Check out these US Universities Application Deadlines for 2023-2024

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Deciding to study in The US is the first step in the preparation of getting it done. The process is deadline oriented and lengthy in nature. Here we have covered some essential US University Applications Deadlines for 2023 that you cannot miss. From deciding your enrollment season to submitting Documents, rolling out offer letters, timings to fulfil the conditions if any, getting the LoAs, Applying for Visas and finally landing on your accommodation before you start missing your classes can be stressful. It is better to plan early and mark your calendar for these US Universities’ application deadlines. 

US Universities Application Deadlines: Types of Intakes

Admission to US Universities is a popular dream due to its quality education and dynamic curriculum. It is important to know that US University deadlines are way different from that in India and some other countries. 

US universities have 3 Intakes: the Fall Intake, Spring Intake and Summer Intake.

Fall Intake

  1. Available in all universities and courses.
  2. Major Intake for local and International students.
  3. More scholarships and waivers are available in the Fall intake.
  4. Deadline range for fall intake: Late November to Early April

Spring Intake

  1. Available in most universities and courses
  2. The lesser concentration of International students.
  3. Decreased scholarship options.
  4. Deadline range for spring intake: Mid October to Early January

Summer Intake

  1. Very few universities and courses offer admissions in the Summer season.
  2. Summer Intake is a minor intake season.
  3. Almost no scholarship options are available.
  4. Deadline range for Summer Intake: May to August

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National University Rankings: Top 10 US Universities Deadlines for (Major)Fall Intake

University  Application Deadline(2023/2024 Batch) Offer Letter
1. Princeton University 03 January 2023 Early April
2. MIT 15 March 2023 Early May
3. Harvard university 01 January 2023 End of March
4. Stanford University 01 November 2023 Early April
5. Yale University 02 January 2023 Early April
6. University of Chicago 01 February 2023 Late March
7. John Hopkins University 18 January 2023 Mid March 
8. University of Pennsylvania 05 January 2023 Early April
9. California Institute of Technology 01 November 2023 Mid-December
10. Duke University 03 January 2023 March/Early April

*The range of deadlines is based on course-wise deadlines in the university

Types of US Universities Application Deadlines

In most US universities there are 4 different types of application deadlines for each intake type. These different deadlines are as follows. However, these US Universities Application Deadlines are mostly considered for the fall Intake, as admissions in other intakes are not preferred.  

Early Decision Deadlines (EDD)

Early Decision deadlines are open for those who want to apply to a university before the University opens for regular admissions. Applying under Early Decision, however, binds a student to accept admission if selected.

Major US Universities offering Early decision Deadlines:

Early Action Deadlines (EAD)

These deadlines are also open before regular application but the admission is not binding and the student is given a time frame to decide his/her acceptance or rejection after which the remaining seats are open for regular admissions. 

Major US Universities offering early action deadlines:

Regular Decision deadlines (RDD)

Regular Decision deadlines are the normal admission deadlines for any intake at the time of major admission. Most of the Regular Decision deadlines in the US Universities fall between January 1 to January 15. These application deadlines are available in all US universities in every Intake they offer. 

Rolling Admission Deadlines (RAD)

There are no set application deadlines for rolling admissions. The universities offering rolling applications offer admissions throughout the year with an internal deadline window based on the seats being filled for the upcoming set of classes. They keep accepting applications as they roll in. 

Major US Universities offer rolling application deadlines.  

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EAD, EDD, RDD, and RAD application deadlines for Major universities

University EAD EDD RDD
Stanford University 01 November  05 January 
MIT  01 November  01 January 
Harvard University 01 November  01 January 
Duke University 01 November  03 January 
Princeton University 01 November  01 January 
University of California  30 November 
University of Chicago 01 November 01 November to 04 January  04 January 
University of Notre Dame 01 November 01 January 
University of Pennsylvania  01 November 05 January 
Boston University 01 November / 01 January  03 January

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Is acceptance under a regular decision deadline binding?

No, under the regular decision deadline, the University issues an offer letter to selected students in 8-10 weeks which a student can accept or reject under a certain window. 

What is the 2023 application deadline for Harvard University?

The Harvard University application deadline for 2023 admission is 01 January 2023, the early application deadline was 01 November 2022. 

Can I apply to US Universities if I have missed the deadline?

Yes, If you have missed the early application deadline then you can apply for a regular decision deadline. If you have missed the regular decision deadline then you can either apply in Rolling applications or Summer or Spring Intakes offered by some universities. 

What are the average US Universities application deadlines for fall and spring intake?

The average US Universities application deadline for fall and spring intake is between Early November to Mid February.

In the 2021-2022 batch the number of students enrolled in US Universities was 20.2 million. With such an open culture and open academic environment, one would not want to miss out on the application deadlines and keep updated about every important date in the process of admissions. Subscribe to Leverage Edu to always be updated with such information or contact 1800 57 2000 and book a 30-minute free counselling session with our experts.

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