What is the Full Form of DOS?

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What is the Full Form of DOS

The Full form of DOS is Disk Operation System. A disc drive is used to run the DOS operating system. A specific family of operating systems, most frequently referred to as MS-DOS, or Microsoft DOS, is also included in the definition of the word. An operating system (OS) is a piece of software that manages a computer’s hardware and add-ons while enabling the operation of other software applications. In the 1940s and 1950s, disc drives were not common in early computers. Instead, they had predetermined computations hard-wired into them.

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A number of other command-line disc operating systems are sometimes referred to as DOS. Early computers used disc operating systems, such as Commodore Business Machines DOS, Atari DOS, and Apple DOS, respectively. Examples of these early computers include the Commodore 64, Atari 800, and Apple II.

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More About DOS

Multiple users or multitasking are not supported by DOS since it is still a 16-bit operating system. For a while now, it has been widely accepted that DOS is inadequate for using current computer programs. Even though Microsoft Windows rested on top of DOS and depended on DOS for many functions, it still helped to solve several issues.

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