Archaeology Courses in UK for Beginners

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Archaeology Courses in UK for Beginners

The United Kingdom is home to some of the top universities in the world that offer Archaeology courses for beginners. Archaeology courses UK empower students to unearth the secrets of human civilization by imparting them the theoretical and practical knowledge required for research and fieldwork. Students who have completed 10+2 or are awaiting their results can apply for Bachelor’s courses in Archaeology to become Archaeologists of tomorrow. An Archaeology degree helps people address questions of the past with a scientific approach. This helps them understand diverse cultures, notions of societies, political history, gender relationships, and artistic development. 

Why Study Archaeology?

Archaeology refers to the study of material remains of ancient civilizations and cultures. This academic discipline enables students to encompass knowledge about the shared heritage and the impact of civilizations on the environment. Enrolling in Archaeology courses in the UK equips students with various social, analytical, and practical skills. Students acquire exceptional written and verbal communication skills and technical skills that are employed to study human remains. After completing an Archaeology course, students use a hands-on approach to pursue fieldwork. 

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Archaeology Courses UK

Most of the top-ranked universities in the UK offer archaeology courses for beginners. Keep reading ahead to learn about different courses, course duration, and fees of some of the illustrious universities in Europe.

Top Universities

To opt for Archaeology courses UK and study in Europe students with senior secondary-level education can apply to the below-tabulated universities of this European nation:

Universities Courses Course Duration  QS World University Rankings 2023
University of Glasgow BSc (Hons.) Archaeology  48 months 81
Durham University BA (Hons.) Ancient History & Archaeology; BA (Hons.) Anthropology & Archaeology 36 months 92
University of Bradford BSc (Hons.) Archaeology (with 1-year placement) 48 months 701-750
University of York BA (Hons.) Archaeology; BA (Hons.) Archaeology & Heritage; BSc (Hons.) Archaeology 36 months 162
Newcastle University BA (Hons.) Archaeology; BSc Archaeology; BA (Hons.) History & Archaeology 36 months 122
Royal Holland, University of London BA (Hons.) Classical Archaeology & Ancient History 36 months 402
University of Reading BA (Hons.) Ancient History & Archaeology; BSc (Hons.) Archaeological Science 36 months 229
University of Aberdeen BSc (Hons.) Archaeology 48 months 220
University of East Anglia BA (Hons.) Archaeology, Anthropology, & Art History 36 months 342
University of Chester BA (Hons.) Archaeology & Forensic Biology; BA (Hons.) Archaeology 36 months
Cardiff University BA (Hons.) Archaeology & History; BA (Hons.) Archaeology; BSc (Hons.) Archaeology 36 months 166
University of Kent BA (Hons.) Classical & Archaeological Studies 36 months 375
Queen’s University Belfast BA (Hons.) Anthropology & Archaeology; BSc (Hons.) Palaeoecology and Archaeology & Geography 36 months 233
University of Leicester BA Ancient History & Classical Archaeology; BA (Hons.) Ancient History & Archaeology 36 months 279
University of Warwick BA (Hons.) Ancient History & Classical Anthropology 36 months 64

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Listed below are the Archaeology courses UK annual tuition fees of some of the top universities of the United Kingdom:

Universities Annual Tuition Fees
University of Glasgow £27,930 (INR 28.50 lakh) 
Durham University  £24,100 (INR 24.60 lakh) (Ancient History & Archaeology); £23,750 (INR 24.24 lakh) (Anthropology & Archaeology) 
University of Bradford £22,180 (INR 22.64 lakh)
University of York £21,950 (INR 22.40 lakh)
Royal Holland, University of London £20,000 (INR 20.41 lakh)
University of Reading £20,300 (INR 20.72 lakh) (BA (Hons.)); £24,500 (INR 25 lakh) (BSc (Hons.))
University of Aberdeen £24,800 (INR 25.31 lakh)
University of East Anglia £19,250 (INR 19.64 lakh)
Cardiff University £20,450 (INR 20.87 lakh)
University of Kent £18,000 (INR 18.37 lakh)

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Eligibility Criteria

International students aspiring to study in UK must meet the following eligibility requirements to pursue Archaeology courses UK:

  • The applicant must have cleared 10+2 from a certified school/college/academic institute.
  • The student must have scored 65% in the Humanities and Science streams or 70-80% in Commerce stream in Class 12 board or an equivalent examination
  • She/they/he must have scored the requisite score in the accepted English language proficiency test.
  • The candidate must have a valid passport.

Application Process

Students can apply for bachelor’s programs in Archaeology through UCAS or Leverage Edu. Given below are the steps and guidelines for completing the application process. 

Application through UCAS

Applicants for Bachelor-level Archaeology courses UK need to apply through the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) website. Most universities in the UK accept applications only through this system. Beginners aspiring to pursue Bachelor’s degree in this academic discipline must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the UCAS website
  • Create your account by registering yourself
  • Aspirants can apply for up to 5 archaeology courses at one or multiple universities in the United Kingdom
  • Fill out the mandatory fields- personal information and academic qualifications
  • Submit proof of financial support
  • Submit a personal statement

Application Process

To avoid the hassle of compiling all documents and filling out the application, students can seek assistance from Leverage Edu experts who will provide end-to-end services. We will help 10+2 students in the following steps:

Documents Required

Individuals applying for Archaeology courses UK need to submit the following documents:

Accepted English Language Proficiency Tests

UK universities accept scorecards of any one of the below-mentioned English proficiency tests:

Career Prospects

After acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology courses UK, graduates can opt for MA or MSc in Archaeology or Anthropology and engage in cutting-edge research. Or, they can gain employment in the following roles:

Job Titles Average Annual Salary in the UK (Freshers) Average Annual Salary in India (Freshers)
Archaeologist £40,713 (INR 41.68 lakh) INR 4 lakh
Documentation Specialist £29,626 (INR 30.33 lakh) INR 2.5 lakh
Gallery Curator £38,751 (INR 40 lakh) INR 3 lakh
Historic Buildings Inspector £33,500 (INR 34.30 lakh) INR 6 lakh
Museum Education Officer £28,000 (INR 28.67 lakh) INR 6 lakh


Where can I study archaeology in the UK?

Students who have cleared 10+2 can opt for Archaeology courses UK at the University of Warwick, University of Glasgow, Durham University, University of Kent, University of York, Cardiff University, University of Aberdeen, University of Leicester, etc. 

Are archaeologists in demand in UK?

People with at least one Master’s degree in Archaeology are eligible to become an Archeologist in the United Kingdom. Due to the availability of different courses in this European nation and the long-standing history of this country, the UK has a high demand for Archaeologists. According to the latest report of Historic England, by 2033 the country will require 64% more Archaeologists than today. 

Which is better anthropology or archaeology?

Both disciplines have their own objectives. Archaeology is the understanding of past human civilizations, whereas anthropology is the study of human communities from prehistoric times till today. 

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