Master of Science in Criminology: Requirements, Jobs, Scope

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MSC Criminology

Master of Science in Criminology (MSC Criminology) is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on the study of crime, criminal behavior, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, research, and academia. Graduates of MSc Criminology can pursue a variety of careers in law enforcement, research, academia, and the private sector, depending on their interests and qualifications. Here are some of the requirements, jobs, online courses, and scope associated with MSc Criminology.

Course Name MSc Criminology 
Course Type Degree 
Course Level Postgraduate 
Eligibility Graduation 
Job Prospects Criminologists, Researchers, Professors, Medical Investigator, Medical Counsellors 

What is a Master of Science in Criminology?

MSc Criminology is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on the scientific study of crime, its causes, consequences, and prevention. The program examines the criminal justice system and the various approaches to preventing and addressing crime. It covers topics such as criminological theory, research methods, victimology, policing, corrections, and criminal law.  The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for careers in law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, research, and academia. MSc Criminology programs are offered by many universities and colleges, and they typically require a bachelor’s degree in Criminology or a related field, along with other admission requirements. 

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Why Study Master of Science in Criminology?

There are several reasons why one might choose to study MSc Criminology. Here are some of the most common:

  • MSc Criminology prepares students for a wide range of careers in law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, research, and academia. Graduates can work as police officers, forensic analysts, criminologists, crime analysts, researchers, and professors, among other professions.
  • MSc Criminology provides students with a deep understanding of the causes of criminal behaviour and the factors that contribute to crime. This knowledge is valuable for anyone working in law enforcement, as well as for those who are interested in understanding why crime happens.
  • MSc Criminology offers a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system and its various components, such as policing, courts, and corrections. This knowledge is valuable for anyone who wants to work within or with the criminal justice system.
  • MSc Criminology programs teach students research methods, data analysis, and critical thinking skills. These skills are essential for anyone who wants to conduct research in criminology or work in a research-based profession.

Master of Science in Criminology Syllabus

The subject can be different for different universities, but here are the common subjects taught in Master of Science in  Criminology 

Criminal IntelligenceCrime Corruption 
Crime In India Global Terrorism 
Crime and Criminology Crime Prevention 
Crime against Women Criminal Law and Justice 
Research Methodology Master Thesis 

Top Universities for Master of Science in Criminology Abroad 

Here are the top Universities that offer MSc Criminology programs abroad are –

UniversitiesLocationQS World University Ranking of 2024
University of York UK167
University of Leeds UK75
Loughborough University UK212
University of Toronto Canada 21
University of South Florida United States 563
University of Kent UK336
University of surrey UK 244

Top Universities of Master of Science in Criminology in India 

Some of the universities in India offering Master of Science in Criminology 

  • University of Lucknow
  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University 
  • University of Madras 
  • Jharkhand Raksha Shakti University 
  • Institute of Forensic Science in Criminology Punjab 

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Skills required to pursue  

To pursue a Master of Science in Criminology the following skillset is required:

  • Sharp Observation
  • Analytical skills  
  • Communication skills 
  • Logical Reasoning 
  • Good Public speaking skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Detail Oriented  

Cost of Studying 

The cost of an MSc in Criminology will vary depending on the university to the universities. However, the average cost for this program in a different country is listed below

Country Average Tuition Fee per Annum In INR 
UK GBP 20,000-30,00015-30 Lakhs 
Canada CAD 20,000-30,00012-18 Lakhs 
USA USD 20,000-30,00016-24 Lakhs 

Admission Requirements 

Universities will have different admittance requirements, as was already mentioned. However, as previously stated, there is a common requirement for admission to an MSc in Criminology:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Criminology or a related field such as Sociology, Psychology, or Criminal Justice.
  • A minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 to 3.0, depending on the program.
  • Letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and resume.
  • Standardized tests like GRE, LSAT, or GMAT may also be required.

English Test Requirements 

Listed below are the minimum requirements of the English Proficiency Test for admission to the Master of Science in Criminology  

Test Score Range 
IELTS 6.5 overall
PTE 57 Above 
Duolingo110 Above 
TOEFL 91 Above 

How to Apply for Master of Science in Criminology? 

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  • Through our dependable AI Course Finder, choose your criminology course. 
  • Leverage Edu experts who will then begin the application process at the relevant university.
  • SOPs, essays, letters of recommendation, IELTS, TOEFL, and other materials are crucial components of your university application. As a result, you’ll need to collect and organise all the required paperwork.
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  • It is now necessary to wait for your offer letter

Documents Requirements 

The following set of materials is needed to apply to any of the universities mentioned above:

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Career Scope and Salary 

A master of Science Criminology degree opens various job opportunities in well-known companies. Here are the Criminology job positions with salaries after completion Master of science in criminology 

Job profile Average Salary 
Cyber Security Specialist 4-7LPA
Fraud Analyst 4-7LPA 
Criminologist 3-10 LPA 
Crime Analyst 4-10 LPA 
Criminology Professor 4-8 LAP 

Top Recruiters 

  • Private Detective Agencies 
  • NGOs
  • National Human Right Commission
  • State/ Central Police 
  • National Commission for Women 
  • Bureau of Police Research and Development 


What is the difference between Criminology and Criminal Justice?

Criminology focuses on the scientific study of crime, criminal behaviour, and its causes, while Criminal Justice focuses on the system of law enforcement, the courts, and corrections.

What are the admission requirements for an MSc Criminology program?

Admission requirements vary depending on the program and university, but generally, a bachelor’s degree in Criminology or a related field, a minimum GPA requirement, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and a resume are required.

What are the career options after completing an MSc in Criminology?

Graduates can work in a variety of fields, including law enforcement, research, academia, corrections, and the private sector. Some specific job titles include police officer, crime analyst, forensic analyst, criminologist, researcher, and professor.

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