On What Date Did The Ahmedabad Mill Strike Take Place?

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What Is The Ahmedabad Mill Strike Date

The Ahmedabad Mill Strike was a major labour strike that occurred in 1918 in Ahmedabad, India. The strike was organized by textile workers who were demanding better working conditions, higher wages and improved rights for labourers. It was one of the first organized strikes in the country’s history and paved the way for future labour movements in India. Are you curious to know what is the Ahmedabad Mill Strike date? 

Timeline Of The Ahmedabad Mill Strike

  • 1918: The Ahmedabad Mill Workers Union was formed to fight for the rights of the workers.
  • 22nd February 1918: The workers went on a non-violent strike to demand a wage hike and better working conditions.
  • March 1918: The strike intensified, with thousands of workers participating and the city coming to a standstill.
  • 12th March 1918: The strike reached its peak on this day, with Mahatma Gandhi embarked on an indefinite fast in favour of the mill workers.
  • 18th March 1918: The strike was called off after negotiations between the mill owners and the workers’ union. And M.K Gandhi ended his fast after six days.

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Factors Contributing To The Ahmedabad Mill Strike

Some factors for which this strike came to light were –

  1. Exploitative Working Conditions: The textile workers in Ahmedabad were subjected to long hours, low wages, and harsh working environments, leading to widespread discontent among the labour force.
  2. Lack of Representation: The workers had limited bargaining power and were often ignored by the mill owners when it came to addressing their grievances.
  3. Influence of Political Movements: The rise of nationalist movements in India, coupled with the support of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Shankarlal Banker and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, who further amplified the voices of the striking workers.

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In conclusion, the Ahmedabad Mill Strike of 1918, became one of the movements for the struggle for workers’ rights in India. The strike brought attention to the plight of textile workers and laid the foundation for future labour movements in the country. 

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