Requirements to Study in Ireland for Indian Students 2023

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Study in Ireland Requirements

Ireland is known for providing quality education to students. Some of its universities come among the top universities in the world. Irish universities are globally connected and attract several employment opportunities for students. Classes in these universities are taught in English. Moreover, students can access the stay-back-visas provided by the Irish government. To get into an Irish university a student has to meet several eligibility requirements. It includes meeting the English language proficiency requirement, and academic requirements, among others. Keep reading to know more about the study in Ireland requirements.


Why Study in Ireland?

Students can choose to study in Ireland for a variety of reasons.  Study in Ireland requirements are as follows:

  • Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world. In fact, Irish universities rank in the top 3%
  • Irish universities come in the top 1% of research universities in the world. International students can take part in research studies that are driving innovation.
  • Several MNCs are located in Ireland. Hence, career opportunities are plenty for deserving candidates. Ireland is especially good for financial services, food and agriculture, IT, engineering, and pharma sectors
  • The economy of Ireland is the 6th most competitive in the world. It is also the fastest growing in the Eurozone. Ireland is also filled with history and culture. For example, it has cathedrals, museums, and monuments that are popular for contributions to literature, film, arts, and music.

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Study in Ireland Requirements for International Students 

Their study in Ireland Requirements for International Students are as follows:

Academic Requirements 

The academic requirements to study in Ireland vary on the basis of the program the student wants to study. Meeting the academic requirements set by the university is one of the primary eligibility criteria for students. That is-

  • The academic requirements of the Bachelor’s program will be different from the Master’s requirements. A Bachelor’s student needs to score a minimum of 75% in the 12th exam to be eligible for universities in Ireland. 
  • To pursue a Master’s course a student needs to score more than 75% in their Masters. 
  • To pursue a doctoral program a student needs to acquire 60% in a Master’s program. Other than this, the ranking of the university and marks secured by the student in the core courses are taken into consideration.

English Proficiency Requirements  

One of the study requirements in Ireland is to meet the English proficiency criteria. Students can submit their IELTS/TOFEL score to the university. 

  • The minimum IELTS score required is 6.5 in most universities. 
  • The minimum TOEFL score required in universities in Ireland is 90. 
  • The student who has chosen PTE needs to score a minimum of 63 in the exam.

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Ireland  Student Visa

Ireland student visas are of two types, as mentioned below:

  • The first is the C study visa. It can be applied if the student wants to study in Ireland for less than 3 months. For example, a training course that takes 90 days or less. 
  • On the other hand, a D study visa can be applied by the student if he/she wants to study in Ireland for more than 3 months. International students usually apply for the D study visa as it is one of the study in Ireland requirements.

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Entrance Exam Requirement 

One of the study requirements in Ireland includes clearing the University Entrance exams. Below is the list of popular university entrance exams in Ireland.

Entrance ExamDescriptionMinimum Score Requirement
GMAT For students seeking admission to medical or veterinary science courses550 – 600
OET (Occupational English Test)To pursue health care courses C+ in writing test,  B grade in speaking sub test,  and B grade in listening and reading
HPA (Health Professions Admission Test)For admission into medical courses 728- 737
GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test)For students seeking admission to medicine or veterinary science courses61-64

Other Documents Required 

Certain other documents are required to be submitted by the student to study in Ireland. These are among the study in Ireland requirements.

Documents Required 
Medical insurance worth 25,000 Euros 
Letter of acceptance by the university
Submit proof of tuition fee and registration fee payment
Proof of sufficient balance in the bank account
A medical insurance worth 25,000 Euros 
Any other additional requirement listed by the university.

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1 Can an Indian student study in Ireland?

Yes. Indian students can study in Ireland. Ireland is an excellent destination for Indian students as it provides quality education from some of the best universities in the world.

2 Is IELTS compulsory to study in Ireland?

Yes. IELTS score is compulsory to study in Ireland. In fact, scoring the minimum requirement for IELTS is mandatory for studying abroad in any country. Students who don’t want to prepare for the IELTS exam can choose to give the TOEFL/PTE exam. These two exams are the alternative to the IELTS exam.

3 What are the eligibility criteria to study in Ireland?

The study in Ireland requirements includes meeting the academic requirements. That is, for B.A. student must have secured a minimum of 75% in 12th exams. For M.A. students must have secured a minimum of 60% in the Bachelor’s program.

Irish Universities are known for providing quality education, excellent infrastructure, and employment opportunities for students. The medium of instruction in Ireland is English. The study in Ireland requirements includes: meeting the English proficiency requirements, academic requirements, student visa, entrance exam, and other document requirements. To discover more articles like this one, visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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