Right Wing V/S Left Wing: Meaning, Differences, Similarities

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Right-Wing and Left-Wing are two warring political ideologies almost opposite in their outlook and applications. The central difference between right-wing v/s left-wing ideologies revolves around the rights of the individuals competing against the power of the government. 

We can look at the Left as having liberal thinking where-in they put their belief in a society that bestows the government with an expanded sense of responsibility. However, this responsibility is based on social equality that is often in opposition to social hierarchy or any class division. On the other hand, right wing politics caters to the belief that hierarchies are inevitable and social orders are supported by the natural law.  

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Difference between Right Wing V/S Left Wing

Following is a table for you to understand the difference between the right wing v/s left wing

Right Wing Ideology Left Wing Ideology
Right leaning politics is considered more conservative Left leaning politics is considered more libera
Has a notion that the best outcome can be delivered by upholding individual civil liberties with lesser involvement of government  Left leaning politics is considered more liberal
Economic policies aim for low taxes and lesser government-imposed regulation for businesses Believes in the expanded role of government in managing and maintaining a more egalitarian society
Right-wing politics is characterized by ideas of hierarchy, authority, tradition, as well as nationalism Left-wing politics lays down an emphasis on equality, progress, fraternity, and reform
Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement Both socialism and communism are essentially economic philosophies advocating public rather than private ownership and featuring on the left political spectrum
Traditionally against religious institutions. Believes in secularism and that state and religion must be kept separate from each other. Left leaning politics is considered more liberal

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Similarities between Right Wing and Left Wing

You many think that there are only stark differences between the right wing and left wing political ideologies. However, as seen over the years with its historical manifestations, both of these political ideologies seem to have much in common. Both of the ideologies have a saviour complex that can even set them to resort to violence under the pretext of safeguarding the rights of the oppressed. Both ideologies support/oppose civil liberties but in a highly partisan manner. This is because both of them support freedom for the groups that they favour while seeking to withhold it from the advocates of causes other than theirs.



#1. Which of the following does the right wing political ideology not believe in?

#2. Which of the following does the left wing political ideology not believe in?

#3. Does left wing political ideology in natural law?


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