What are the Requirements to Study in Ireland?

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Requirements to Study in Ireland

Many Indian students seeking to enrol in programmes in IT, computer science, digital marketing, finance, pharmaceuticals, etc. look to Ireland as a ray of hope. Ireland is inundated with Indian students due to its cheaper living and educational expenditures. Ireland’s robust business environment is an additional factor. Through this blog, we would be highlighting the requirements to study in Ireland. Keep reading to find out more.


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Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland is one of the most popular study abroad destinations with thousands of foreign students presently enrolled in a variety of courses. Irish universities are in the top 3% of educational institutions worldwide and are highly recognised. Interestingly, the number of Indian students heading towards Ireland has seen a steady increase in the past five years. According to the data provided by the Embassy of Ireland, 6,422 student visas were issued in 2022, as compared to 4.688 in 2019 and 3,519 in 2018.

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Ireland Intake Months

The following are the popular intake months in Ireland:

Category Month 
Autumn Intake September (semester 1)
Spring Intake January or February (semester 2)

Requirements to Study in Ireland

Depending on the university’s specific requirements, there are different prerequisites for studying in Ireland. The university usually wants students to provide documentation of their academic standing, proficiency in the English language, their acceptance into the desired programme, minimal level of financial support (at least €7,000) INR 6.32 Lakh, and other prerequisites. Let’s take a look at the specific requirements to study in Ireland. 

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Academic Requirements to Study in Ireland

  • International students who want to study in Ireland must obtain a qualifying exam score of at least 60%. 
  • To apply for an undergraduate course, you must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Students are required to complete a bachelor’s degree in the pertinent field if they are applying to a postgraduate programme in Ireland.

Ireland does not need entrance examinations like the GRE or GMAT for MS applications. The majority of Irish universities require 2.1 honours for admission. However, it also depends on the path you want to take. Although 2.1 honours is typically required for engineering and technical courses, there are some management courses that accept students with lower GPAs. You should, however, have professional experience related to your topic of study. Applicants with appropriate job experience can still enrol in courses in Ireland, despite the fact that most universities require students to have earned at least a 2.1 (65%) grade point average.

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Ireland is an English-speaking country, thus you must demonstrate your language proficiency to get admitted to a Masters’s programme. For the purpose of obtaining an Ireland student visa, an IELTS score is necessary. The majority of universities demand an IELTS score of at least 6.5. Universities also establish minimum scores for each band.

Moreover, Irish universities accept students with study gaps as well. However, students are required to submit a valid reason. The justification can also be added while writing SOP. You can include the reasons like employment, business venture or even a break for a vacation.

Student Visa Requirements to Study in Ireland

International students must apply for a study visa for Ireland; available visa types include:

  • C Study Visa: If you want to study in Ireland for fewer than three months, you must apply for a C study visa. People who want to take part in a training programme or course that lasts less than 90 days use this short-stay visa.
  • D Study Visa: If you join in a course that lasts more than three months, you must apply for the D study visa. The visa that international students typically choose is this one.

Ireland Student Visa Requirements 

Here are some necessary documents required for international students to study in Ireland.

  • Passport
  • A pair of passport-sized pictures
  • Letter confirming enrollment in college
  • Receipt showing that the registration and tuition payments have been paid
  • Evidence of having sufficient financial means
  • A document attesting to your English language skills, such as an IELTS or comparable test
  • A medical insurance policy having a minimum face value of EUR25,000 INR 22.60 Lakh
  • Additional specifications laid out by the university (if any).

Students should be aware that Ireland has a large number of universities, technical colleges, and medical schools to accommodate all academic interests. Students must read the institution’s official website as well as the course descriptions because each university has its unique admittance requirements.


Does Ireland offer a post-study work visa for Indian students?

Indian students who have successfully completed their MS or MBA in Ireland are eligible to extend their visa for 2 years under their third-level graduate program.

Can I study in Ireland with 50% marks?

The minimum academic score required for admission to Irish universities is 60%. However, students who have scored 50% marks can get admission to a Diploma or foundation course.

Is IELTS mandatory for getting admission to Irish universities?

IELTS (Academic) is required for admission and for obtaining a visa for studies. 

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