How to Become a Site Engineer in India?

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Many people have this notion that Engineering is limited to fields like Software engineering, Mechanical engineering and Chemical engineering but it isn’t true as it is a vast discipline. One of the fields under this discipline is Site engineering. Like a civil engineer, a site engineer works throughout a construction project. They are deployed in construction projects like residential projects, commercial warehouses, bridges, highways etc. A site engineer’s work is to ensure a project’s security and safety, look after materials, and resolve issues of people who work on them.  

Are you also planning to kickstart a career in site engineering? Then, this blog will help you greatly! To know more about this interesting field, keep on reading further. 

Field name Site Engineering
QualificationBSc program in the engineering field
Organisations they work withProperty developers, engineering consulting firms, municipal, local, state and central government, railroad companies, manufacturing firms, public utilities, etc. 
Skills RequiredLeadership skills, problem-solving abilities, project management, integrity, negotiation abilities, communication and writing skills and tech-savvy
Average Salary INR 3 lakh

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Who is a Site Engineer?

A site Engineer is a working professional who looks after the technicalities of a construction project with the end goal of completing the project on time. They provide on-site managerial assistance to the workers. Travelling is a big part of a site engineer’s daily schedule as they have to work in their office as well as frequently visit the construction/project site. Site Engineers work in both the private and public sectors with stakeholders like state and central government, residential property developers, railway companies, engineering consulting firms etc. 

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What Does a Site Engineer do? 

The primary work of a site engineer is to supervise the entire construction work of a project while also ensuring its quality. They are involved from the time of design to the completion of the project. Their daily work entails visiting the project site, preparing the construction plans and meeting various stakeholders of the project. To summarise, site engineers are technically the managers of the construction site as they have crucial information about the project and have the responsibility to take quality-related decisions for the construction. A site engineer handles all this work alongside resolving the issues workers face. 

Hiring a site engineer for a project produces great ROI as they have proficiency in managing the project while judiciously using the resources, thereby, producing great outcomes as the project gets completed on time and the quality is also quite high. 

( YouTube source: Civil Engineers Training Institute )

How to Become a Site Engineer? 

  • Get a Bachelor of Science in engineering to begin your career as a site engineer. These four-year courses concentrate on math and science and use that knowledge in a variety of specialisations, including project management for structural, transportation, water resource, geotechnical, and environmental projects.
  • Get an entry-level job to begin your career as a site engineer. While mid- and senior-level positions sometimes need three years of work experience or more, each with steadily increasing degrees of responsibility, many organisations still count internships throughout your time in college as experience.

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Top Colleges 

In order to kickstart a career as a site engineer one needs to complete a BSc program in any engineering field as it focuses on maths and science. The table below represents some of the top colleges in India to pursue Engineering. 

College Name NIRF Rankings 2022Fees 
IIT Madras 1INR 10 lakh 
IIT Delhi 2INR 8 lakh 
IIT Bombay 3INR 8 lakh 
IIT Kanpur 4INR 8 lakh 
IIT Kharagpur 5INR 8 lakh 
IIT Roorkee6INR 8 lakh 
IIT Guwahati 7INR 8 lakh 
NIT Trichy 8INR 5 lakh 
IIT Hyderabad 9INR 8 lakh 
NITK Surathkal 10INR 5 lakh 

Skills Required

Following are the skills required by a site engineer:

  • Leadership: Because there are so many people involved in building projects, teamwork, organisation, and the capacity to delegate responsibilities are crucial for site engineers.
  • Integrity: A site engineer prioritises quality and safety above all else and always looks for ways to improve the building site.
  • Problem-solving: To meet deadlines, site engineers must plan ahead, consider potential underlying issues, and swiftly find effective solutions.
  • Project organisation and management: Time management and organising abilities help you meet deadlines and milestones while keeping track of materials, site security, and other crucial project components.
  • Being adept in negotiation: can minimise the expenses of materials, labour, and projects while maximising profit.

Salary of a Site Engineer

                                        Source- Ambitionbox

Based on 50.3k current wages (source-Ambitionbox), the average yearly compensation for site engineers in India with less than 1 year of experience to 8 years of experience ranges from 1.2 lakhs to 5.1 lakhs. Therefore, you can earn a lucrative salary as a site engineer once you gain experience. 

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1. What qualifications do I need to be a site engineer?

In order to become a Site engineer you will need to complete a degree in Engineering in one of the following fields – Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, building services, electrical or mechanical. 

2. Can I be a site engineer without a degree?

No, in order to become a site engineer you need to have completed a degree in BSc program in any engineering field.

3. What is the job scope of a site engineer?

The job profile of a site engineer includes tasks like supervising workers, adhering to quality standards, ensuring that the project gets completed on time, preparing construction plans, and overseeing the site regularly.  

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