What is the Full Form of MCB?

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MCB full form

The full form of MCB is Miniature Circuit Breaker. As the long form suggests, MCB is a type of electronic switch that functions automatically. By simply identifying the amount of current flow in a particular circuit, the MCB can easily detect a problem in the circuit. Therefore, if it suspects a significantly large amount of power at any point in time, it will automatically break the loop to prevent unforeseen circumstances. Although many people prefer fuses over MCBs, the latter is a better option since the user has to manually reset it once it goes off, making it a safer option. 

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What are the Types of MCBs?

MCBs are generally classified into the following categories:

  • Type A: This type of MCB trips off the circuit if the current exceeds 2-3 times the actual flow. 
  • Type B: This type trips off if the current exceeds 3-5 times the usual current flow. It is commonly used in low inrush load.
  • Type C: Type C trips off when the flow increases 5-10 times. It is commonly used in transformers, pilot devices, and fluorescent lighting. 
  • Type D: It trips off between 10-20 times and is generally used in high inrush current flow. Type D is more common in X-ray machines and winding machines.
  • Type K: When the current flow is 8-12 times more than usual, Type K MCB will trip off automatically. It is a perfect option for high inrush power and heavy motor loads. Moreover, it is equipped with a high-sensitivity thermostatic bimetal tip.

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Advantages of Using MCB

The advantages of using MCBs include:

  • They are budget-friendly as one can reuse them over and over again.
  • MCBs offer better interference than other similar options. 
  • Up to 100 amps of MCB can be used in motor feeders. 
  • MCBs are safer than fuses. 
  • It ensures equal electrical distribution among the different electrical devices.   
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