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Tsinghua University, a member of the C9 League, is a prominent public research university in Beijing. It was founded in Beijing amid a period of national turmoil and clashes with foreign powers that culminated in the Boxer Rebellion, a Chinese insurrection against foreign influence. It's also a part of Project 985, Project 211, and the Double First-Class University Plan. It has produced numerous famous figures in Science, Engineering, Politics, Business, and Culture since its founding year in 1911. C9 as well as AEARU, APRU, and MISA are all linked with this university. Tsinghua University is ranked #1 in Asia by Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings and U.S. News and World Report, and 15th in the world by the QS World University Rankings.

Infrastructure, Campuses, and Courses

Tsinghua University's campus is in the Haidian neighborhood of northwest Beijing, which was allocated for universities and other academic institutes. It is built on the site of the previous Qing Dynasty royal gardens and has Chinese-style landscape and traditional architecture, but many of its structures are also Western-style, reflecting the American influence in its past. It is recognized across China and the rest of the globe for having one of the most beautiful campuses. The campus of Tsinghua University was rated one of the Most Beautiful College Campuses in the world by a panel of architects and campus designers in Forbes in 2010. It was the only university in Asia to make it to the list. Tsinghua University conducts extensive research and offers 51 Bachelor's degree programs, 139 Master's degree programs, and 107 Doctoral degree programs through 20 Colleges and 57 Departments, with subjects ranging from Science and Engineering to Arts and Literature to Social Sciences, Law, and Medicine.

Accomplishments and Alumni

Tsinghua University is a global research university that has achieved the status of top 1% world universities through its academic excellence and impactful research innovation. Recently, five Tsinghua University alumni won the prestigious Sloan Research Fellowships, which are awarded to early-career scientists and scholars in recognition of their achievements. The 2016 State Science and Technology Awards recently honored 22 Tsinghua research endeavors. The honors were presented to Tsinghua Professors on January 9th at the annual National Science-Technology Award Ceremony in Beijing's Great Hall of the People. State Natural Science Awards, State Technological Invention Awards, and State Scientific and Technological Progress Awards were among Tsinghua's honors. Tsinghua University, as the primary research institution, made eight scientific breakthroughs in partnership with other institutions. The University has more than 30,000 international alumni that make significant contributions in their respective fields, starting from Economics and Sciences to Social and Sustainable Development. Some of the notable graduates of the University include names like, Xi Jinping (President of the People’s Republic of China), Fu Mingxia (Former Chinese Diver, Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion), Deng Yaping (Chinese Table Tennis Player and Olympic Champion), Hao Wang (Chinese-American Logician, Mathematician and Philosopher) among others.

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

Tsinghua has an extremely diversified population. More than 4,000 foreign students from over 130 countries were enrolled at Tsinghua in 2019, including over 3,200 degree students and over 700 non-degree students. Tsinghua has created over 100 exchange programs and 50 dual and double degree programs with world-renowned schools and has partnered with over 290 universities and institutes throughout the world. In 2019, Tsinghua welcomed more than 8,800 international academics from 130 countries, conducted more than 200 international conferences on campus, and sent more than 16,500 students and staff members abroad for various programs. Tsinghua University is at #3 worldwide for graduate employability, with graduates securing placements at top multinationals such as, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Tencent, ByteDance, Apple, Alibaba Group, Goldman Sachs, LinkedIn, Boston Consulting Group and more. 

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