Scholarships in South America

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One major reason to pursue higher education in South America is the availability of financial grants at the universities in South America that act as financial support to the students. One of the popular study destinations across the globe, South America is considered home to the best universities that offer the best education, delivered by a well-educated staff. Suppose you want to know more about the scholarships offered at various institutions in South America. Why pursue higher education in  South America, the cost of studying in South America, The list of Scholarships in South America, and much more. Keep Reading!


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Why Study in South America?

There are numerous benefits of pursuing higher education in South American Universities. Some of the expected benefits are

  • The quality of education provided at South American universities is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of South America.
  • Another primary reason includes high employment opportunities with high packages at many prominent organizations.
  • The qualifications achieved in South America are recognized all across the globe. 
  • South America is considered the most peaceful and safe place with a quality of life. 

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Cost of Studying in South America 

The cost of studying in Latin America is lower than in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia. While the average cost of attending a public college in the United States is $9970 & £9250 in the United Kingdom, the average cost of higher education in South America ranges between $4000-5000. Furthermore, in other countries, such as Brazil, public higher education up to the post-graduate level is declared to just be free on a governmental level.

Cost of Living in South America 

Living costs are also lower in the region’s countries than in America, Europe, or Australia. However, the costs vary greatly depending on the city in which you wish to study. Cities like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro are expensive to live in, with monthly costs of about $1000, while smaller towns are likely to cost $600-800. Overall, standard living costs in the United States or the United Kingdom would be around 10 per cent higher than in South America.

List of Scholarships in South America 

An array of scholarships is offered at universities in South America, as mentioned above. Some of the major scholarships in South America are as follows; 

Name of the Scholarships Description Eligibility 
Africa Scholarship The Africa Scholarship at the University of Lincoln is intended to assist students from across Africa in gaining entrance to postgraduate-level studies at the University of Lincoln.Master 
PIF Program These programs are set up following cooperation agreements between China and international organizations and institutions. An applicant shall file an application with the international organizations and institutions concerned.Bachelor, Master, and PhD.
AUN Program These initiatives are established following agreements among China and international organizations and institutions. An applicant must apply to the relevant international organizations and entities.Masters and PhD.
African Scholarship Edinburgh Napier University offers several scholarships, bursaries, and grants to help you pay for your studies. Depending on the eligibility conditions of the specific award, they may finance living expenses, childcare expenses, tuition fees, or a specific project that is advantageous to your academic and personal growth.Bachelor 
Michel Baldwin Memorial ScholarshipThe University of Waikato and its partners provide a variety of grants and awards to help students with tuition and living expenses, as well as to encourage academic and research success.Bachelor, master’s, and PhD. 
South Asian Scholar Award Tulane University provides considerable need- and merit-based scholarships to international students. Masters 
Sub-Saharan Africa leadership Tulane University provides up to $23,000 as well as financial assistance to foreign students who apply and have not already received that amount or greater in merit awards. Every year, students should reapply for need-based help.Bachelor 
The Chalhoub Scholarship Students who are planning to study at Sciences Po at the graduate or undergraduate level at the Science Po campus in Menton, Southern France, are eligible for the Chalhoub scholarship.Master, Bachelor 
International Master Scholarship The International Masters Scholarship is available to international students from specific countries who are applying for Master’s degrees at ECU. The scholarships are available to incoming overseas students at Edith Cowan University.Master 

Application Process 

You should begin your university admission process with a list of required supporting documents, which is normally available on the university’s website. In general, this list includes documents such as:

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Student Visa for America

A study permit is required to study in most South American countries (visa). Before applying to a university, be sure your home country is on the list of countries that require authorization. Visas typically cost between $100 and $160. You must also supply a list of documents while applying for a visa. Typically, these are

  • Passport copies,
  • Birth certificates,
  • Photocopies,
  • Signed visa application forms,
  • Letters of acceptance to a chosen university,
  • Proof of sufficient funds,
  • Medical history,
  • Receipt of visa payment;
  • Certificate of conviction history,
  • Bank records etc.


In which country can I easily get a scholarship?

To give you a better chance of studying abroad, here is a list of the top 5 countries where you can almost certainly get a scholarship.
Czech Republic

How can I get a 100% scholarship to study abroad?

Find: The first step toward obtaining a study abroad scholarship is to locate one!
Qualify: Make sure you qualify for any scholarships you find.
Research: When you find a scholarship for which you are eligible, it is time to begin researching the scholarship and its provider.
Demonstrate Yourself.

Which country gives a full free scholarship?

International students can take advantage of various free/low tuition schemes in countries such as Germany, Norway, Finland, Austria, and Iceland. AfterSchoolAfrica has compiled a list of countries that provide free tuition and possibly scholarships.

This was all about scholarships in South America. If you’re planning to study in America or any other country abroad, contact Leverage Edu and book a 30-minute free counselling session with our experts at 1800 57 2000 and let us help you in achieving your study-abroad journey.

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