working hours can be adjusted as per requirement. 

The average salary package after completing Management in Australia ranges between AU$ 85,000 and AU$305,000 (47L – 1.7 Cr).

New Zealand

New Zealand also has some of the topmost management courses offered by universities and colleges, some of which fall amongst the 100 best colleges for management worldwide. 

Apart from this New Zealand attracts many students from management because of its cost-effectiveness. The tuition fee ranges between 26,000-37,000 NZD (13L – 19L) and the living cost is also reasonable. 

The average salary in New Zealand in the management field is between 65,000 – 1,46,000 NZD (34L – 76L).


Are there management courses other than MBA?

Yes, there are many Degrees, Diplomas and Certificate courses in management other than MBA.

Is IELTS mandatory to study abroad?

No, Countries like the UK give waivers on IELTS under certain conditions. 

What is the salary after management courses in the USA?

The average annual salary for management in the USA is 40,000-80,000 USD (33L-66L INR)

Which country is offering the cheapest MBA in the topmost Universities?

New Zealand offers Management courses in the topmost universities with a low tuition fee and cost of living.

After the pandemic, the job market is taking serious turns in every domain, but leadership and management jobs still hold good market value. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2021 to 2031 Management jobs are predicted to grow by 8%. This evergreen nature puts Management courses in demand worldwide. With countries becoming more flexible in permits, visas and curriculum the management dream is coming closer than ever. 

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