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english speaking universities abroad

English is the most popular language in the world. A total of 1.5 billion people speak English as a native or as a second language. As a result, the language is globally recognized. International students who can speak the language can find several countries to study abroad. The most popular destinations for studying abroad are the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada. Having knowledge of English makes it easier for students to get into the best universities in these countries. Keep reading to know more about the best English speaking universities abroad.

International students are always looking for the best destinations to study abroad. Thankfully, there are several English speaking universities abroad. Here is a list of the most popular Universities to study abroad.

Maastricht University: Netherlands

Maastricht University comes under one of the best English-speaking universities abroad. Most of the courses offered by the university are taught in English. Moreover, it was one of the first universities to adopt an English medium curriculum. Half of the students in this university are international students. The university offers exchange programs in social sciences, arts, business and economics, humanities, law, psychology, and life sciences. The university is located close to Belgium and Germany making it easy for students to travel in Europe.

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Stockholm University: Sweden

Stockholm University in Sweden is one of the best English-speaking universities abroad. The university offers a range of Bachelor’s programs and postgraduate programs in English. A lot of Swedish people speak English. Hence, Sweden is a great place to hang out as well. In addition to the regular courses, Swedish universities offer Swedish language courses free of charge. Stockholm University can be counted among the largest universities in Scandinavia.

John Cabot University: Rome, Italy

John Cabot University combines the history and culture of Rome with the qualities of an American liberal arts college. The university comes among the best English-speaking universities abroad and is a hub for international students. John Cabot University has students from 60 countries including the US. Although the classes held are in English students can learn Italian as well. Students can also enjoy the art, culture, and history of Rome. 

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National University of Singapore: Singapore

The National University of Singapore NUS is the oldest university in the country. The university is consistently ranked among the top universities in Asia. The main language of instruction is English. In fact, the university has a unique bilingual education system. It has English as the official language along with Tamil, Mandarin, and Malay. The university has partnerships with almost 50 universities. It includes universities like the University of California System and George Washington University.

American University of Sharjah: UAE

The American University of Sharjah is popular for being one of the best English speaking universities abroad. It is a multicultural university that welcomes students irrespective of their background. Moreover, the school offers international exchange programs. The University offers 73 Bachelor’s courses, 16 master’s courses, and 3 doctoral programs for International students. Four academic units administer these courses. It includes the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, School of Business Administration, and the College of Architecture.

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Tsinghua University: China

Tsinghua University in China offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in English. The university is well known as one of the best English speaking universities abroad. It is one of the most prestigious universities in China and comes among the world’s best universities. It was established in 1911, as the Tsing Hua Imperial College. Today, the university offers courses to several international students. 

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Sophia University: Japan

Sophia University is one of the top-ranked universities in Japan. It is also one of the best English speaking universities to study abroad. Several programs are available in English in the liberal arts and sciences. It is one of the top-ranked private universities in Singapore. Sophia University has student exchange partnership programs with several universities such as Yale University. Since the university is located in Tokyo, university students can interact with several foreigners. Moreover, students can take a Japanese language class to fit in with the locals.

Universitat de Barcelona: Spain

The Universitat de Barcelona is a public university that is situated in Catalonia, Spain. Each year more than 70,000 students are welcomed into its facilities. The university is also one of the oldest universities and is part of the League of European Research Universities. The University of Barcelona offers several courses including humanities, sciences, and engineering. Programs such as bioinformatics, business administration and management, English studies, international business, physiotherapy, and tourism are 100% taught in English. Some master’s programs include labour economics, plant biology, pure and applied logic, and translational medicine.

Technical University of Munich: Germany

The Technical University of Munich is one of the best English speaking universities in Germany. The university is ranked 50th in the QS World University Ranking. International students can take individual classes without paying any tuition fees. The education expenses will only be 152€ ($65) per semester. TUM has been consistently ranked as the university of excellence since 2006. Munich is also an incredibly safe city making it one of the best English speaking universities in Germany.

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Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Politécnico de Leiria): Portugal

The Polytechnic Institute of Leiria is an excellent English-taught university in Portugal. The institution is welcoming to International students. One of the most desirable BA degrees in Computer Science is in Games and Multimedia programs. However, it is the only undergraduate program provided by the institution. The School of Technology and Management has the most English self-taught programs for International students. Under the engineering department, 4 master’s programs are provided including civil engineering and product design engineering. The living costs in Leiria are less compared to other cities in the country.


English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Several universities in the world are taught in English. Some of the popular English speaking universities abroad include Maastricht University, John Cabot University, and Tsinghua University. Students interested in studying abroad can take admitted to English speaking universities abroad.


Q1. Which University abroad is best for Indian students?

Ans. The US and the UK have one of the best universities in the world. The most preferred universities by Indian students include MIT, Stanford, Boston, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Imperial College London.

Q2. Can I study abroad for free?

Ans. Studying abroad is not free. Students who want to study abroad without any expenses need to apply for fully funded/partial scholarships or grants. Interested students can also choose a less expensive program to enrol directly in a foreign university.

Q3. What are the requirements to study abroad?

Ans. The eligibility criteria to study abroad varies on the basis of the county and the university to which the student has applied to. A general requirement is that students must meet the academic qualification, obtain a passport and visa, and complete the application.

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