Latest Jobs In Singapore For Indians in 2024

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Jobs In Singapore For Indians

Singapore is one of the most well-liked places for students to study abroad. Every student wants a booming economy and a competitive job market with plenty of options after they graduate from college. One of the main advantages of studying abroad is the possibility of earning more than you would in India. As we move forward, you must be thinking, how can one start their job hunt journey? The article will give a brief overview of the best jobs in Singapore for Indians, how to find the right job and many other aspects. 


How to Get A Job In Singapore From India?

Every job seeker must be aware of the minimum job qualification or job experience required for the post they are applying for. However, there are ample ways to go towards your job search in Singapore from India. A few of them are listed below for job seekers. 

Choose A Thriving Industry

You must look for a job according to your interests and educational qualifications. Find your potential work area and find a job accordingly. 

Apply For Jobs

You must start applying on various platforms such as Linkedin, indeed, job search etc. You can apply for multiple profiles as well.  

Know About Work Culture

The work area should be a peaceful and comfortable place to stay in.  This way you can provide your maximum output to the team. 

How to Get a Work Visa for Singapore from India?

Singapore has always been strict regarding employment law. So, you must have a job offer before you enter under a Singapore work visa. The employment passes you can benefit from are mentioned below.

  • Employment Pass: A person needs to earn SGD 4500 (INR 27.5k) to have the Employment Pass. 
  • S Pass: The S Pass is given to people who pass the evaluation tests conducted. You must earn at least SGD 2400 (INR 14.6k). 
  • Entre Pass (Investor Program): For people willing to set up a business in Singapore. 

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Benefits of Working in Singapore

The list pros and cons of working in Singapore are listed below for your reference. 

Pros Cons
In Singapore, you will be entitled to universal healthcare provided by the Government of the country. Living in Singapore is expensive. Make a financial and budget your stay accordingly. 
Thriving work opportunities for people from around the world. The country is small, book your accommodations beforehand. 
Safe country for international students. 
It is one of the cleanest cities on the continent. 

Before you decide on your stay in the country, make sure you read all the rules set by the government. Such as basic law related to Singapore and your job field as well. 


How to get a job in Singapore from India? 

There are various ways to start your job hunt for Singapore in India such as applying for a work visa, checking your work eligibility, finding a job, picking a thriving industry etc. 

Is it possible for Indians to get a job in Singapore easily? 

Yes, you can easily apply for various job posts in Singapore. This can be done online. Indians having an S pass can work in Singapore. If you are willing to apply for a pass, you must earn at least SGD 3000(INR 1.83 Lakhs) per month. The visa can be applied on behalf of you by an agent or the employer agent. 

What are the high-paying jobs in Singapore? 

Jobs such as Copywriter, Sales Executive, Digital Marketer, E-Commerce Specialist, Customer Service Representative etc. pay well in Singapore. 

We hope the information about your job search in Singapore will give a brief reference. It is a country with cultural diversity and provides tons of job opportunities for the youth. Singapore is one of the safest nations in the world. You must look at the ways mentioned above and follow the steps for a successful career ahead. 

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