Burst the Myths with 15 Fun Facts About Sneezing and Sneezes 

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Facts About Sneezing

Can you recall going through a place full of dust and sneezing frequently? Well, it is your body’s way of removing foreign particles and irritants from your nose or nasal passages. When you breathe in, you tend to inhale small particles of dust, which can irritate your nasal passages. Sneezes are sudden and uncontrollable bursts of air through the nose and mouth. Moreover, sneezing reboots your nasal cavity and body. Isn’t human body systems and functions fascinating? Here are 15 other psychological fun facts about sneezing and sneezes.

Psychological Facts About Sneezing and Sneezes

1. Sneezing is a muscular activity, meaning that your body sends messages to all muscles to work in sync and produce a sneeze. 

2. Sneezing is a full-body workout, which includes the muscles in your abdomen, chest, throat, and diaphragm. 

3. You cannot sneeze with your eyes open. It is your body’s natural reflex. 

4. Sneezes can travel up to 100 miles per hour. 

5. Your sneeze can travel anywhere up to a 5-30 feet radius from where you actually sneezed.

Fun Facts About Sneezing

6. The tiny droplets of sneezes carry bacteria and infectious diseases such as flu. This is why it is important to cover your mouth while sneezing. 

7. Sometimes foreign particles stuck in our nasal passages need more than one sneeze to be removed from the body. This is why you often sneeze multiple times in a row. 

8. Sunlight can cause some people to sneeze more frequently than others. This phenomenon is called the Photic Sneeze Reflex. 

Fun Facts About Sneezing

9. The more air you take in, the louder you will sneeze. This is why some people’s sneezes are audible from far away.

10. If you try to hold your sneeze, you may end up damaging your nasal passages and blood vessels. 

11. On average, a person may sneeze four times a day. 

12. You don’t sneeze while sleeping because the nerves that stimulate your sneezing actions are also resting.

Fun Facts About Sneezing

13. Sneezing makes you feel good due to the small number of endorphins that are released.

14. The colour of mucus after sneezing indicates your health. Clear mucus is usually normal, yellow hints infection, green mucus hints a much worse infection, and lastly, red mucus may signify damaged or dry airways. 

Fun Facts About Sneezing

15. Plucking hairs might cause you to sneeze due to the trigeminal nerve, which extends around the eyes to the nose. 

We hope you enjoyed reading these informative and interesting fun facts about sneezing. If you want to read more interesting facts, I would recommend reading 30 Incredible Human Body Facts for Students to Understand Human Anatomy.

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