Journalism in Ireland: Courses, Universities, Fees, Scope

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Irish journalism programs are well-regarded globally. The country has produced many renowned journalists, editors, and media professionals who have made significant contributions to the field. Studying journalism in Ireland can enhance your credibility and open doors to opportunities worldwide. To pursue journalism courses Ireland, overseas students can apply to some of the top universities in the world such as University College Dublin (UCD), Griffith University, etc. Some of the premium universities of Ireland offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in journalism which are universally recognized. Keep reading further to explore different journalism courses in Ireland and related details!!


Why Study Journalism Courses Ireland?

Studying journalism in Ireland can offer several unique advantages and opportunities. Here are some reasons why studying journalism courses in Ireland might be appealing:

  • Strong Media Tradition: Ireland has a rich history of journalism and a strong media tradition. It is home to reputable news organizations and publications, both in print and digital formats. Studying journalism in Ireland allows students to immerse themselves in this vibrant media landscape and learn from experienced professionals.
  • Quality Education: Irish universities and institutions offer high-quality journalism programs that provide comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical training. These programs are designed to equip students with the skills necessary for a successful career in journalism, including research, reporting, writing, and multimedia production.
  • Practical Experience: Journalism courses in Ireland often emphasize practical training and hands-on experience. Students are encouraged to work on real news stories, collaborate with industry professionals, and intern at established media organizations. This practical approach enables students to develop their skills, build their portfolios, and establish valuable connections within the industry.
  • Cultural and Historical Significance: Ireland’s unique cultural and historical context provides an interesting backdrop for journalism studies. The country’s rich heritage, socio-political landscape, and ongoing issues offer ample opportunities for investigative reporting, feature writing, and in-depth analysis. Studying journalism in Ireland allows a student to explore these topics firsthand and gain a deeper understanding of their impact.
  • Networking Opportunities: Ireland’s media industry is well-connected, and studying journalism in the country can provide students with valuable networking opportunities. One can attend industry events, participate in workshops and conferences, and engage with professionals working in various media outlets. These connections can be instrumental in securing internships, job opportunities, or mentorships.
  • English Language Proficiency: Ireland is an English-speaking country, making it an ideal destination for international students seeking to improve their English language skills. Fluency in English is highly valued in the global journalism industry, and studying in an English-speaking environment can enhance a journalism student’s language proficiency, communication abilities, and writing skills.

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Top Universities for Journalism Courses Ireland

It’s important to research specific universities and their journalism programs in Ireland to determine which one aligns best with your academic and career goals. Additionally, consider factors such as tuition fees, scholarship opportunities, location, and the curriculum offered by different institutions. 

Tabulated below are the top Journalism courses Ireland and other related details:

Universities/CollegesCoursesFeesQS World University Rankings 2023
University of LimerickBA (Hons.) in Journalism & Digital Communication; MA in Journalism (MAJ Sports)EUR 15,200 (INR 13.58 lakh); EUR 15,800 (INR 14.10 lakh)531-540
Dublin City UniversityBA (Hons.) in Journalism; MA in JournalismEUR 45,000 (INR 40.20 lakh); EUR 16,000 (INR 14.30 lakh)471
Griffith UniversityMA in Journalism & Media Communications; Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism & Public Relations; MA in TV & Radio JournalismEUR 14,000 (INR 12.5 lakh); EUR 12,000 INR 10.70 lakh); EUR 14,000 (INR 12.5 lakh)300
University of GalwayBA in Journalism; MA in Sports Journalism & CommunicationEUR 72,560 (INR 64.80 lakh); EUR 17,110 (INR 15.30 lakh)270
Technological University DublinBA in Journalism (Level 8); MA in JournalismEUR 54,000 (INR 48.20 lakh); EUR 13,500 (INR 12.05 lakh)801-1000
University College DublinMA in Journalism & International AffairsEUR 25,000 (INR 22.30 lakh)181

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Journalism Courses Ireland Admission Process

Read details of the admission process for journalism courses in Ireland in the subsequent sections.

Eligibility Criteria

Given below are the eligibility requirements for international students seeking admission to Journalism courses Ireland:

  • For a bachelor’s in journalism from universities of Ireland, an overseas student must have completed at least Class 12 from a recognized school/college/academic institution. Students with diplomas in addition to senior secondary education can also apply for BA in Journalism in this island nation.
  • For a master’s in journalism, an international student must hold a relevant bachelor’s degree. In addition, she/they/he is also required to have relevant work experience. 
  • Students with a bachelor’s degree in any field, but, with relevant work experience with professional qualifications like industry knowledge, basic research skills, and personal effectiveness can also apply for postgraduate journalism programs in Ireland.
  • Overseas students also need to score the requisite score in the accepted English Language Proficiency Test- TOEFL/IELTS/PTE.

Application Process

To secure admission to journalism courses Ireland, students can visit the official websites of universities of interest. A student can either apply directly to the university or connect with Leverage Edu study abroad experts to apply to course/s of her/their/his choice. Our professionals will help you in the following ways:

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Documents Required

To enroll in Journalism courses in Ireland, international students need to submit the following documents:

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Career Scope

Ireland offers a lucrative journalism career on account of its strong media tradition. Some of the top media houses of the world like BBC and Sky News have their branches in this nation. 

Top Recruiters

After completing undergraduate or postgraduate journalism courses in Ireland, a student can gain employment in some of the top news agencies in the nation, which are as follows:

  • RTÉ News
  • Sky News
  • Oireachtas TV
  • BBC One Northern Ireland
  • Buzz TV
  • Irish Independent
  • Irish Daily Star
  • The Herald
  • Irish Times

Job Profiles and Salaries

Tabulated below are some of the top job titles for journalism and mass media graduates from Irish universities:

Job ProfilesAverage Annual Salary in Ireland
News Reporter €25,000 (INR 22.30 lakh)
Journalist€36,930 (INR 33 lakh)
Newspaper Editor €54,914 (INR 49 lakh)
TV News Channel Editor€97,456 (INR 87 lakh)
Communication Specialist€44,660 (INR 40 lakh)
PR Manager€43,570 (INR 39 lakh)
Writer€47,160 (INR 42 lakh)
TV News Reporter€51,732 (INR 46 lakh)

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Which colleges offer journalism in Ireland?

International students can pursue journalism courses in Ireland from Griffith College, University of Limerick, University College Dublin, and Technological University Dublin.

What is the scope of journalism in Ireland?

The scope of journalism in Ireland is broad, encompassing traditional and digital media, investigative reporting, political coverage, international reporting, sports journalism, and more. Journalists in Ireland have the opportunity to work in diverse roles, contribute to public discourse, and play a vital role in holding power to account and informing the public.

What is the salary of a journalist in Ireland?

The average annual salary of an entry-level journalist in Ireland is €32,000.

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