What is the Full Form of Police?

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What is the full form of POLICE

The full form of Police is a Public Officer For Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies. Civil guards, law enforcement agencies, and police departments are some of the names POLICE goes by. The police must ensure that everyone follows the law and there is a smooth functioning of the community. Read this blog to learn more about “What Is The Full Form Of Police?”

Police Functions

There are several roles and responsibilities that are undertaken by Police officers, some of which are as follows:

  • Protecting law and order
  • Investigating a crime scene
  • Engaging in community policing
  • Building relationships  and partnerships with members
  • Ensuring traffic laws and road safety
  • Responding to emergencies and accidents

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Police Officials in India

There are several police officials and departments in India, the list is as follows.

ACPAssistant Commissioner of PoliceThe ACP is a senior rank in the police force.
ADGAdditional Director GeneralThe ADG holds a high-ranking position.
ASIAssistant Sub-InspectorThe ASI is a non-gazetted officer.
ASPAssistant Superintendent of PoliceThe ASP is a mid-level officer responsible for supervising police stations.
BSFBorder Security ForceThe BSF is a paramilitary force responsible for guarding India’s borders and preventing unauthorized cross-border activities.
CBICentral Bureau of InvestigationThe CBI is India’s premier investigating agency.
CIDCriminal Investigation DepartmentThe CID is a specialized unit within police departments.
CISFCentral Industrial Security ForceThe CISF provides security to key installations, infrastructure, and public sectors, including airports, seaports, and industries.
COCircle OfficerThe CO is an officer responsible for a specific circle or area within a district.
CPOCentral Police OrganisationCPO refers to various police organizations that operate at the central level.
CRPFCentral Reserve Police ForceThe CRPF is a paramilitary force involved in maintaining internal security, 
DCPDeputy Commissioner of PoliceThe DCP is a senior officer.
DGPDirector General of PoliceThe DGP is the highest-ranking officer in a state police force.
DIGDeputy Inspector GeneralThe DIG is a senior officer 
DSPDeputy Superintendent of PoliceThe DSP assists senior officers in managing law enforcement activities
FIRFirst Information ReportAn FIR is a formal complaint filed with the police.
IGInspector General of PoliceThe IG is a high-ranking officer responsible for managing law.
IPSIndian Police ServiceThe IPS is one of the prestigious All India Services, 
ITBPIndo-Tibetan Border PoliceThe ITBP is a paramilitary force tasked with guarding the borders in the Himalayan region.
NSGNational Security GuardThe NSG is a special forces unit that handles counter-terrorism 
PETPhysical Endurance TestThe PET is a fitness test that assesses an individual’s physical capabilities.
PIPolice InspectorThe PI is a supervisory role responsible for overseeing investigations, managing cases, and ensuring law enforcement.
PSCPublic Service CommissionThe PSC conducts recruitment exams for various government positions, including police officers.
PSTPhysical Standard TestThe PST is a test that assesses an individual’s physical measurement process.
SISub-InspectorThe SI is a non-gazetted officer 
SPSuperintendent of PoliceThe SP is a senior officer 
SSBSashastra Seema BalThe SSB is a paramilitary force 
SSPSenior Superintendent of PoliceThe SSP is a senior officer 


What does the term “police” stand for?

The term “police” does not have a universally accepted full form.

What are some common responsibilities of the police?

Police officers are responsible for maintaining law and order, investigating crimes, ensuring road safety, responding to emergencies, and engaging in community policing.

What are some key ranks in the Indian police system?

In India, key ranks include Inspector General of Police (IG), Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Superintendent of Police (SP), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), and various others like Sub-Inspector (SI) and Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI).

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