A Detailed Guide to Electrician Salary in New Zealand 2024

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Electrician Salary in New Zealand

Electrician Salary in New Zealand 2024: In New Zealand, electricians are among the most in-demand professionals. In terms of pay and lifestyle, it’s an excellent place to work as an electrician. Since trade was the lifeblood of this nation, many people could support themselves well without going to college. An electrician is a necessary worker in every industry, including the business world. Thus, when working in New Zealand, competent electricians can anticipate a high salary and additional advantages. The Electrician Salary in New Zealand 2024 is explained in this post. How much they make depends on their expertise and the various New Zealand cities that they work in. 


Average Salary of an Electrician in New Zealand 

One of the most important and in-demand professions in all of New Zealand is the electrician. A person with the necessary qualifications and experience in the profession may earn an average income of NZ$58,072 to NZ$95,000 per year.

However, pay varies depending on a number of criteria, including geography, experience, talents, and certifications. In New Zealand, the average hourly rate for an electrician is NZ$34.13. Electrical contractors in New Zealand make, as of May 2024, NZ$1,063 per week and NZ$4,112 per month in salary.

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Electrician Salary in New Zealand by Experience

In 2024, the median yearly pay for electricians in New Zealand was $57,657; however, this figure might differ greatly according to experience level.

  • Early career electricians: Those who have less than five years of experience are considered early career electricians, and their pay normally ranges from $40,000 to $50,000 per year. 
  • Mid-career electricians: As an electrician acquires more expertise, usually in the five to ten-year range, their pay can rise significantly and frequently approach sixty thousand to seventy thousand dollars.
  • Experienced and master electricians: Those with master electrician certificates or more than 10 years of experience can earn salaries in the $70,000–$80,000 range, if not more. 
Electrician Salary in New Zealand

Electrician Similar Job Positions in New Zealand 

Here is a list of some Electrician similar jobs positions that you can also explore in New Zealand: 

Job Profile Average Salary 
ElectricianNZ$76,050 per year 
MechanicNZ$68,250 per year 
Service TechnicianNZ$66,648 per year 
WelderNZ$61,425 per year 
Electrical ContractorsNZ$34.60 per hour 
Industrial ElectricianNZ$33.10 per hour 
Apprentice ElectricianNZ$16.10 per hour 

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Highest Paying Cities for Electricians in New Zealand

Here is a list of some highest paying cities for Electrician in New Zealand, in this below given table you can check city wise Electrician Salary in New Zealand

Cities Average Salary 
DunedinNZ$34.65 per hour
Auckland CityNZ$34.27 per hour
Wellington CityNZ$34.15 per hour
Manukau CityNZ$33.31 per hour
HamiltonNZ$30.95 per hour
Electrician Salary in New Zealand

Highest Paying Companies for an Electrician in New Zealand 

Here is a list of some of the highest-paying companies that pay a good salary for an electrician in New Zealand:

Companies Average Salary 
FonterraNZ$93,000 – NZ$109,000 per year 
NZ Defence ForceNZ$68,000 – NZ$82,000 per year 
SelfEmployed.comNZ$45,000 – NZ$53,000 per year 
Inghams EnterprisesNZ$74,000 – NZ$86,000 per year 
Cushman & WakefieldNZ$123,000 – NZ$145,000 per year 
SelfMadeNZ$69,000 – NZ$80,000 per year 
TeslaNZ$79,000 – NZ$92,000 per year 
CCEP NZ$119,000 – NZ$140,00  per year 
Tegal NZ$101,000 – NZ$119,000 per year 
Caldwell Levesque NZ$95,000 – NZ$112,000 per year 
PCI Electrical NZ$100,000 – NZ$120,000 per year 
Beijer Ref NZ$85,000 – NZ$95,000 per year 

Requirements to Work as an Electrician in New Zealand

The first thing you should think about is the necessary visa for New Zealand employment as an electrician. Since electricians are listed as having a long-term need for skills in New Zealand, obtaining a visa is quite easy.

The five steps of registration are as follows for applicants who are foreign or from abroad:

  1. Evaluation (registration application)
  2. Accept or reject approval with restrictions
  3. Obtain a Limited Certificate (Certificate of Training).
  4. Apply to finish the registration process. Apply for a practising license (based in New Zealand) and registration.
  5. Apply to finish the registration process. Apply for a practising license (based in New Zealand) and registration.

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How much do electricians get paid in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the typical yearly compensation for an electrician position falls between NZ$85,000 and NZ$100,000.

Are electricians in demand in New Zealand?

The long-term skill shortage list maintained by Immigration New Zealand includes electricians. This indicates that the government is aggressively promoting the employment of qualified foreign electricians in New Zealand.

What is the highest salary for an electrician?

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