What is the Full Form of PSLV? 

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pslv full form

The full form of PSLV is Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. It refers to the third-generation launch vehicle in India. Interestingly, the PSLV is the first Indian launch vehicle that is equipped with liquid stages. After its first launch in October 1994, it emerged as one of the most reliable and versatile launch vehicles in India. Interestingly, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle has earned the title of the Workhorse of ISRO due to its superior performance in delivering satellites into Low Earth Orbits.

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PSLV-XL Configuration

PSLV-XL configuration includes:

Gross Weight320t
Overall height44.4m 
Key features 04 stage vehicle Multiple orbit capabilityMultiple satellite launch capability

Technical Specifications of PSLV 

Here is an overview of its technical specifications:

Name PSLV or Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle 
First flight September 20, 1993
Height 44m
Diameter 2.8m
Number of Stages4

What is the PSLV Used For?

As the name suggests, the PSLV is a launch vehicle that offers unmatched reliability and performance. It has been used to launch 297 satellites into Low Earth Orbit and the Geosynchronous and Geostationary orbits. Popular examples include the IRNSS constellation.

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Who Launched the First PSLV?

The first Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle was launched on 20 September 1993 by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Although it was an unsuccessful attempt, it has been recorded in the pages of history. Soon, ISRO made its comeback with the successful launch of PSLV, recorded in the year 1994. 

Which Fuel is Used in PSLV?

PSLV uses a bunch of different fuels ranging from liquids to solids at different stages of its flight. 

Fourth Stage (PS4)MMH + MON
Third Stage (PS3)HTPB
Second Stage (PS2)UDMH + N 2 O 4
First Stage: PS1HTPB

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