Top Notch Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai For 2024

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highest paying jobs in dubai

Dubai is known for its wealth, luxury shopping, modern architecture and its nightlife which is unbelievably fun for tourists. For individuals who are looking to get a boost in their career growth, Dubai is the best option for them. Having a Dubai work visa is like you have opened a door of various opportunities for yourself and are going to enter the dynamic workforce in one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. In this article, we will dive into all aspects like the highest paying jobs in Dubai, Dubai work visa, How to get jobs in Dubai etc.


Benefits Of Working In Dubai

There are many benefits of working in Dubai-

  • Transport Allowance- many employers provide employees with travel allowances as a part of their salary package as an additional incentive.
  • Housing Allowance-As a transport allowance housing allowances are another popular incentive regularly offered to reduce the cost of living.
  • School Fees Subsidies- Many companies in Dubai provide education subsidies to those whom they recruit for senior positions for their children.
  • Leaves-In Dubai an employee is entitled to paid annual, sick and maternity leave.
  • Gratuity- all other country employees working there in Dubai for at least 12 months are entitled to end-of-service gratuity. provided as a one-off payment at the end of their employment, it is based on the employee’s basic salary and increase in value for each year.

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List Of Rules To Work In Dubai.

Working in Dubai is like a dream which can uplift your career and open up opportunities like no other but there are some rules to working in Dubai-

  • Candidate must be 18 years old.
  • Valid license from the company which is hiring you.
  • The nature of the company  which is hiring you must correspond with the work  you do
  • The company must not have any violations.

List Of Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai

While exploring jobs we also search for a good pay scale and Dubai pays you well with the best work-life balance. Let’s have a glance at the top high-paying jobs in Dubai given below with salary ranges-

Job Title Salary
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)300 AED – 1500 AED
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)250 AED – 700 AED 
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)200 AED – 500 AED
Creative Director100 AED – 300 AED
Neurologist250 AED – 500 AED
Retail Buyer/ Merchandiser50 AED – 120 AED
Public Relations Managing Director200 AED – 500 AED
Senior Bank Director250 AED – 700 AED
Bank Manager100 AED – 250 AED
Mechanical Engineer50 AED – 150 AED

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How To Get Jobs In Dubai

Are you looking for a job in Dubai? Here is a guide for yourself to get a job in Dubai –

  • Get your work visa -which will be in the work visa category if you are going for a job.
  • Get Your Health Card and work permit work permit is acquired by candidates to work in UAE and (DHA) the Dubai Health Authority mandates to have a health card to maintain high standards of public health and workplace safety.
  • Know your job market where or in which field you have to work.
  • Check out for bid companies in Dubai.
  • Update your CV accordingly as it must have the required skills as per your job title.
  • Apply Online on job portals and some of the job portals are listed below for your reference.
  • Then Consider a recruiter.
  • By networking you can ask for a job referral.

6 Best Sites To Apply for Jobs In Dubai

To get to know about the companies which are hiring and which positions they are  offering here are some sites which you can follow-

  • Bayt.com
  • Khaleej Times Jobs
  • Indeed
  • Linkedin
  • Glassdoor 
  • Gulf Talent

Living Cost In Dubai

Living in Dubai is a dream for everyone due to its environment, luxurious life and many more benefits, below is the approx idea of the cost of basic amenities in Dubai-

Entertainment400 AED – 500 AED
Food1000 AED – 12000 AED
Accommodation4000 AED
Phone Subscription300 AED
Travelling200 AED – 300 AED
Other miscellaneous Expense700 AED 

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Applying Process Of Dubai Work Visa.

To go to Dubai for employment reasons you need a work visa. Here is a guide to applying for Dubai work visa-

  • Determine the Vis a Type you want to apply for.
  • Having a Sponsor is necessary to get a work visa in Dubai.
  • You must have an Employment contract.
  • A Medical Fitness test report will be required of you.
  • Upload documents as listed on the website of the General Director Of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai.
  • Visit the official website of the  General Director Of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai. Look for the visa application section and complete the online application form accurately. Ensure you provide all the required information and upload the necessary documents as per the instructions provided.
  • Now pay the fees.
  • In the end, submit an application and passport.


What is a good salary in Dubai?

A salary of AED 15,000 is considered pretty decent with the potential to save a good amount, while a salary of AED 10,000. a month is considered pretty good with the potential to save a good amount of it, while anyone having a salary of AED 15,00-20,000 per month is considered very attractive.

Which field is best in Dubai?

The fields that are in demand in Dubai are engineering, information technology, business management, Finance, and Healthcare-related disciplines. but always consider that these job demands can differ according to the evolving economy in Dubai.

Which job pays the highest salary in Dubai

The Chief Executive Officer has the highest paying job in Dubai which is 700 AED. With this, the Chief Financial Officer gets 450 AED and the Chief Marketing Officer gets 350 AED.

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