What is the full form of BMTC?

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The full form of BMTC is Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. It refers to a state-owned public road transport corporation in India’s Bangalore. Interestingly, it is one of the three subsidiaries of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. It was initially known as Bangalore Transport Service (BTS) and was later renamed BMTC. Currently, the BMTC extends its services in the Bangalore Metropolitan Region.

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History of BMTC

On August 15, 1997, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation was created as a part out of the existing Bangalore Transport Service. Ever since its inception, the BMTC has been a popular mode of transport, connecting numerous urban, rural, and semi-urban areas of the state. 

Before all this, buses in Karnataka were being operated by the Bangalore Transport Company. With over 100 buses in the main city and around 10-15 buses in the Bangalore cantonment, the timing was fixed from 8 am to 8 pm. Although the journey began as a limited liability company, it was later nationalized in 1956, followed by being renamed the Bangalore Transport Service (BTS) in 1962. 

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Interesting facts about the BMTC

Here are a few interesting facts about the BMTC:

  • Earlier, the BMTC operated primarily on one of the longest routes, covering a distance of up to 117km. It had over 158 buses and was popularly known as Route 600.
  • The journey was completed in around 7 hours only. However, the route was later discontinued in 2018-2019 due to heavy traffic congestion.
  • Today, the BMTC covers around 4500 routes.
  • The BMTC is the first state-run transport union that emerged with an aim to introduce Volve city buses in India.

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