The Ultimate Guide To Ireland Student Visa Success Rate in 2024-2025

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ireland visa success rate

Ireland is one of the top 10  study destinations. Its esteemed educational institution and lively cultural ambience attract students from overseas.it is necessary to acquire a student visa if anyone from overseas wants to study in Ireland but there is an exception for students coming from countries in Europe or from the UK. In this blog, we will discuss the Ireland Student Visa Success Rate and other aspects related to the Irish Student Visa and in which category of visa you will fall depending upon the duration of your chosen course.


What is an Ireland Student Visa?

The Ireland Student Visa is a type of visa which is acquired by students who aspire to study in Ireland. This is a legal requirement for everyone and is a must to fulfil but there is an exception which is only for students or we say citizens who are from the UK or any European country. There are two conditions under which you have to apply for the Ireland Student Visa: first, the applicant is from a country whose nationals are subject to an Ireland Visa and second your course must last for 90 days.

ireland visa success rate

Comparison Between Ireland Student Visa Success Rate and Rejection Rate

The Ireland Student Visa Success Rate is more than 96 per cent and the rejection rate ranges between 1 to 4 per cent. Confirmation of admission to an Ireland university or educational institution increases the chance of getting an Irish student Visa. The two important aspects of the Ireland Student Visa are the absence of a criminal record and keeping all the documents ready.

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How To Improve Ireland’s Student Visa Success Rate

To improve the Ireland student visa there are many common errors on which you can work to increase your chances and all these important points are defined below-

Propper Financial Proof

You must prove that you have sufficient financial funds in your account and you can bear all your expenses in Ireland. Not maintaining sufficient funds is one of the major reasons why a visa gets rejected.

Clear Study Plans

You must have a clear vision of why and for what purpose you have chosen the subject or stream to study and you must be able to answer your purpose of study in Ireland clearly to the interviewer also so your chances of getting your student visa will be increased.

Complete Documents

It is advised that if you are going to apply for the Ireland Student Visa then you should collect or gather all your documents at a place and cross-check the documents before going to apply because providing insufficient documents can cause the rejection of your visa.

Visa History

It is possible that past visa history can influence your current visa success and to avoid this discrepancy it is a must to provide a clear declaration of your previous visa discrepancy.

Health And Character Requirements

It is essential that a candidate must hold a good character certificate and with this one must also have to show the character certificate which must depict that the applicant is fit and fine to travel. This ensures immigration officials that the person who is travelling to Ireland is not a threat to the country to spread any sort of disease.

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How To Reapply For The Irish Student Visa After The Rejection

After the rejection, if you want to reapply for the Irish Student Visa then the students have the right to apply for the visa within 2 months just after receiving the visa rejection letter and that letter must contain some sort of information as mentioned below-

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Postal Address of the applicant
  • Email Address of the applicant
  • Passport details of the applicant
  • Transaction number of the visa application
  • The reason why you believe the decision should be changed
  • Applicants have to mention the reason why the previous visa was refused
  • One can give any other information also if you think it is relevant
  • According to the INS, the age of the applicant must be over 18 years to submit the appeal and if the applicant is below 18 then he can appeal via parents or guardians.
ireland visa success rate

Documents Must Have To Improve Irish Student Visa Success Rate

To improve your Irish Student Visa Success Rate one must have the following documents mentioned below-

  • Applicant’s current and previous  passport copy will be required
  • English proficiency test scores of IELTS, TOEFL etc
  • Applicant’s credentials and academic record of confirmation of admission from the University.
  •  A letter of acceptance from the university will be required
  • Proof of the fee paid for the program, in proof one can provide a transaction statement
  • Applicant has to give proof of financial stability that he/she can bear the expense in Ireland
  • Applicant must have done a medical Insurance
  • Two recent photos of the applicant
  • Copy of mark sheet results of the applicant
  • Copy of all academic transcripts will be required
  • Applicant must provide evidence for the gap in the educational history
  • One must give a declaration for any previous visa refusals

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Cost Of Ireland Student Visa

The cost of an Ireland Student Visa which is non-refundable is as follows-

Type Of VisaFeesType Of Visa
Single Journey Visa60 EUR
Multiple Journey Visa100 EUR


Does Ireland visa require IELTS?

The answer is yes, if anyone desires to study in Ireland then it is necessary to clear IELTS or TOEFL and provide your English proficiency scorecard to the immigration office as proof.

 Is there an interview for a student visa for Ireland?

No, Ireland does not require an interview for a student visa and if it is required to take an interview for some sort of clearance or for additional information in that case you will be informed by the immigration officer.

How much bank balance is required for a student visa for Ireland?

7000 Dollars is the amount which you have to show as your financial balance to support yourself while staying in Ireland and it is necessary to provide proof that you maintain the required amount in your account.

Is it hard to get an Ireland student visa?

Applying for an Ireland visa is the lengthiest process. It is not that hard to get it; one just has to do things consciously and fill up all the correct and necessary details with all the required documents.

Here we end our article which was about the Ireland Student Visa Success Rate. To know more about visas abroad you can follow Leverage Edu’s page.

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