Cost of Living in Kuwait for International Students

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Kuwait, a beautiful Middle-Eastern country, is an excellent option for students considering studying abroad. Home to prestigious universities like Kuwait University and the American University of Kuwait, the country offers world-class education to its students. Further, it also boasts of vast deserts, ancient cultures, and most importantly friendly faces. Beyond its strong education system and neat traditions, Kuwait also has the sixth-largest oil reserves in the world, making it economically solid.  However, the country is believed to have a high cost of living, But is it really true? Well, let’s separate facts from fiction and spill the tea on what it costs to study and live in Kuwait.


Why Study in Kuwait?

Yes, there’s a lot that you can do with your camera when you visit the picturesque country of Kuwait. However, there’s more that the country offers. Studying an English-taught course in Kuwait can offer you the best of opportunities worldwide. That being said, let’s look at exactly how below:

Investment in Education: 

The government has been investing significantly into the country’s education space by taking continuous steps to improve infrastructure, and quality of faculty and boosting the overall standard of academics. If we go by numbers, a total of $7.36 billion budget was allocated towards education in the fiscal year 2022-2023.

Recognized universities: 

With so many investments being made, Kuwaiti education has gained recognition in the world. Kuwait University for instance has been ranked amongst the top universities according to QS World Ranking 2024 as well as Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Diverse environment:

The population of the country sits at around 4-5 million,  and as mentioned 70% of it is made up of expats. Thus, there are diverse cultures that one can witness in Kuwait making it a welcoming country for all.

Robust networking & job opportunities: 

The country’s robust economy translates into potential job opportunities for international students, particularly in engineering, finance, healthcare, and oil and gas.

Quick facts about Kuwait

Cost of living in Kuwait

Wait! Before you get fascinated by all the things that the country offers, it is important to break the real deal – which is knowing the cost of living in Kuwait, if you’re an international student. So let’s dive in!

Cost of living of a single person inclusive of rent532 KWD
Price of one-way ticket in a local transport0.30 KWD
Price of a meal at a decently priced restaurant2.50 KWD
Cost of basic utilities (including water, electricity, garbage etc.)16.07 KWD
Monthly rent for one bedroom apartment286.14 KWD

Let’s look at each category individually and see how costs can vary depending on various parameters.


The transportation costs in Kuwait are listed below:

One-way ticket in a local transport 0.30 KWD
The regular price of a monthly pass14.00 KWD
Normal taxi per km1.00 KWD
Gasoline (1 liter)0.10 KWD

Meal costs

The table below shows the average cost of food one has to bear in Kuwait:

Meals at a moderately priced restaurant2.50 KWD
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)2.20 KWD
Three-course meal for two20.00 KWD


Groceries cost as below in Kuwait:

1-liter milk0.49 KWD
Loaf of bread (500 gms)0.29 KWD
1 kg rice0.60 KWD
Fruits (kg)0.58 KWD

Accommodation costs

The housing costs in Kuwait are as follows:

1 bedroom apartment in City Centre286.14 KWD
1 bedroom apartment outside of Centre216.04 KWD
3 bedrooms apartment in City Centre554.17 KWD
3 bedrooms apartment outside the Centre411.40 KWD

Average tuition fees in Kuwait

The annual tuition fee in the country can range somewhere between 3,500 to 7,000 KWD depending on the university and the program that you opt for. The fees for UG and PG courses might also vary.

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Q1. Is traveling to Kuwait worth it?

Ans. One can experience rich ancient culture perfectly blending in with modernity in Kuwait. This makes it one of the most touristy destinations in the world.

Q2. What to study in Kuwait?

Ans. The country offers diverse study options, including programs in fields such as engineering, humanities, medicine, healthcare, and more. Whether you plan on pursuing your undergraduate or postgraduate degree, you can find a course to aligns with your preferences and overall career goals.

Q3. Is Kuwait safe to live in?

Ans. The country has meager crime rates and any person can explore it freely without any worry. However, as with every other country it is always suggested to explore with family or a friend.

So, this was all about the cost of living in Kuwait. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.  

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