A Complete Guide to China Student Visa Application

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china student visa application

The exceptional standards of education in China attract a lot of school and College students worldwide. The Country provides the students with a lot of good educational institutes and thus welcomes a good number of students every year. All the students moving into any country need a Visa as the first and foremost step to be allowed to study in that country. Student Visa in China is known as X Visa. This blog contains all you need to know about X Visa.


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Types Of Student Visa In China 

Student visas in China are basically of 2 types depending on the duration of stay based on academic Courses duration pursued in the country, namely Visa X1 and Visa X2.

china student visa application

Visa X1

Visa X1 is applied in case of students pursuing courses that have a duration of more than 6 months. X1 Visa permits a student to reside in the country and get access to residential benefits like traveling across or In and out of the country freely for up to 5 years, but the validity of visa is for just 30 days within which the student has to apply for a resident permit through the school for 5 years permit. Students opted for bachelor’s or master’s programs need to apply for an X1 Visa. 

Visa X2

Visa X2 is applied in case of students opting for short-duration programs that end within the duration of 180 days. The visa can be renewed or extended with a month’s prior notice. It is a single-entry visa and once you have exited the country within the period of 120 days you will not be able to enter again. X2 Visa can not be converted to an X1 Visa neither can it be permitted for residential status attainment.  

Requirements For The China Student Visa Application

china student visa application

To apply for a Visa a list of documents is compulsorily required, which are as follows:

  • A Passport, with a validity of a minimum of 6 months from the application date.
  • Admission notice or a formal admission letter from the university where you are selected with the university seal.
  • Introduction letter provided by the international student’s office.
  • Recently taken Passport size photograph.
  • Visa application form JW201 or JW202. Form JW201 has to be filled by students who have received a scholarship from the Chinese Government whereas form JW202 has to be utilized by students self-funding their application. The forms are provided by the State Education Ministry of China.
  • A completed temporary accommodation registration form.
  • An itinerary with the dates of departure and arrival in the country convincing enough to show and make the visa provider believe that you would return to your native country.
  • Medical examination record provided by Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center for X1 Visa applicants.
  • Bank statement for students with JW202 application.

Requirements For Students Applying For Extension In Residence Permit

The students who are already studying in China and need an extension on their residing period need to have the following documents:

  • A passport with a minimum of six months of validity.
  • A recently captured passport-sized photograph.
  • A temporary accommodation registration form.
  • An introduction letter was issued by the international student office.

Procedure To Be Followed For China Student Visa Application

china student visa application

Finalize and get accepted by the university

Apply for the desired universities, and follow the admission procedures i.e. complete interviews, tests or any other entrance requirements. Once you are selected by the university, you will receive an admission letter which is the basic milestone to move ahead with the visa process.

Receive and complete JW201 or JW202

Once you are shortlisted the university will send you JW201 or JW202 form along with the admission letter based on the scholarship if any. Fill out the form with the correct details and move to the next steps.

Apply for a visa at the Chinese visa service center

Once the forms have been filled and all the required documents have been gathered at the reach of hand go to the visa service center and apply for the visa by submission of all the documents and giving the interview if required.

Approval of visa

After the application has been submitted and the fee of application has been paid the revert after processing of visa should come in four to five working days.

Medical Check-up

If you are traveling through an X1 visa then it is necessary to get a medical examination done. Once the medical exam is approved you are free to travel to China to your dream university.

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Residential permit 

The process does not only stop till landing in China. The visa is only valid for 30 days, so you must get a presidential permit from the Public Security Bureau and get 5-year access to hassle-free In and Out traveling and residential permits in the country.  

Cost Of China Student Visa Application

The student visa to China has different fee amounts for students of different countries, following are the fee amount details:

Country Fees in Yuan
India 341.58 
United States 1006.69 
United Kingdom860
Canada 558
Brazil 1015 
Australia 508 
Schengen Citizens 433 
Other Countries238.41 

There is an additional fee to be paid for faster processing or approval of a visa if there is a need for faster visa processing. 

Working Restrictions On Student Visa

china student visa application

The students with X1 work freely in China on a part-time or remote basis but under a few conditions, that is:

  • Should not work more than 8 hours a week and 40 hours a month.
  • Should not have any criminal record.
  • Should be a student with a minimum of one year completed in a university or school in China.
  • Should meet the attendance requirements of the university 
  • Should have a residential permit.
  • Should be an adult and physically fit.

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Can a student with an X2 visa get a residential permit?

No, a student with an X2 visa can not get a residential permit in China.

Can an X2 Visa be renewed or extended?

Yes, the X2 visa can be granted an extension but the notice has to be sent a month before the expiry of the visa.

What is the validity of a Residential permit?

Government-funded students just need to apply for a permit once which is valid for 5 years whereas self-funded students need to get a new permit every year because the permit is valid for one year.

What happens if a student leaves the country quitting education between the course duration?

The student needs to inform and get the permit cancelled at the Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration Bureau before leaving the country, otherwise, there can be legal actions against the student.

This was all about the China Student Visa Application. A lot of students might have questions regarding other similar student requirements, to get information on such topics kindly follow Visa Applications, and to get knowledge about other study abroad topics, kindly follow Leverage Edu.

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