What is the Full Form of KTM?

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KTM full form

The full form of KTM is Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. Founded in 1934, KTM is a motorcycle company based in Austria. KTM was founded by Hans Trunkenpolz and it was initially a metalworking shop. Ernst Kronreif made an investment in the later years of the company due to which KTM was named after both Kronreif and Trunkenpolz. 

History of KTM 

In 1954 KTM won its first championship – The  Austrian 125cc National Championship.  KTM received a lot of praise due to this which lead to an increase in its popularity. It has been accredited with creating the first sports motorcycle in 1957 – the incredible Trophy 125cc. As it grew and expanded throughout the years, in 1991 it split into 4 divisions: 

1. KTM Werkzeugbau GmbH as a tooling division.

2. KTM Fahrrad GmbH for bicycles.

3. KTM Kühler GmbH as a radiators division.

4. KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH is a division for motorcycles. 

Ownership of KTM 

KTM is owned by two very powerful owners. With a stake of 51.7% the major owner in KTM is Pierer Industrie AG owned by Pierer Mobility AG while on the other hand, Bajaj Auto Limited International Holdings B.V. has a 47.99% stake in the company. 

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Amazing Models Produced by KTM 

KTM has produced some outstanding models that were quick to gain traction. Mentioned below is the list of some of the remarkable models of KTM: 

1. 1290 Superduke GT

2. 1090 Adventure

3. 690 cc Enduro R dual-sport motorcycle

4. 250 SX-F

5. 50 SX, 60 SX, 85 SX- with 50, 65, 85, 105, 125, 150 and 250 cc single-cylinder two-stroke models

6. Street Legal EXC Enduro

7. KTM Duke 620

8. 1290 Super Adventure

9. KTM X-Bow

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