Fully Funded Scholarships in Australia that Make Education for Indian Students Free!

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Studying in Australia offers a student a variety of things, such as quality education, World-class universities, revolutionary learning patterns, a pollution-free environment and free education! Yes, though it is not that the Australian universities charge no fees but there are a variety of fully funded scholarships that can make education exceptionally cost-effective in Australia. The scholarships to study in Australia are funded by the government, Corporations, Private Organisations and Universities. The awarding of the scholarships is also in diverse fields based on need, merit, specific to students or the course. Let’s explore this blog to learn about the fully funded scholarships in Australia that make education for Indian students free.


List of Fully-Funded Scholarships in Australia

Following is the list of fully-funded scholarships in Australia:

Scholarship Conducting Body 
Australian Awards Scholarship Australian Government 
Research and Training ProgramAustralian Government 
John Allwright Scholarship Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Endeavour Post Graduate Scholarship Australian Government 
Deakins Vice-Chancellors ScholarshipsDeakins University 
LaTrobe Vice Chancellors Scholarship LaTrobe University 
Monash International Leadership ProgramMonash University
Graduate Research ScholarshipsMelbourn University 
ANU University Research ScholarshipsAustralian National University
UTS Vice chancellor’s International Undergraduate Scholarship University of Technology Sydney

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Australian Awards Scholarship 

This is one of the most popular scholarships in Australia offered by the Government. To sustain quality overseas education for extraordinary students from developing countries the Government of Australia provides this meritorious Scholarship.

The duration of the scholarship overlaps the duration of studies and is sometimes exceeded. The duration of Foundation Courses is also included in the scholarship period. The Scholarship applications are open from 01 February 2023 and will be open till 01 May 2023. 

fully funded scholarships in australia


  1. The candidate must belong to the countries mentioned under the Australian Awards Scholarships Program. 
  2. For post-graduation scholarships, the candidate must be a recent graduate. 
  3. The candidate must have a minimum of 7.5 CGPA.
  4. IELTS Score must be 6.5 or higher. 
  5. The candidate must leave Australia for 2 years after completing the Scholarship. 


  1. 100% of Tuition fees are covered in the program. 
  2. The government covers airfares for the sides of the journey.
  3. The government provides the total cost of living.
  4. Overseas Students Health Care is also covered by the Australian Government. 
  5. Miscellaneous expenses are also covered in the Scholarship grant. 

Research and Training Program 

This scholarship covers research-based Postgraduate and Doctorate Programs. The scholarship offers tuition fee coverage for both national and international students for up to three years. The initiative is to promote innovation and research in countries. 

A thesis allowance is also covered under the scholarship program. There is no separate procedure to apply for the scholarship the candidate has to select the appropriate options in the university application form and they are automatically considered for the scholarship grant. 

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  1. A degree equivalent to an Australian First class Honours Degree.
  2. A good score on the English Proficiency test.
  3. Must be enrolled as a full-time student.
  4. Not enrolled in any other Commonwealth Grant. 


  1. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee.
  2. A monthly stipend is also offered to the students.
  3. It takes care of students’ Overseas Student Health Cover. 
  4. Any other costs incurred by the research program.

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John Allwright Scholarship 

This scholarship was introduced to promote research based on collaborative agriculture programs. The deadline for the scholarship is on 31 July every year. The scholarship is only available for students enrolled on certain specific subjects based on agricultural research. 

fully funded scholarships in australia


  1. The student must be a national of one of the ACIAR bilateral partner countries.
  2. Must possess a degree equivalent to the Australian education system. 
  3. Must be working as a scientist or economist in an ACIAR-approved project. 
  4. Must have the approval of the home government and employing institutions. 


  1. It covers complete tuition fees.
  2. Return airfare tickets.
  3. Part of the living expenses. 
  4. One-time establishment allowance. 

Endeavour Post Graduate Scholarship 

This is also an Australian Government-funded scholarship for Masters and PhD students in Australia. The duration of the scholarship is two years for a master’s Program and four years for PhD program. The scholarship is awarded based on merit to those who also have relevant experience in the respective fields. 


  1. The student must not be undertaking any Leadership Activity (Scholarship benefits) in their Native Countries.
  2. The candidates must be above the age of 18 at the time of commencement of the Scholarship program.
  3. The student must not be benefiting from any other Australian government fellowship, Grant or other educational benefits. 


  1. It covers the complete tuition fees.
  2. A travel allowance of ~ INR 1,70,000 is also provided. 
  3. Other expenses include a monthly stipend and establishment allowance. 
  4. Health and Travel insurance are also included in the benefits. 
fully funded scholarships in australia

Deakins Vice-Chancellors Scholarships

The Deakins University Provides the Deakins Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship and The Deakins Vice-Chancellor Meritorious 100% Scholarship to the students. This scholarship is offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

The Deakins Vice-Chancellor Meritorious 100% Scholarship award is given to Indian Students only. The university awards these scholarships based on the merit of the student. 


  1. 85% Marks in the qualifying examination. 
  2. For the scholarship specific to Indian students, 85% marks in the class 12th exam or 80% marks in an undergraduate degree are required.
  3. Applicable to only international students. 
  4. Compulsory participation in the Vice Chancellor Professional Excellence Program. 


  1. The complete tuition fee is taken care of.
  2. University accommodation is provided to students on a priority basis. 

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Cost of Studying in Australia

For students aiming to study abroad, Australia is the second-best destination for students from every category. Australia welcomed around 440,219 international students in 2022. This massive growth is attracting an economic shift and an influx of more students from diverse backgrounds. 

The cost of studying in Australia consists of 2 major components, the tuition fees and the cost of living in Australia. The average tuition fee for Australian students in different disciplines is given below. 

ProgramAverage annual fees in AUDAverage annual fees in INR
Undergraduate Program20,000 – 45,00011.5 L – 25.7 L
Postgraduate Program22,000 – 50,00012.6 L – 28.6 L
Doctoral Degree18,000 – 42,00010.3 L – 24.1 L
Vocational Studies4,000 – 22,0002.2 L – 12.6 L
English (Foundational) Courses300/week17.2 K /week

The cost of accommodation and other expenses depends on the area where a student decides to live in Australia. The other expenses will include the costs of groceries, utilities, transportation, entertainment and miscellaneous costs that approximately 420 AUD (~INR 24K) per week. The cost of accommodation may vary depending on the type of accommodation. 

Type of Accommodation Rent per week in AUDRent per week in INR
Guesthouse or Student Hostel 90 – 1505K – 8.5K
Homestay 235 – 32513.4K – 18.6K
Campus Accommodation110 – 2806.3K – 16K
Boardings920 – 1,80052K – 1L 
Rentals185 – 44010K – 25K 
Shared Rentals95 – 2155.4K – 12.3K


How to get a full scholarship in Australia?

To get a scholarship in Australia one must apply with the organising body by submitting a direct application along with all the required documents. The student also needs to prove their eligibility for the scholarship by providing certificates of merit. 

What are the benefits of a fully funded scholarship in Australia?

 A fully funded scholarship in Australia will offer different benefits based on the organisation offering it. The benefits cover the complete tuition fee the rest of the features are variable. It might include a monthly allowance, living expenses, Airfare for the return journey, cost of books and stationary, and costs incurred in research. 

Does Australia provide scholarships for undergraduate programmes?

Yes, some Australian scholarships are also provided for undergraduate programmes. The John Allwright Scholarship, Deakins Scholarship, Monash and Melbourne Scholarships also cover the Undergraduate programs. 

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