How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Australia?

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Accommodation in Australia

Australia can be considered one of the most chosen study-abroad destinations in the world! Students who have secured admission to an Australian university have a huge opportunity laying in front of them to explore many different cultures while obtaining world-class education. After getting admitted, the student will not only have to worry about student visas and reaching the destination, but they will also have to think about accommodation in the country. For this, we have written a blog on how to find cheap accommodation in Australia that can help you guide you through the process.

Why Study in Australia?

There are many reasons why you should pursue an education in Australia, but one of the biggest reasons is that the country is a hub of high-ranking educational institutes and universities. Moreover, an Australian qualification can make you very attractive to potential employers. Apart from that, many Australian courses also provide work experience programs and internships which can give you hands-on industry experience and hence grow your professional network even while you study.

How to Find Accommodation in Australia?

Once you have received the offer letter from your university as well as the visa, the next step will be to find accommodation. For this, you will first need to understand your needs or what is important to you, like, if you want to stay near your campus or if you want to live with roommates or housemates, etc. You can search for accommodation on different websites. You can also contact your university to find out details about accommodations nearby. Many students also find accommodations or rental apartments on sharing basis from Facebook discussion pages. 

How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Australia?

It may not be that easy to find cheap accommodation in Australia. However, a little determination and a focused search can help you hit the jackpot! Here are some types of properties you can look for in order to find cheap accommodation in Australia. 

On-Campus Accommodation

In case you are interested in a convenient location that is near campus, you can always try to search for on-campus accommodations at your university.  Nearly all colleges and universities offer halls of residence that mainly cater to international students. Students who opt for on-campus accommodations are provided with a wide range of services that include daily meals, cleaning, and laundry facilities. The rooms are also fully-furnished. 

Apart from this, the on-campus option is ideal in case you are keen on meeting fellow coursemates and individuals from all over the world that live right across the hall. On-campus student accommodations sometimes also provide cheap residential halls on a 3-4-5 sharing basis. For this, the students will have to contact their respective universities. 

Off-Campus Accommodation

This is a common option that many students select as it can provide you with more options as well as freedom. To begin, the student can get in touch with their university’s student services. They can assist the students by suggesting housing agencies. Apart from this, you can also do some research by yourself. Some sites that you might want to start with include: Student Housing Australia, Gumtree and Flatmates. Facebook also has discussion pages for housing rentals that you can use according to the location you want to live in. 

Students can search for a place to stay according to their own budget in off-campus accommodation. Hence it is easier to manage expenses in this kind of housing. 

Homestay with Aussie Families

The process of residing in a homestay involves an international student that lives with an Australian family in their household for the entire duration of their degree. The students pay their hosts for accommodation as well as food expenses. However, this kind of accommodation may be considered cheap accommodation in Australia considering the fact that the students get a comfortable and homely stay at not such a big price!

Residing as a Nanny in Return for Accommodation

One more way that can not only help you find cheap accommodation but may also be able to earn money! In case you have experience in child-care services, working as an au pair (also known as a nanny) can be a great choice for you. There are many families in Australia that look for childcare services in return for food and accommodation. Such an arrangement may work out for you if the working hours do not coincide with your class schedule. This may be a little hard to manage with university studies, but you could also potentially be getting free rent out of the deal. 

Best Sites to Find Cheap Accommodation in Australia

In case you want to find cheap accommodation in Australia, you will have to start your search well in advance. There are many sites that you can find online to start your search right away. You can look for private rentals across Australia using websites like Gumtree, Domain, or You can also search for accommodation with roommates on websites like Flatmate Finders or Moreover, you can also check out Facebook groups that are dedicated to a university-specific community and where students often post about rooms on rent.

Homestays can usually be arranged by an education agent in Australia. However, there is a range of organisations that can provide you with more information. For example, Australia Home Stay Network, and Study Vision.

Cheap Cities to Live in Australia

The following cities have the lowest cost of living and hence they can be seen as the cheapest cities to reside in Australia!

Cities AUS Dollars INR
Gold coast  $20,600  ₹11,14,797
Adelaide  $24,500  ₹13,25,850
Canberra $22,400  ₹12,12,206
Melbourne  $24,500  ₹13,25,850
Brisbane  $25,600  ₹13,85,378
Perth $25,700 ₹13,90,790

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What is the cheapest form of accommodation?

Hostels can be seen as the cheapest and most accessible accommodation if you want to be on a budget.

How much is the rent in Australia for international students?

The following are the average prices for common accommodations: Homestay: 450 – 1,200 AUD/month or INR 24,361-64,963/month. For the student halls of residence, the prices range between 440 – 1,100 AUD/month or INR 23,820- INR 59,550. Apart from this, renting an apartment may cost you around 750 – 1,700 AUD/month or INR 40602- INR 92031.

Which city is affordable in Australia for international students?

The city of Perth, Western Australia can be seen as the most affordable city in Australia. Cheap accommodation options and an efficient transportation system has made Perth the number one option for international students.

You should definitely think about studying in Australia if you wish to have a bright future ahead. This article provides you with a complete procedure and details on how to find cheap accommodation in Australia. However, choosing the right course, university and country that runs parallel to your interests are very important. For this, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to take the assistance of an AI-based tool at Leverage Edu that gives you personalized suggestions based on your skills, qualifications and interests.

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