Study Abroad: Chinese Embassy to increase no of applicants in both academics and business

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Study Abroad Chinese Embassy to increase no of applicants in both academics and business
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The Chinese embassy in India will make the best possible visa arrangements for visitors to China as study abroad aspirants continue to grow.

As COVID management downgraded from Class A to Class B, China’s borders are now open for study abroad aspirants and other travelers in the country. The Chinese Embassy in India also announced that, starting on Sunday, it will improve the visa process for study abroad aspirants and other foreigners traveling to China. In addition, it is anticipated that in 2023, the number of Indian study abroad aspirants applying for visas to China will rise significantly, as will the number of people entering China on visas for business, tourism, and family visits. 


The National Immigration Administration of China recently released a notice on improving immigration administration policies and procedures beginning on January 8. This notice included the resumed acceptance and approval of Chinese citizens’ applications for regular passports for travel and visiting friends abroad.

The embassy began services for 10 types of ordinary visa in late August 2022, including long-term study, business, work, family visits, personal visits, and talent introduction, according to the embassy. This will help to facilitate personal interactions between China and India.

In order to meet the demand of people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between China and India across numerous industries, the embassy will further improve visa arrangements and offer greater convenience for study abroad aspirants traveling to China. 

To make it easier for Indians traveling to China, the Chinese Visa Service Center (New Delhi) will now accept visa applications from Monday through Friday. However, requests for visas to China for tourism, medical care, and other purposes are still not being processed.

There were 23,000 Indian students studying in China, most of them are enrolled in medical schools but were unable to return home because of the pandemic. They were unable to go to China for training, and this had an impact on their ability to complete their education, graduate, or find a job. 

In keeping with the mutual interests of both parties, the resumed direct flights will aid in further facilitating personnel exchanges and collaboration between China and India in a variety of industries.

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