Study Abroad: China Visa Offices Flooded with Student Applications Following Border Opening

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Chinese Embassy is flooded with applications. Student visas are in priority and Indian students are moving at a rapid rate to the country.

Even when China removed rigorous zero-Covid rules, many foreigners including students with study abroad programmes still have trouble getting visas to enter the country. Chinese citizens living abroad who want to visit sick relatives in China are also facing long wait times.


Meanwhile, Students are preparing to study abroad in China after three years of breaks in international academic exchange programmes. The president of China Xi Jinping’s remarks follows his government’s unexpected removal of the stringent “zero-COVID” safeguards that had substantially protected China’s 1.

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How Students are Dealing with Border Opening?

After three years of zero-Covid regulations, China has, at least theoretically, opened its doors to the rest of the world. In reality, many tourists who are eager or frantic to visit the nation are battling to get their hands on the key that would get them in. 

Many visa offices are completely closed, leaving potential tourists to navigate an online application process that travel agents claim is prone to crashes. Students are requested to apply online as soon as possible. The Chinese Embassy will take student visa applications on priority. 

Despite many hurdles, the students from India are determined and are all set to go back to China and complete their studies. Students as soon as the country was opened, applied for the student visa and got themselves ready. Recently India issued a comprehensive advisory for aspiring students who wish to study medicine in China, making them aware of the pitfalls, including low pass percentage, mandatory learning of the official spoken language i.e. Putonghua and challenging norms to qualify to practice in India.

Students who are planning to enrol in any university in China must ensure the following:

  • The university is on the list of 45 universities
  • Duration of the course
  • Curriculum being offered
  • Language of instructions
  • Mode of education (online or offline)
  • Fee structure 
  • Visa requirements 

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