What is the Full Form of GRP?

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GRP Full Form

The full form of GRP is Government Railway Police. It is a police unit tasked with upholding peace and order in Indian railway stations. GRP was founded in 1881 with the intention of providing security and looking into crimes that occurred on trains and railway stations. Additionally, it avoids crowding, regulates movement in and out of the station, stops begging, and facilitates the removal of sick people suffering from infectious diseases. The relevant state or union territory police department has control over it.

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Duties of the Government Railway Police

The responsibilities of the government railway police in relation to the territories under their control are generally the same as those of the District Police in the same regions:

  • Control of passenger flow within station grounds, particularly on platforms, at ticket offices, waiting areas, entrance and exit gates, and wherever else the station management deem particularly necessary in an emergency;
  • Regulation of traffic in station boundaries, both vehicular and otherwise;
  • Keeping order in passenger trains that are stopped at stations and avoiding overcrowding in the coaches;
  • Inspection of empty carriages upon arrival at terminal stations for property left behind by passengers and inspection of carriages with a view to ensuring that fittings have not been tampered with. 
  • Supervised loaded passenger trains standing in the station. The arrest of those guilty of nuisance. 
  • Removal of those suffering from infectious diseases. Keeping station premises free of beggars.
  • To inform the appropriate authorities of incidents of railway or civil employees engaging in fraud or oppression, as well as the conduct of violations under the Railways Act.

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Introduction of Amendment in RPF and Railways Act

Following are the effects on GRP of the amendments to the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Railways Act:-

  • The nation’s 36,600 GRP employees would be free to concentrate their efforts on terrible crimes, including rape on trains and other crimes against women.
  • While GRP will continue to provide security for the railways, it will have more time to focus on criminal investigations.
  • For efficient track patrols and sabotage investigations as described in Sections 150, 151, and 152 of The Railways Act, GRP can be used.

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